The best full-cycle LED grow lights for growing cannabis

We compare the 5 best LED grow lights for 2015. These horticultural LED lights will replace a 1000W HID system

The LEDs listed on this page differ in the options that they offer, however most LED grow lights feature: 

  • 50,000+ hours of operation (until LED intensity reaches 70%)
  • 30-75% energy savings (depending on fixture)
  • Very low heat emission
  • Easy 'plug-and-play' operation
  • Tighter internodal spacing and increased quality of flowers

After reading, you may want to view our LED grow light wattage calculator to help you determine how many LED watts you require for your grow space.

Let begin!

1) NeoSol DS - Illumitex

Illumitex NeoSol DS - Best LED grow light 2015

The Illumitex NeoSol DS was our top choice for LED grow lights in 2015. The quality is outstanding, and by far, the best LED light on the market at this time. The NeoSol DS is the ideal grow light for vegetative growth and flowering in cannabis. Learn how to save over $100 when purchasing the NeoSol DS.

What brings the NeoSol DS to the top of its class?

  • Custom-designed Surexi F3 Spectrum diodes
  • On-board dimming down to 10% (so you do not have to adjust the height of the fixture)
  • Adjustable LED bars for directing the light where you require it most
  • Uniform light distribution
  • Low-profile, lightweight, silent design

    Learn more about the NeoSol DS

    9 reasons why Illumitex horticultural lighting is the best on the market

    Cannabis grow tests with Illumitex NeoSol DS vs HPS


    Illumitex NeoSol DS Organic Grow Operation in Nevada


    Price: 2380 USD


    2) K5 XL1000 - Kind LED


    Kind LED K5 XL1000 - Best LED grow light 2015

    The Kind LED K5 XL1000 was our runner-up for first place. The XL1000 does what no other LED grow light can do in 2015. It is fully automated and customizable - allowing you to easily set your lighting schedule to produce the highest quality flowers. Learn how to save $50 when purchasing the XL1000.

    The K5 XL1000 rivals its competition

    • A mix of 3 and 5 watt diodes (12 band spectrum including UV-A, UV-B, and IR); Secondary optical lens
    • Fully adjustable spectrum control 
    • 8 lighting stages to mimic the outdoors (sunrise to sunset)
    • Internal timing function
    • Pulse Width Modulation dimming
    • Remote control access
    • Large aluminum heatsinks

    Learn more about the K5 XL1000

    Watch an overview of the K5 series by Kind LED

    Learn more about the K5's functions


    "Just wanted to say thanks to your KIND XL 1000, been growing indoors over 35 years and never have grown a better crop. I switched out 1 of my 2 hps 1000 watt eye hortilux units and the results under XL 1000 side finished with better quality and a far better yield. I never write reviews but this product is the best new growing product I have ever used, BUY this light, you will love it!" - Larry

    Need a smaller light, but the same features? View the K5 Series XL750.

    Price: 1695 USD


    3) MAX1200 - Pro Max Grow 

    Pro MAX Grow MAX1200 - Best LED grow light 2015

    The Pro MAX Grow MAX1200 takes a proud third place for the best LED grow light in 2015. We like this light because it is very low wattage, easy to setup, and has few parts. Though the fixture only draws 250 watts, the MAX1200 will out compete a 1000 watt HPS in side-by-side comparisons (see the eighth picture on this page). However, the fixture does not contain on-board dimming like the NeoSol DS and the XL1000.

    MAX1200 features

    • 768 custom-made diodes
    • Full spectrum white light (CRI: >90) for germination to flowering
    • Passive cooling; no cooling fans
    • 16 square foot coverage area
    • 30 day money back guarantee and worldwide shipping

    Learn more about the Max1200

    View their Instagram feed. It speaks for itself!

    Watch an overview Max1200

    From seed to flower in 8 weeks!


    "We rely on Pro MAX Grow MAX1200’s for our cannabis collection. We appreciate the cooler temperatures of Pro MAX Grow and the amazing cost savings on electricity."Kim Ott , Green Lion Farms Seattle, WA

    "The Pro MAX Grow MAX1200 have outperformed consistently for our most discerning clientele. Product quality and yield are greater than ever with the Max1200." -Charles Allin , THC Global Consulting, Missoula, MT

    Price: 1625 USD


    4) AT600 - Apache Tech 

    Apache Tech AT600 - Best LED grow light 2015

    The Apache Tech AT600 is one powerful monster. Though we really think this light is one of the best 1000 watt HID replacements on the market in 2015, we had to place it at number four because it is large, heavy, and non-dimmable. We recommend the 3:2 ratio (white to red) spectrum for optimal veg and flowering. 

