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LED Grow Light Reviews

View real feedback of our LED grow lights from our customers:
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Optic 4 XL Amazing!

The optic 4 XL has lived up to all the hype. In a 4x4 space at 18in above the canopy it really causes the flowers to swell nicely. Minimal heat produced with blinding light. The dimmable feature is convenient for watering and pruning without interrupting light exposure to the plants. Quality is superb. I would highly recommend this light.

Excellent Light

Has been a great light thus far. Timer is a nice touch. Definitely would purchase again.

Excellent Product and Service

Pretty crazy what this light can produce. The service and the friendly nature of the LED Grow Lights Depot was unreal as well. All around super stoked and will probably order another soon!

Very Good products

To start I have a 4x4x78 " I have a platinum led 300 and a diamond series 300 , and I purchased a kind led xl600 back in December to go with what was there , veg switch of the diamond burned out , so i was reading reviews and i purchased the optic gen 2 205 watt , alls i can say is this light is ungodly bright and with the kind , I honestly have never had such big dense buds and so frosty ,lush green and the crees are the best !! I will not purchase anything but optic led and kind , these lights blow the doors off the diamond and platinum , wow the difference is night and day in the lights ! Im havn branches break buds so dense , never with u get that with out great leds , I only use cree bulbs in my nursery , I appreciate all the reviews I read they very helpful , that's why i do my best to write reviews , all I can say is way to go optic led and again thanks led grow light depot!!,

Great Results!

Just finishing my first grow with my Electric Sky and I love it! Growth during vegetation was terrific, and now at 9 weeks, bud size, density, & smell are all oustanding! I'm using the ES180 in an 2 x 4 tent, and it has fulfilled all my hopes! :-)

this light is great!

If you have been waiting to buy LED now is the time. This is your light. LED grow lights depot is the place to get it! Erik is extremely helpful and knowledgeable and this Light blows away our HPS DE lights. Great quality in the build

The best

Have had one run under the optic 6 so far and it is by far the best light Ive used yet. Worth. Every. Penny.

Optic 8+ FTW

I was leery about trying an LED, since I've used HPS lights exclusively. I watched a ton of videos and reviews and settled on the Optic 8+ and I'm so glad that I did! Growth is super strong and flowering has been accelerated. The size of the light is huge, which lends itself to a nice even spread. The dimmable COBs are beyond sweet.

Awesome light

This light is top quality in build and in results. Had issue with my humidifier first day growing with new light. Humidifier never turned off and ran constantly. I didn't have my carbon air filter running as i just transplanted clones. Humidity was well above 100%. When I opened my tent door a billow of humidity came out and everything in my tent was dripping with water. The Optic 4 xl had water dripping through the fans and pooled in the cob lenses. I removed the lenses and never turned off my light cause I had plants growing and my light is still working perfectly every fan every diode the knobs absolutely everything works perfectly on it even though it was like someone poured a gal of water on top of the light and it didn't even phase it... haven't flowered with it yet but man is this light killing it in a 4x4 tent while vegging! Happy growing

Great light

No issues at all would buy again

Beyond My Expectations

I bought two ES 180s for my 4’x4’ grow room after trying cheap LEDs, and a 600w HID, DE set-up, expecting the Electric Sky to be good, but I was extremely happy about how good they actually are. They run very cool (especially if you keep them cool with fans as suggested by the manufacturer), and the amount of canopy penetration is amazing. It’s worth every penny I invested into these lights, and I only wish I had bought these lights before purchasing the other set ups I tried.

Five stars hands down

This light is one of the best lights that I have purchased so far I would recommend this to all my friends as it was recommended to me by a friend.

Phenomenal light

Does everything you want to and it’s adjustable with brightness, so if you don’t need a lot of light for say a smaller plant you can adjust and then bring light levels up for flowering. Noticed amazing growth even with 3k and really huge flower development! They have amazing customer support as I ordered the wrong socket type and it was corrected right away. I would say HLG is the top of the board on leds right now even above those higher priced conerical leds plus none can match this lights and the upcoming efficiency. Also any reviewers saying this light runs hot is absurd, or they simply have this light in a still environment with no airflow at all. I don’t even have a fan in this light just airflow circulating with my ceiling fan and it works more cool than cheap leds with built in computer fans. Cheers!

3000K/5000K version

Delivery time was about average, but more importantly, the units were packaged very well and secure... There were no damages or issues, very grateful for that.
So far very happy with products, extremely bright lights and the units seem to be very well-constructed. Overall everything appears to be doing very well. I would definitely order these or similar units again from the optic LED company, through LED Grow Light Depot.

this is just the size for my 28" x 28" grow tent with very little heat out put


First LED light!

Purchased A Spectrum King SK-402 LED light last February. I have not one bad thing to say about Spectrum King or Grow Light Depot. The light is beyond all expectations I ever had. I love the fact there are no moving parts. No fans to quit on a guy AND its built rock solid. I know there are folks that consider LED to be inferior. Spectrum King has got it going on. For me this just buries the old Sodium Vapor lights. Less heat and less Juice. win win.

DIY, barely

Super easy setup. Might not even qualify as DIY because it’s so easy.

Shockingly bright. Only drawback is I have to keep it so far away from the canopy, I might need to use my tent extension. At this price point, nothing else to ask for.

Wish list - spectrum customization.

Optic 2 led

Their ok but the coverage area is less than 2x3 which was what was advertised by the manufacturer. If I could go back I'd have spent my money on more hlg LEDs rather than optic led

Think twice before buying. Kinda..

I order 3. Now I want more.
I'm saving up for the HLG 550 v2.
If your pockets let you, go big.
This brand is the cheapest price per watt for anything close to this efficiency. Anything else you will never save enough money in electric. You will be at a lost.


This little light packs a punch perfect for small grows

Love these lights. Go buy them
Buy them here.
Your plants will love you.
I am buying a 2nd one soon. Less heat and more growth than a blurple light. And No Noise

WOW!!! Amazing growth...

I’m a beginner cannabis grower. I started growing with a cheap 600w led that only pulls 108 watts and my plants were doing ok. I had been reading a lot about different lights and read nothing but great reviews on electric sky so I figured I would give them a shot. WOW within only a short time of having the es180 I fell in love with the rapid growth and health of my plants. I’m planning on getting another possible the es300… Thanks Dan and the Green Sunshine Co.

Almost perfect.

Great lights,but order was shipped incorrectly the first time. They were quick to fix mistake and get last light on the way. Still highly recommend!!

So far so good

No problems yet after 2 weeks of use