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LED Grow Light Reviews

View real feedback of our LED grow lights from our customers:
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Love them

Bought 6 with a controller these lights are the truth super well make everything as advertised A1

Mars Hydro TSL 2000
Francisco S.A.

Mars Hydro TSL 2000

Works great

Replaced a 1000 watt super blue hortiluxand blew it out of the water

Hlg uv 30

So far working good frosting up better


It's a really good setup i enjoy the lights and grow really good bud. That's it. Put them together and grow dank.

PhotonTek LED Daisy Chain 5M Control Cable

Great Service

Great service and fast shipping, will order here forever on


The lights are amazing!

Best store ever !!

I purchased my TrolMaster from Erik and the service was excellent he help and guide me which remote I needed to purchase for my HLG S D and what ever extra wires I needed and was also hooked me up with a discount !!!!!! Everything is working out flawlessly even when I need instructions he help!! Deff buy more items from them!!!!

Grow light science 300

Very nice light, the only con, it does produce more heat than my other leds that have the removable heat sink. Ventilating with cool night temperature air, and air conditioning at times helps a little bit. But other than that, it's very bright and plants are loving it,

Best lights ever

I have bought 6 of these amazing lights. I’ve tried then all and no other lights have achieved the density and size of buds that this light can grow. I recommend it highly!! If I could give more than 5 stars I truly would.

PhotonTek X600 Pro. People are jealous.

I didn’t do this on my own. I had help from Erik at every step. In my opinion, annoyingly so. I’d probably have changed businesses after trying to help me. Since my purchase this light has skyrocketed to the top of all reviews and best of lists. Both companies, the depot and PhotonTek are great. I came back for the controller (ok, Christmas gift from fam), which will be opened as an empty box on Christmas Eve. lol. I’m using it. This is a great product and I wouldn’t go anywhere else for my lighting needs. Now, if I can only figure out how to use it correctly for the plants. lol

Nice light for my 4x4 grow tent

I purchased this tent to use in my 4x4 grow, I am very happy so far, good packaging, solid build quality. I built a Wifi remote dimmer for my unit, so that I can control the dimmer from Home Assistant.

Best service

Great product but the customer service I received from Erick was amazing thank you guys well definitely be back when needed !!!


Kick ass!!

One light to rule them all

Tried Kind,CMH,SK,Next and HLG. This monster is just to versatile. 10 bars 8,6,4 or just dial in your PPFD. You can play around with 600w lites all you want but you will never beat 1k

It does the job!

Temperature probes are a little touchy but other than that works wonderfully.

Fantastic lights

I ordered the ChilLED after watching a bunch of youtube videos from the makers of the product. They work great, perfect for my 3X3 tent.

Great light

Awesome light low heat output, low energy cost and very powerful

HLG product review

Hlg 30 uva is great no problems with that. I did have a problem with the led t-5 replacement bulb. It arrived broken, box was smashed and bent obviously light was bent and would not work, took photos and immediately filed claim with fed ex per your website instructions and they refused because shipper did not label box correctly according to FedEx. Your website said you had no responsibility once it was shipped, reached out to shipper in Minnesota, so far no response from them. It was only 30$ so lesson learned, i can’t afford to buy broken products. I buy all my grow equipment online and have never had problem like that. I used to live very near to your shop in Portland and wanted to give you guys my business but No accountability by all parties involved is a real big problem for me. I was glad it was not huge loss but nonetheless I have to do business with another vendor. Really like your City, prices and selection but obviously it didn’t work out for me. I wish you guys the best. Keep Portland weird, Best city in the world!! Thanks for taking time to read this best regards Curt

Freakin outstanding light

Have the 720 running with 2 kind 600 in an 8x8 tent.
Don't have the entire tent filled but there is almost enough light. Been through quite a few lights and so glad I spent the money on growers choice. 2 of the 3 guys at my hydro shop run those lights on their grows. Funny because they don't even sell those. So yeah spend the money you will be happy you did. If your not happy your probably an ass to begin with

Scorpion Diablo

You guys are the bestest!!!!!......Ordered this light on 11/22 and got it today (11/25) IN Hawaii!!!.......Already set up and ready to go..........awright!!!!

5M driver extension cables for 600 pro

very happy with the cables keeps the driver outside the tent to help with reducing heat

Premium illumination for a 2'x4' flowering space

I am finishing up a 2-plant legal grow under this light right now and will likely harvest within a week or two. My previous setup was an HLG 135w QB in a 2x2, which provided the highest quality flower I had ever seen in my life. I switched to the Grow 300 when I upgraded to the 2x4 AC Infinity tent, and am really glad that I did. The plants are hearty, fast growing, and are receiving TONS of light at 16" and 100% intensity; this is an absolutely premium setup for a small personal garden.

Hlg 350 r

Bought 2 of the first version loved them then bought 2 more they were the second version and they were so damn good I still can't believe they ( 2 of them)absolutely kill a 5x5 at half power. No CO2 of course if I used that could probably turn them up. I love them and I have used a lot of different lights.