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LED Grow Light Reviews

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Very unsatisfied

I’m purchased this light and realized 4 grows with it and now all blue diodes burnt. I’m trying to contact support and no one answers .
Be careful.

Bright AF

Very easy to assemble and very bright. Performs very well for the price.


First led light been using it just short of two months and can only say good things about it, getting another two led mainly due to electric costs. But I'm definitely a convert.

Voltage regulator unstable

Light started flickering and noticed my wattage was below manufactures tru watt 210 draw at the wall it starts out at 210 fades until it stabilizes between 165 to 185 watts I’ve made several checks with my electric sky pulling an easy 199 watts for the 180 model love that light my 400 watt Ipower 400 plus the digital ballast 430 watts my Black dog voltage fades and bottoms out at 165 watts which makes it closer to 150 watts to LED lights fore the fan is using some of that 165 watts. I contacted them and had a very unpleasant experience with the young employees I’ve dealt with. I was told they would send a return package slip which I never received. It was a bad experience and I should of went with another electric sky 180 because my back dog is really a DOG. I suggest all black dog owners check the amp draw and wattage use again to make sure your getting full power and full light spectrum.


Super bright, very low heat output, extremely well built, and the plants love it! Customer service is unmatched in excellence...arrived in 2 days

HLG 260 V2 Rspec. Great light!

Very impressed with the HLG 260 v2 rspec. 3500k. Easy to assemble, although some instructions could help ensure its wired correctly. Dimmability is a nice feature. Will be getting a second one as well. Ledgrowlightsdepot shipped it super fast!! Thanks!!

Optic 8+

This is an amazing light, quality built and zero issues, I would recommend to anyone using in a 4x4 tent. Arrived quickly.

Amazingly bright

Love the light a lot. It needs some kind of digital controller/dimmer other than that it is great. Best service ever from led grow lights depot

Compact Performer

Great coverage over a 2x2 tray. I like LEDs but have found coverage areas are more limited than HID equivalents.

Crecer light

Great light, very happy!


This lights amazing I am very happy with it I love the dimmable capability but I’m using it with full power for right now Very happy

Great Bang 4 the Buck!

Mars Hydro SP-250
I’ll cut right to the chase, after spending several months with this light, I wasn’t expecting much, but that was just my stupid assumption on you get what you pay for. Well I was shockingly surprised with its performance. Price vs performance, this is a winner from Mars Hydro. I’m using LED’s that cost 2 and a half times more, and my plants love this light more. They lean over trying to get to these.
The plants seem to grow healthier, more livelier, leaves are greener, even though I was worried of light bleaching at first, cause these lights are super bright. But I never encountered that problem, and as I said, the plants really enjoyed this light spectrum. I don’t know if Mar’s got this right by accident or not, and I wish these lights were out when I bought my other lights. For price, wow, you can’t go wrong, and it’s great for vegging all the way through to flowering.
One light fits a area of 2’ x 4’, definitely get more than one, as this will improve your overall yield, and the cross over light will do wonders, and you’re still spending less than buying a pricier LED. But hey, it’s your money, if you have it, spend it, but if you’re on a budget, buy this and you won’t be disappointed.
My only real complaint, it needs a light dimmer, and I know you can take the driver off, and screw the wattage down using a wattage meter in conjunction, but what a pain. Hello Mar’s, fix that and that will make this diamond in the rough really shine.
One Happy Customer/User!!!

Nice light

The light is bright, nice spectrum, discreetly shipped. The retail price is a bit on the expensive end.

HLG R spec

Hello, So I purchased an HLG 550 R-spec. It is a great light. Quality all the way. I’m using it in a veg tent so I have it turned down to match another lessor quality light sharing the space.
They get along well and plants are very happy! I have purchased other lights recently that LED Depot also sells and find there are alternatives to top shelf lights! But if you only have space for a light or two, this is a solid choice. I see the price has been dropped by a bunch making this light an even better buy!👍👍


Works great in 3x3 .

well built

these lights are very nice they have the right spectrum plants love

fast ship retail price

good all around, no complaints

Happy customer

I have two for my 4 x 4 tent and they work just fine. Really happy with my purchase!!

My tsw2000 is junk

The adjuster screws on both sides of my light are garbage, one broke the other has a load of gunk all over it preventing me from finding the screw.

One of the two lights came in good condition, however its been weeks now and the other one I'm still trying to jump through hoops to get fixed. 1 star due to slow customer service on mars' behalf.

Id recommend buying another light for 250 dollars because for 250 dollars I got a light that came used or broken and weeks later still in the same boat.

Super Bright

I have 2. 100 and a 65 Got a 100 and 65 with a platinum 450 over some Autos There Best I have grown doing very well Just started to flower Today For the money best light out there.

Very Happy

Lights work great, love how easy it was to set up. Also the control you have is just great. Great product, been running them for about 8 weeks.

Love the dimmer

Hell of a bloom enhancer

Great price great tent

Easy to set up. Took only myself unlike others you need help. Tent is great. The reflection is on par "no pun entended" very well built and sturdy. Id buy another if i had the room

Awesome light

Plants are in love with this light. I've used so far in veg and currently in flower stage. Plants seem to be thriving. Got it fairly quickly and easy its rtu.

Well Worth The Money!!

Had (2) Viparspectra 300W blurples in a 2'x4' tent. They got the job done well enough but put off a lot of heat while pulling about 4 amps from the wall. I've got the Horticulture Lighting Group 320 Watt XL V2 R-Spec Quantum Board DIY Kit giving off WAY more light with the lights set to 82%, pulling 2.38 amps from the wall, around 265 watts (33 watts/sf). My "flowers" look incredible under these, with the lights approximately 18" above the canopy. There is a little bit of heat but very manageable which is a great trade off for the intense light that you get. Highly recommend these over the cheaper "blurple" models imo.