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June Promos on LED grow lights and more! | VIEW DISCOUNTS
June Promos on LED grow lights and more! | VIEW DISCOUNTS

Return Policy


Your satisfaction means an awful lot to us. We are confident that our LED grow lights will provide you with a spectacular grow, however, if you are not satisfied with your purchase after you receive it, please contact us here. We will work with you to resolve any issues and replace you product(s) or refund your purchase within the terms of this policy. We will do our best to get back to you within one business day regarding your issue.

You, the customer, is responsible for return shipping charges when returning an item(s). 

Request return shipping information before returning any merchandise. 

Contact us before returning any and all items. Items sent back without authorization may not be refundable.

To be eligible for a refund, your item must be Unused in the original packaging and in the same condition that you received it or in like new condition and free of wearAll parts (i.e. cords, controllers, hangers) must be present when returned.

All brands: Only one item may be returnable. 

Return Lengths

LED Grow Light Depot's return policy varies depending on the brand of LED grow lights. This is because the lights are sent back to the manufacturer/supplier, not to us. Therefore, LED Grow Lights Depot, and the customer are subject to their policies. 

When purchasing your product(s), you agree to the return policies below and the manufacturers/suppliers return policy/terms/conditions (listed on their website). For brands not listed below, please contact us for return lengths and restocking fees. 


  • Bios: No returns
  • Black Dog LED: 90 days 
  • California Lightworks: 90 days
  • ChilLED Tech: No returns 
  • Crecer: 30 days
  • Enlite: No returns
  • G8LED: 90 days
  • GE Lighting: Returns on unused lighting only
  • Gavita: No returns
  • Grow Light Science: 120 days
  • Grower's Choice: 30 days 
  • Green Sunshine Company: 100% refund & free return shipping within 30 days, 120 day return policy w/ 15% restock fee
  • Horticultural Lighting Group: 30 days
  • Kind LED: 90 days for K3 and K5 series; 30 days for bar lights
  • Mammoth Lighting: No returns, but there may be exceptions
  • Mars Hydro Lights and Tents: No returns
  • Matristar: No returns
  • MKB Energy: 30 days
  • NextLight: 30 days
  • Nova Grow Tech: No returns
  • PhotonTek: 30 days
  • Rapid LED: 60 days
  • Scynce LED: 30 days
  • SpecGrade LED: No returns
  • Spectrum King: 30 days
  • ThinkGrow LED: 30 days
  • Thrive Agritech: No returns
  • Timber Grow Lights: 30 days
  • Toggled: No returns
  • TopGrow Lighting: No returns
  • TotalGrow: 90 days
  • Viparspectra: 30 days
  • Yearld: 30 days
  • All other products or brands not listed above (such as hydro equipment, trimmers, buckers, tumblers, rosin presses, nutrients, filters, fans, etc): No returns or contact us for exact return lengths and restocking fees. 


  • Gorilla Grow Tent: 30 days
  • Goliath Grow Tents: Returns on unopened items only
  • Secret Jardin: Returns on unopened items only
  • OneDeal: Returns on unopened items only
  • Mars Hydro: No returns


  • Current Culture: 30 days
  • SuperCloset: 30 days

Extraction / Harvest

  • Rosin presses: Varies; contact us for more information before your purchase
  • EZTrim: No returns (all sales final)


Restocking fees

A stocking fee of 5% to 35%, depending on brand and subject to the manufacturer's policy, may apply if the item is returned. Restocking fees may not include return shipping costs. 

Returns outside of the return windows will not be refunded. Up to a 20% restocking fee may apply if an order is canceled before it ships. Once shipped, the items become subject to the return policy and restocking fees for that particular brand. Restocking fees and shipping fees will be charged to the customer if items were shipped, even if the customer did not claim the goods on the returned items.

Shipping fees charged to LED Grow Lights Depot may not be refundable to the customer.

*In very extreme cases, we refuse the right to offer returns and refunds on any and all items after the product(s) has/have been shipped.


Incorrect items

If you receive an incorrect product, we will pay for the return shipping costs as well as pay for getting the product to you. LED Grow Lights Depot will not pay the return shipping charges for more than one product if the product was sent back and not incorrect. These shipping charges will be subject to the respective brand/companies prices and policy.


Lost/stolen/damaged items

LED Grow Lights Depot is not responsible for merchandise lost/stolen during or at delivery or damaged in transit. This is the responsibility of the courier. For lost/stolen/damaged items, a claim must be filed by the customer with the shipping courier. Please provide LED Grow Lights Depot with the claim number.



After your purchase, the product is subject to the respective company's warranty policy. These policies may be found on the original supplier's/manufacturer's website or by contacting them. The warranty time lengths are also listed on the product page on our website. LED Grow Lights Depot is not responsible for replacing or repairing your product while under warranty since this is the manufacturer's responsibility. Although, LED Grow Lights Depot will assist you in getting your product replaced or repaired by coordinating with the original supplier/manufacturer.



Once your return is received and inspected, we will send you an email to notify you about your refund.

If you are approved, your refund will be processed and you will be sent a confirmation. At this point, we the refund is out of our hands and we do not have any control over the speed of the refund. The bank or payment processing service may take up to 3-7 business days to transfer the funds back into your account. 

To receive your refund for returning a product that you were not satisfied with, send us a copy of the shipping receipt and we will reimburse you via PayPal.  

International shipments: If we ship your light to your country and you fail to communicate with the shipping company to arrange receipt of your package, the shipping company will destroy your package and you will not be refunded from LED Grow Lights Depot. Nor will LED Grow Lights Depot take the item back or reimburse you for the cost of the item or shipping.

Thank you for your understanding,

Erik H.

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