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LED Grow Light Reviews

View real feedback of our LED grow lights from our customers:
Based on 878 reviews

After much research, decided on this light and definitely not disappointed. Great, quality light! Arrived promptly, well packaged.

Excellent Service

My experience was excellent. Customer service went above and beyond.

E.S. 180

I bought the es 180 for a 2x3 tent. I can tell you that this fixture is quality! I'm about 40 days in, and now in flower, and couldn't be happier. I am still suprised at how well these plants are doing with only 180 watts from the wall!

Absolutely Wonderful.

Great light, Very bright and priced right too.

Hi there everything has been great with u guy's and the product.But right now im trying to get a led vispectra 600w Reflector seires plus a grow tent .but u might see that ive order. The light from use again and a tent a Vipspectra 600watt reflecter series its 159 in price and the tent i want to get is 101.from u guy's on the 30th i will be paying u the same way i did the first time..

Top of the line product, fantastic customer service

As many of us, my home growing journey started with a cheap 600W LED grow light (later figured out that it was only drawing 40W at the wall). Plants were sluggish and did not seem to be very happy, time to do some research. I stumbled on a YouTube channel featuring the ES-300 and that was it for me, 7 days time-lapse showing the plan growing by a third in volume, I wanted in.
Their customer service was very helpful helping me pick the right config for my setup, I ordered my first light which I received only 3 days later. Wow, this thing is built like a tank, solid, high quality, will last forever...
Slowly ramped-up the wattage to not shock my plants, a couple of weeks in, my 3 plants are overflowing my 3x3 tent... I ordered a 4x4 tent, and another ES-300, now this is my 4x4 that is overflowing, with huge colas forming 3 weeks into flowering.
I have ordered a third one since and it is probably not the last one. Do your plants a favor and get this, you will not regret it.
Most important point, the customer service is the most useful guy out there, you will get the support you need...


Couldn't ask for a better more reliable led for my veggies area

Optic 2

Excellent light ! Looking forward to getting an optic 4 in the near future also loved the free souvenirs

Best bang for your bucks

Hey guys, this light is the real deal!!! I wanted another light in my tent for flower as I have 2 viparspectra Par 450’s in there for veg and I’ve never used them for flower before. I put the HLG on 1 side and moved the 450’s to the other. The girls on the HLG side are getting all frosty already and the others look like they’re about a week behind. On another note, 1 of the boards wasn’t working when I first started to assemble but 1 email to grow lights depot and I had a new one on the way the next day!!!

Great light even better service eric is awesome!

It works great but when I receive it it was bent up but it still works


Purchased my second 600w/VS600 after using the first one I bought for my first LED grow in 4 x 4 space. As I research things before I buy them, I had my work cut out for me when it came to lights shopping on a budget. VS specs are superior to more expensive lights such as: PAR and amount of lights(120). I saw no other light that provides a 3yr WARRANTY. Super economic in all respects.Solid built quality. Also, the amount lost in plant yield is minimal compared to the money saved. I would not go back to HIDs now. I recommend them to budget growers and will be purchasing more when I can. Finally, the ordering was easy. The package was perfect and delivered in record time to Canada.
THANK YOU, 'LED GROW LIGHTS DEPOT' from someone who rarely takes time to review anything. :)

Rosin Tech Smash.

The Smash is solidly built. Yield 15% to 20%. Very easy to use, but there is a learning curve if newbie like myself.

Awesome Light!

So far so good just about to harvest my first run of Purple Kush Auto. Buds very frosty, the light is great debating on getting another light and do a run in a 4x4 tent..

Buy this light!

Amazing product from a great company. My light was damaged by fedex during shipping and the guys at The Green Sunshine co sent me a replacement ASAP. The light performs great and is currently keeping my plants super happy and healthy! Can’t wait to continue using their products in the future!

SE 500

Quality build, a bit pricey but you get what you pay for. Delivers in spades and you would not be disappointed. Make no mistake these are a top end product! Thanks Erik.

Great Lights

Great lights. Bright lights. Great price. Upgraded from a cheap dormgrow light which was about 70 bucks more than this was,that grew nothing but stringy plants. Now i'm getting some nice thick buds. the trich action is crazy. I will most definitely be coming back for another HLG when the time calls for it.
The difference between my old light and this one is simple. Went from growing some reggie looking plants to some exotic looking plants. Salute

Unremarkable nothing special.

Great light

Like that is has green lights in it. I havnt u

Stripped down perfection

Flatest lowest profile light. Perfect for short areas. Can custom make lights to fit any weird or odd shape grow area. Love em

Really pleased, really happy, with the HLG 550 V2 LED LIGHT . Great product and GREAT SERVICE by LED GROW LIGHT DEPOT


Love the lights! Keeping my veg cool and bright, with the electric bill going down! You all keep up the good work!

Satisfied customer

I had my Nugsmasher shipped to Canada. Shipping took about a week. The pre press and tool holder were missing, but they were shipped to me right away when I told them.
I am completely satisfied with my product.

Great light

This light was extremely easy to assemble. I had been using a p300 led for my grow. After some research and speaking with Eric I decided to try this light. I can now say that this light was the best move! My plants are looking extremely healthy and growing fantastically, the harvest is going to be great! I personally am going to stay away from the blurple lights. When I can afford another light, I will go with HLG for my avocados!