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LED Grow Light Reviews

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Great Service

Great service, arrived on time and in great packaging. I havent used it yet but I am looking forward to it. I'll be back in a month or so for better review.

Great lite for the price

Tested out and very bright. Have not put into use yet! Seems legit!



Stupid bright

Great light super bright and plants love it

Awesome light

This light I get great growth they do well 2 weeks into flower and amazing length and structure it a portable sun

Awesome light

I recently bought a HLG 135 watts V2 Rapec quantum board DIY and could not be happier it showed up good and wrapped up ... Vwry little wiggle room for stuff to get messed up ... Best thing is he used UPS and USPS ... Great customer service and quick to answer any query might have


Great light! Pair this light with a quality PAR meter and really perfect your grow. Highly recommended.

Awesome tent

Tent is awesome. Service from LED Grow Light Depot is excellent. Would buy again from them.

The best of 2019

I have a lot of experience with LED lights and buy manufacturers new ones often. From my experience HLG got the winner for 2019. Optic LED got the runner up with the Phantom 1XL Dimmable. But I've found nothing that can produce a stat sheet that can compare to the DIY kit from HLG. And anyone can put this together by following Erik's You Tube Video of the step by step construction. Best of all is it's low energy consumption and minimal heat with huge harvests. I've spent a fortune chasing LED lights looking for that pot of gold light and for 2019 to currently I'd say this is it. Price, build quality, efficiency and effectiveness is what I base my opinion on and am so glad it was developed. It saves and makes me money. That's a true win win.

Easy to assemble. Growing peppers, tomatoes, and herbs better than the SUN!


Great light! I think I heard angels sing when I turned it on

Exceeded expectations

What an insane upgrade from my vivosun 2×3 tent)s...I went with the 2×2.5 just to see if the hype was worth it, and aside from putting it together solo being time consuming, its beyond they hype...Gorilla tents for the win! Ill be switching my 2×4 and 4×4 to Gorilla tents

Excellent customer service

Hard for me to write a proper review on the product as I'm redoing a section of my basement where I plan to use these lights, (haven't even put them together yet).

I can comment on the customer service which has been fantastic.

Extremely Satisfied

Great light, great piece of equipment, very well built and durable. Very impressive light, working great, not one thing I could say bad about the Optic 4XL. Would definitely recommend it to anyone.

Solid Product and Great Service

Purchased eight of the 4000K and six 3000K. All of them arrived on time and in working condition. Very simple setup out the box, minimal tools required. Service throughout the process was fantastic, and I was able to swap out two 4000K for two 3000K simply by sending Erik H. an email and letting them know my concern. They responded the very same day and provided a solution for me to return them for the exchange of two of the 3000K. Super pleased with my purchase and service. I would refer anyone I know interested to give their business to LED Grow Lights Depot. Not much else to say other than a much appreciate thank you.

great light

runs cool. does the job. shipped quick. pretty new, so can't speak for durability, but so far so good.

Absolutely an awesome little light

If you’re looking for a light with a smaller footprint that can do it all. Veg and Flower you’ve found it ladies and gentlemen. If you have the space and are afraid to fork out the cash for the bigger sister. Just do it, it’s totally worth it. But if you go with either one of these baby’s..You wont be disappointed.


Beautiful quality kit. Iadded a 50ohm reostat for dimming capability. Works very well. Exceptionally bright.

Hlg 600rspec

Very easy or stupid simple to assemble. Insanely bright . This led throws off heat which plants like

Great lights!!!

This is my 3rd hlg (2nd from here) great customer service, quick response times. The light works amazingly, plants are absolutely thriving. Easy assembly!!!

Great Buy

For Mary J seedlings and veg it’s perfect in a 2x2 , no complaints. Wish I had that 3x3 then maybe need a little bigger 👍🏾. Even good for getting Avocado seedlings to root. LGLD you guys rock!!!

HLG 100 V2 3000k

Perfect size for one plant or small closet grow. The temperature is really manageable ,my old Mars 300 threw more heat.

Communication was excellent and any questions I had were answered promptly, super easy checkout. Thanks Erik

I'm sold on QB's now,no more blurple for me,ordering another soon

Great coverage

Ordered this kit then decided to get a 4k qb288 to veg with, got sent another 288 r spec By mistake so instead of sending it back, I got a bigger driver and am using both! Ended up buying 2 4K boards to use for veg and will deploy at my next photo run, using the 2 r spec boards on auto flowers and they love the lights, dimmed to 150 watts at the wall, 30” above the seedlings, perfect!

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