    AT600 features

    • 480 three watt High-Output diodes
    • 5 x 5 (25 sq ft) footprint
    • Lens angle options: 14 or 50 degrees
    • Different spectrum option (if desired)

    Learn more about the AT600

    Watch an AT600 being unboxed

    View lab results of an AT600 vs a 1000 watt HPS 


    On the AT200: "Very high quality build, phenomenal light output. This light has the largest heat sinks I have seen on an LED light, and I have used six brands. Truly an overbuilt, high-end piece of equipment. Shipped fast and without any issue. I bought two and am pleased." -Robert F.

    On Apache Tech products: “Superior light quality and quantity for growing plants in our greenhouses.” -Dave Wilson, Stanford University

    Need a smaller light, but the same features? View the AT120.

    Price: 2299 USD


    5) Dominator 2X XL - Lush Lighting 

    Lush Lighting Dominator 2X XL - Best LED grow light 2015

    The Dominator 2X XL by Lush Lighting is Jet Fuel for your Plants. We like Lush lighting, because they produce a reliable product and have many customers to back up their claims. On the downside, this light has a narrow shape which concentrates the light intensity in a strip down the center with lower PAR around the edges (though this design might be okay for some growers, depending on their setup.) Learn how to save 10% on Lush lighting products.

    The Dominator 2X XL exceeds expectations

    • 2X double lenses reduce light spread and concentrate light on your plants
    • Grow and Bloom switches for easy Veg and Flowering control
    • 90 degree lenses
    • 30% yield increase over HPS (claimed)

    Learn more about the Dominator 2X XL

    Video of the Dominator 2X XL in action


    "I was skeptical at first of using LED. Believe me I did my homework and LUSH. Was the only one that looked worth using. Boy let me tell you. BEST GROWTH FROM START TO FINISH. Rock hard buds and my yeild almost doubled! Never using a hps again.. Lush life its a purple life! Oh and btw it PAID FOR ITSELF THE FIRST CROP!" -Bill

    "The spectrum produced by the 2xxl Dominator adds unique flavors and vigorous growth to flowers that I've grown many times under hid. In the desert southwest, outside temperatures can reach 120 degrees. The reduction in heat output was noticed immediately. I am better able to control the surface temperatures of my leaves without sacrificing light intensity which enhances growth vigor. When the hvac is working hard in the summer months, it helps to have something running at up to 1/10th btu heat output. The light spectrum and reduced heat has allowed the plant resin to reach into different flavor and smell profiles in my gardens. Lush life and loving it." -Witsofire

    Need a smaller light, but the same features? View the Dominator 2X

    Price: 1613 USD


    Comparison of the Top 5 full-cycle LED Grow Lights for 2015








    Actual LED Wattage



    HID Wattage Equivalent






    Country of Assembly









    Special features/Pros





    NeoSol DS








    5' x 5' (25 sq ft)




    5 years


    $2380 (cheaper with discount code)


    Custom-designed 5.4W Surexi F3 Spectrum diodes; Rotating end bars to direct light angle; Dimmable down to 10%; Uniform light coverage; No cooling fans (passive heat dispersion); Low profile; IP66 rating*




    K5 XL1000


    Kind LED






    5' x 5' (25 sq ft)




    3 years


    $1695 (cheaper with discount code)


    Mix of 3 and 5 watt diodes; Adjustable spectrum; 8 lighting stages to mimic outdoor lighting; Dimmable; Internal timer; Remote control operation (1-100 units); 12-band spectrum


    Cooling fans




    Pro Max Grow






    4' x 4' (16 sq ft)




    3 years




    Full spectrum white light; 768 custom-made diodes; Low wattage draw; No cooling fans (passive heat dispersion)


    Not dimmable




    Apache Tech






    5' x 5' (25 sq ft)




    2 years




    480 3-watt High-Output custom diodes; Color ratio, spectrum, and angle options; Used by NASA


    Non-modular; Expensive; Not dimmable; Cooling fans; Heavy (57 lbs)


    Dominator 2X XL


    Lush Lighting






    5' x 5' (25 sq ft)




    3 years


    $1613 (cheaper with discount code)


    Grow and bloom switches; 90 degree double lenses; spectrum options

    Cooling fans; Concentrated central footprint (less PAR on edges)



    *IP66 - Solid particle protection (6): dust tight; Liquid ingress protection (6): Can be sprayed with powerful water jets


     What do you think are the best LED grow lights for 2015? Let us know by leaving a comment below.


