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LED Grow Light Reviews

View real feedback of our LED grow lights from our customers:
Based on 3712 reviews
Gets you some

How you say I love how you check your environment when you takin a shit real mf talk

Awesome light.

Amazing light, Amazing customer service. Awesome fast delivery. Top notch company and product. Hlg 650r is super powerful. Great spectrum of white, dimmable, not much heat.

2 problems with the product - the hanging cables could be designed better. They come with somewhat flimsy aluminum carabiner and a warning that the wires might not hold. Not sure what that's about. And my second gripe is the lacking plug and play ability of a controller and dimmer. Sure you can figure out how to do it with a little digging but it could be better presented to give a better quality of life for the customer.

I ordered the phytomax-2 1000 and it works wonderfully. It shipped in under a week and got here 3 days after shipping. I totally recommend.


Great light runs pretty warm. My plants love it and the dimming feature is a nice touch. Built well and easy to assemble.

hlg 150 v2

Great Light, great service!

Amazing light for the value!!

I have been gardening indoors for 15 years now and used to build LED lights for about five years. I stopped building my own LEDs when I found these, they are so powerful and cheap I cannot build a light better for cheaper. Slowly have been converting all of my gardening over to LED so I have almost 10 of these now, not one of them has had a problem. I’m about to order to more👍👍


Super intense light, and doesn’t seem to generate a lot of heat. Can tell a big improvement in bud density.

Bye bye hps

I am really happy with the light, both in veg and flower. It is so bright. After using it a little, I loved it so much I gave away my hps, no looking back.

Great lights - Toggled 4-Light 4-ft Grow Light Fixture w/ LED tubes 64 W

Worth every penny. Plants outperformed those grown under conventional full-spectrum bulbs. Easy to assemble, and I the unbreakable bulbs are a big plus. Highly recommended.


These are worthless

Too Rated in 10

This light comes in heavy duty packaging and wrap. It is well cushioned and packed true to a quality point not you don’t want damaged.
The light is easy to connect. A power cord, controller and some anchors and adjustable canopy height. Research from others recommend replacing the plated ones with metal.
The controller is the heaviest element but where all that massive PAR comes from. They offer plastic mounting screws to put in the top of the canopy. In reviews they recommended replacing them with metal ones.
The LED’s are blinding and the adjustable dimmer is really a too notch unit. It gets warm so attaching it to the light fixture another canopy would be good in cold climates. Otherwise I’d recommend it out of the growth area.

This light is too notch, finely made and a piece of art. It is on the top 10 lists of best lifts.
It has latest technology with the highest LED’s for a smaller and reasonably inexpensive unit under $400. The area can easily accelerate any growth stage.

It increased my my plants with thick stalks and lots of upward growth during veg. Then when flowering began this light beefed up those buds to massive proportions. They advertise 50% more growth.

The light is completely quite. Is light and sleek. Produces massive power in an economical LED efficiently and at a touch of a switch. 5 - Stars

Enlite Flora 780W
Michael B.
Top quality

Really good high-quality build

Great buy

Great as advertised better light output , cool to touch ,less heat and money spent on electric bill , plants love it !

This light is a game changer for my garden!

I recieved my roi e680 fast and in bbn perfect condition. The light is everything I wanted it to be and more.

The Green Sunshine Company Electric Sky ES300 V3

Best light ever

I love this light, it's the best one I've ever had.

Atrium Hydra-1000

Best bang for the buck of any small LED fixture. Great for small grows, of as a supplemental light source which is how I use it. Can’t go wrong.

2x4 grow tent

It's 2'x4' on the outside, barely 6' tall. If you are restricted on the size of tent this might work for you. Build quality is decent, I just needed a bigger tent.

So happy I decided to buy this light!!!

So I'm one of many who made the upgrade from hps to led, and I'm so happy I did. Light is perfect, killing it right now. I love the controller aspect to it as well, makes everything super easy. Will buy another in the future to replace my t5 . Got a great deal on it and I've already started saving money on electric. Buy the light.

Great lights

Legit like no heat. If you live in warm climates and worried about heat issues, here you go. I bought one, then came back for 2 more.

Grower's Choice ROI-E680

Great light overall!

This light was perfect for my small space. Will definitely continue using HLG products...


Great glasses. Fit perfectly and now my eyes aren't getting fried!!!