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4/20 Sale on LED Grow Lights! | VIEW DISCOUNTS
4/20 Sale on LED Grow Lights! | VIEW DISCOUNTS

LED Grow Light Reviews

View real feedback of our LED grow lights from our customers:
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Excellent customer service.
Great Product.
Would recommend 100%.

Mega 500watt!

First off Led grow lights depot is a awsome company to do business with. They answered questions very quickly and shipping was very quick also. This light looks amazing and has a ton of LEDs for the money. It comes with a lot more than lights costing 3times more. First grow starting I will update how it goes!

Wonderful light going to order another one

Luminary excellence!

I began germinating my seeds about 3 weeks ago, and today they look amazing. This is just what I hoped it would be.

Fast shipping no damage to products

Production Light

This light was just what I needed to get my seedlings growing. Some of the seedlings are starting to flower 3’ away from center. So my expectations were more than met for the production of transplants. I grew all my cold crops. Tomatoes, peppers and flowers and more under this light. I am more than pleased with it. The owner will stand behind his product and delivers on time. He is very helpful and caring. I will be purchasing again after I get the greenhouse finished. Thanks for all the information and help.

NextLight Mega Pro | PRE-ORDER: Ships Early to Mid-April

Great light

This is a great light not only in build quality but in light spread, eric Makes it very easy to order.Place your order get your light 6 days later

Good, almost great.

light works well, only downside is the Timer function. there is no "ON" position, only timers.

next light mega pro

after all the reviews that were not so good about next light i'm here to say thats bull ---- this light flat out kicks ass.50% at 20 inches for veg then just start ramping up to a hundred% then go to flower.its really a great bright light.led grow lights depot thank you very much oh the price is the best thing about it.

AC Infinity Cloudray A6 Grow Tent 6" Clip Fan | Ten Speed | Manual Swivel

330w ilogic 6 led

Lights are great, only problem is that 2 of the light bars have lost partial power in middle section. I hope I can get a replacement part

Mammoth Mint 880W

This light is a beast! Be sure to plan for a good distance from your canopy because you will need it to fully utilize the intensity this light offers!

Got my light and service was great

Came with a ton of extra charcoal refill, enough for at least two changes. Good way to save 100+ bucks on new filters. Would buy again.

NextLight 150h
Russell H.
Couldn't be better

I just received the NextLight 150h. I am very impressed. Coming from T5 fluorescents, then Durolux folded aluminum 2 foot by 1 foot LEDs, this feels many generations better in all ways!
I have just ordered a second light from you and wish I needed more (and could afford more). But I will retain one of the Durolux in my 2+ x 1+ foot grow tent and use the two new lights to cover my seedling bench.
You need to understand that the seed starting area is a tiny bit bigger than 2 feet by 5 feet.
I plant into less than 200 square feet of bed space in our front yard, but it suffices. Last year our produce total was around 875 pounds for my wife and me. I make much use of trellis and 2.5 x 6 to 8 foot cylinders bent from Southern States Cattle Panels. Vertical Gardening I think they call it now.
I can't think of anything that could have been better about my experience purchasing from you.
Thanks you so much for what you do and the care with which you do it. May you have a successful but more importantly, a satisfied life.

Massive Yield

Does the job



Great light long wait

Love the light but they kept moving back the shipping day. Was close to 2 month wait when it was supposed to be 2 weeks.

Great light

Best light that I own. Definitely recommend


Absolutely big tent well made 2 side windows and a big front access zipper all zippers have a black out flap this tent has an extra bottom incase of spills comes with everything you need to start a grow and it's all heavy duty

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