    > LED grow light wattage calculator


    by Toto

    I m agree with Anna….! Why Neosol? The best led light is Spydr X plus by Fluence

    by led_researcher

    i agree With tim Alex and mark but would like to point out that the most powerfull and cannabis specific ledgrowlight i have come across after years of searching is Amaretechnologies models, 5 years warranty, i used to like the Advanced Diamond xte and xml but they just lie too much and dont use top bin leds, and the budmaster god are still awesome but Heavy priced. at least they are honest most parts uk sourced and they deliver what they say, but still Amaretech has the highest par pr watt and watt/par pr dollar + all cree leds in the solar eclipse models, and optional epistar or cree in the solar spec series, the solar pro 9 series, are designed and proven to outperform a gavita 1000w With over 2000micromoles from 36inches. noone will outperform amares service, prices, full binnumberlist and transparancy in the growlights,and best Spectrum in the industry made by a grower tired of bs lights and snakeoil marketing

    by Diskokobaja

    Can somebody reccomend me some not pricey chinese led for 4×4 tent?

    by Chris Larios

    I use a mars 600watt (272w output). $159. I am from portland oregon and I am a medical marijuana patient and grower. Please don’t be fooled! My lights were made in china and my plants DONT KNOW THE DIFFERENCE.

    by Chris Larios

    I use a mars 600watt (272w output). $159. I am from portland oregon and I am a medical marijuana patient and grower. Please don’t be fooled! My lights were made in china and my plants DONT KNOW THE DIFFERENCE.

    by KG KIng Flo

    KG King Flo… Can you please show me where you pulled the information about blue light making plants female from please? For the record I use BML Spydr 600 SM+GM and 1200 GM plus Light bars

    by Anna

    I cannot believe that you don’t list or have the BML Spydr 1200 LED Grow Light . Just Google and see University Studies AND YouTube Vid’s of Commercial Growers using them. Side by Side testing against the NeoSol and others and they BEAT THE CRAP out of those lights. NeoSol is NOT and NOWHERE as fine as fine as the Spydr’s and have the TEST RESULTS TO PROVE IT.

    by ben gale

    what about black dog

    by R S

    I am running three separate 48" BML START MAX spectrum bars total of 335watts. A couple more watts total than the Spyder600. In combination with Inda for induction. it’s amazing that one of the 48" bars can effectively cover a 4×4 print with the right beam angle. The power and penetration of the osram LEDs is unbelievable. This cuts your cost to $900 rather than $1500!

    by Moses

    Good list but out of my range. Went with COB spider 4×. Pretty cool

    by Stian B

    Some important left-outs are pointed out by Alexander, Mark and Jim. The Holographic one looks amazing in par/w, – wonder if they will big something bigger than 75w… AdvancedLed does really have some impressive designs, hopefully they will be mentioned if you update this page. BML as well is supposed to be “right up there”.

    by KG King Flo

    I am using the 2 of the KIND K5 XL750 and I must say it is truly amazing. I am in the seedling stage and my plants already at a foot long. I am able to turn off the red spectrum and just use the BLUE SPECTRUM to ensure that I have better chance of female plants. And keeping my temperature 70 degree with my humidity between 57-63. This system is fully customizable and this is my first time growing and I must say I am doing great… I am not using tap water I am actually using Alkaline Water and off course bring down the pH between 5.6-6.0 range. Going into (vegetative stage) next week I will have my 15 hours on and 9 hours off to kinda ensure that I generate more female plants. Spend that money and you will get good result…

    by Tim

    I would encourage you to check out the HiOptix 1000 from MKB Energy solutions.

    by jim

    I agree. I hope and wish you can test both
    Advanced led usa xml 650 with cree and us sourced bridgelux like lush but better, and the diamond xte series with cree chips and osram ssl’s.
    Im also considering the budmaster ll god series as they seem to use better parts than mist other and as someone else suggested the holographic 1 series
    By crazyleds & more GN HOLOGRAPHIC.
    It cant replace a 1000w but four of them should and they only pull 75w each.

    by alexander

    oh and I forgot possibly one of the very best leds from 2015 uk made holographic series 1 made by a collaboration of dutch passion grow northern led and now sold under name crazyleds&more holographic1series. its possibly the light with the best and most expensive components you have seen. like the incredible new lense and not least the syndjet fan that is whisper quiet.

    by alexander

    this is just a bit misleading too me as I have tested and researched a lot of new brands to find the best of 2014-2015 and I would really advice you to test the following if you really think lush and kind are good you have not tested proper osramgold series units or cree xmt or xml units.
    bridgelux is crap compared to luxeon rebel,cree,and osram and most people know that bridgelux are also sold patents to china and are as bad as epistar and epileds..
    please test some real led growlights like
    the spyder mentioned above and my suggestions are following :
    -Advanced led lights usa xml 350 or 650
    -advanced led lights usa xte growlights with cree`s highest performing xte`s inside along with osram.
    -Budmaster 2 G.O.D 675 or other In the GOD series with the best osram chips available osram deluxe gold line.
    its about ten times better than my crappy blackdog bd450 u unit, epistars are just shit.

    by Erik

    We do not know much about this light, however, we will check it out! Thanks for the suggestion.

    by Mark Allen

    What atout the BML SPYDR?