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LED Grow Light Reviews

View real feedback of our LED grow lights from our customers:
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All that and a bag of chips!!!

Couldn’t be happier. Bout to buy 2 more 1000 CO2 PRO’s just as soon as I catch the right coupon code… Hope it’s soon

SuperCloset SuperNova Smart Grow Closet 46" x 24" x 78"

Gorilla grow tent and Roi680s combo

Best tent on the market hands down,the light fits like a glove and has awesome coverage. Customer service is the best,issues were resolved same day

Kind x750

Clear difference from my vipraspectras, right away much larger yields,slightly expensive, first grow was a snap, well built and a kool color,

Raging Kush

No issues with the two raging Kush lights I bought. These lights are amazing. Customizable spectrum and scheduling. Winner.


I tried less 15 years ago and was not impressed. Well let me tell you that these lights are just as effective as traditional HPS but these are much more cost effective. I see no difference in quantity or quality of end product.

Best light I have

Would highly recommend to anyone. Ez to use. Very good customer service. Works better than other lights. Very well made little heavy tho but not a problem.

AC Infinity CLOUDLAB 733, ADVANCE GROW TENT 36" x 36" x 72"

Great purchase

Purchased the combo a couple months ago and things are going very well. The tent is great quality and strong, not my first gorilla so I know they are awesome. The Hlg 600r is a badass light. Love the white light full spectrum.Explosive growth and tight spacing. The light is well built and solid and the dimmer is a plus.(very bright) the uv bar is a must, easy to mount and worth every penny. I recommend clipping a fan on the light and direct the flow across the driver.

Perfection 🤌🏼

Even on my first run I am crushing it with these Autos. I have never grown a more dense flower. My smart outlet reads draw 730w on 100% from a 120v service

changed lights from gravita hps to mars led lights. the new lights wouldn't work on my controller and I called trol master for help. He gave the solution right away so I purchased and received it in a few days. Plugged it in and everything worked perfectly.

Nice litte press

Great little press for someone who is trying to dabble in extractions

Leds work

These lights are good. They work as advertised.

Best Tent on Market

I have built my own grow box, used closets modified to grow in and now this tent. Hands down its the best on the market, durability 10 stars, functionality 10 stars, easy of assembly 10 stars. I have seen a lot of other people's tents and the only tent that even comes close to the thickness of the canvas and stability of the rigid support is Gorilla Tent. Unfortunately those tents cost as much as a light fixture. I love the ac infinity brand the manufacturer high quality merchandise at a reasonable cost. I will definitely be buying a bigger tent for my flowering plants and it'll only be AC INFINITY

Customer service is beyond any other company I've dealt with in the past and the next light mega is a reel performer. Just make sure you specify witch dimmer control you need if your using a trollmaster


This is a great light I love the veg and bloom switch and my plant's are definitely loving it to

One of the best lights I've used yet

Great light

Allot more light than I expected. No complaints, runs cool and love the dimming option.

Scorpion Diablo

If you care what you grow and take it serious, The Scorpion Diablo is the ticket. Run it against my 650r and it’s a stacker late when it is needed. Far more efficient unit. I get better production late than it’s counterpart. Getting two more i like them that much. Get one for yourself.

The ROI-E680S is much improved

The original E680S had control board issues that required a backup timer to make sure that it shut off when it was supposed to. Other than that, it was a great, powerful fixture that performed better than the E720.
Updates from the E680 and E680S corrected the controller issue and streamlined the design to have the inputs and dial facing inward rather than outward. These changes are not so important to me, but the would be very important to anyone with limited space wanting to have it close to a wall or other light.
I use another brand controller and it works great. Daisy chaining the lights makes the grow very easy.
The light itself is excellent from clone through flower. I have four different LED fixtures and the ROI E680 have consistently outperformed the others that are all higher wattage.

Top shelf light

Very happy with my purchase of Growers Choice Lighting, plants love it as well, would recommend to anybody looking for a high-quality grow light.

Amazing lights

I did a lot of research on LEDs for many years and never considered a replacement for CMH/DE lights within my garden utilizing C02 until I saw these. While expensive and I was hesitant, I decided to pull the trigger and buy 2 of these and have zero regrets.

My plants love them, my AC works less and my energy bill has been reduced 30-40%.

Excellent on answering questions. Fast and narrow window for delivery

Probably had too many questions regarding weight that could be hung, pond liners and really too many things. Support was fantastic. Got all my answers and ecstatic with how project turned out. Thank you!