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Autumn Sale on LED Grow Lights! Save big on top brands. SHOP SALE
Autumn Sale on LED Grow Lights! SHOP SALE

Grow Rebates for LED Grow Lights

LED Grow Lights Depot has teamed up with GrowRebates, LLC

If you are a commercial grower and want up to a 10% - 90% discount on LED lighting, we can help you with your discount/rebate. You only pay the after-rebated amount for your lights.

How does the rebate process work:

  1. If you have not selected your fixtures yet, GrowRebates will work with you to design your grow rooms to be sure your light system is customized for your environment. Even if you have already selected your fixtures, we can still help.
  2. GrowRebates then works with your local utility company on your behalf to negotiate the best possible rebate based on power saved.
  3. Once your local utility Company approves your rebate, GrowRebates funds the cost of the lights while the rebate is processed, all you do is pay the after-rebated amount.
  4. Once your facility is up and running your local utility company will do an inspection for verification and the process is complete!

Apply below: