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LED Grow Light Reviews

View real feedback of our LED grow lights from our customers:
Based on 2015 reviews

Love the light its bright and doesn't generate a lot of heat even with the drivers inside of the tent. Shipping was quick! I initially entered the wrong shipping address but they were able to resolve that issue in 1 email. Very satisfied great customer service!

First Grow Light

Obviously not a lot of experience here, initial thought it’s done a great job. I did have to remove the heat sinks from the top of the light outside the tent. I have a 3x3 and with out ac it stays around 90 degrees. Only complaint

Love them

Love them so far I have no complaints.

Impressed so far

Very easy assembly and sorta fun actually. Need a pair of wire strippers THATS IT! I'm at week 4 n a half or so (day 30 I believe) of flower and so far I'm very happy.

Heavy duty

Gorilla tents are heavy duty! Also purchased a DIY Quantum light. It’s amazing!

Highly Recommended

Excellent light with a great design. The open-air design of the fixture enables great airflow both around each LED And through the light fixture itself. Perfect for a 3 x 3 grow tent/canopy. Plus, it’s beautiful.

Enlite Sundisk 600W

Good light, decent shipping time. Seems to do what it is suppose to. Thanks LED Grow Lights Depot.

I have had my light for a year and have not had a chance to take it out of the box. I have seen what they can do great nugs😎

Nice little grow light

Does 2 , 2 gallon pots just fine


Reasonable quality, shipment arrived quickly, price was good, set up not bad. My only complaint was the included assembly instructions - which were poor. I Was surprised by how good it worked and how much fun the process was, but I like this kind of thing. It was the first time for me. Can’t wait for the next cycle, hopefully my technique will continue to advance. Reminds me of my eighth grade science project.


Great Light

Happy Plants!

this company just has products drop shipped

they may not have much of what they advertise. expect changes and delays.

Top Notch

I wanted to give this review after I completed a grow to give a accurate count for this light first off light came packaged right customer service was top notch quick to reply to a question I had I recommended this guy to a few people now the light TOP NOTCH I've been dealing with leds since the beginning I'm a quantum board guy I got these because of the Samsung lm301h chips and they do not disappoint I had 2 of these in a 4x2 I turned out almost 300 grams off 2 plants the plants love these chips I'm not a Optic guy but I give them a thumbs up with this one just enough blue and red to have a healthy grow with rock hard buds I'll definitely go thru LED again in the future 👍👍

Very Nice light

Great lamp! 100 watts...AAA

Great light. Damaged prior to arrival. Immediately replaced defective part.

Professional grade light !!

So far very impressed with the Growers Choice ROI-e680. Quality materials and build quality. Purchased the GC Master controller unit for the light. The controller is intuitive and easy to use. So easy to program lighting cycle times and complete control over dimming/light intensity which is important for me. The dimming switch on the light offers 4 level dimming but I prefer the full range that the controller offers.
Still too early to give up a complete review as I am not through a full cycle yet but so far results look excellent.
I am also using the Nextlight Mega which is side by side with the ROI-e680.
Will update review with end results after complete cycle.

Pineapple express auto.

1st timer but so far so good for an amateur. The Raging Kush is half the reason the other half is putting your heart into the grow. It's really a nice quality unit.

great unit

working well,, so Ill see if my electric bill goes down.

Great started kight

Perfect for 3x3 or i used mine in a 3x4 still worked great .i also got a.sp-150 at the same time and i love both but have say i with i would of gotten the sp-250 or went all in with the 3000 and the sp-250 and 3000 jave meanwell drivers for those who wonted to know the sp-150 and tsw2000 do not have meanwell but still thats two i have so i can compare but i well say i havent had any issues with either of them i just like the build quility of the sp series but thats only looks as far as performance work great and still work great for me and look forword to trying other products in the near future

Just one issue

I wish the blue extended down to at least 360 studies show it makes short fat and bushy far red is also desirable never mind no uv and uvb other than that I`m running 20

Quality Light

Needed another light for my grow and possibly replace my current light in the future. I've been running my Kind led 300w for 3.5yrs love what it did for me but I'm over the purple light that it puts out. So I started researching full spectrum but natural color light. Came across the optic 1 XL 100w 3500k. Watched alot of YouTube videos and people had really good results. I'm about to harvest in a few weeks and from what i see it will be replacing my Kindled. I also bought the 58w optic 1xl 5000k veg light its killing it in my veg cabinet.

Optic LED Optic 8+ Dimmable COB LED Grow Light 500w (UV/IR) 3500K/5000K

The Optic 8 is worth every Penny. Giving my Black dog a run for the money.

Sunshine Sunshine

works well very happy

So far so good almost two months of use. Older plants shocked by light at first even on dimmest setting. Fully recovered after a couple of weeks. Excellent, vegetative growth at this point.