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LED Grow Light Reviews

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Top notch

Product exactly as expected. They even added an NZ plug. Allowed me to replace a ViparSpectra 300, but it generates much less heat!

Works exactly like it's supposed used tap water and got good results

Great light

Light stays cool, runs quiet and doesn't give off any noticeable amounts of heat, very efficient.

These are awesome lights!!

I bought these lights awhile back and have finally got a chance to use them. Fantastic light I'm glad I added this to another light. The shipping was fast and order fulfillment was quick. The only issue was the box the kit came in was damaged a bit. When I unpacked the contents I found the led boards had been opened. They were not sealed like others I have bought from HLG. I called and asked why they had been opened and I was told a few boxes were damaged. They had fallen off a pallet or something like that. He said they probably tested them to see if they still worked. That's great I just hope down the road awhile no Leds go out due to the damage to the kit packaging. So far so good and by the way these are awesome lights!! If your looking to grow some good herb don't look past these beauties. Thank you and HLG for a great product.

Max Trichome Production

Hi my name is Ken and I have been and am active in testing the Unit Farm 320 since late March/2018. I am not sure if I can drop the Addy or not, but please remove if not allowed. (cut n paste into the browser ). We started out using this to sprout our vegetable garden, it did great on the Corn, tomatoes, cucumbers, watermelons, various peppers, pumkins and canteloupe. Then we started out outdoor cannabis garden, and all of the plants loved this light. Really there is not much of a better option for vegging your plants. The branching out these plants did in the early stages is apparent later now in the grow. I have branches from the bottoms of the plants that are 6 foot tall on a 8 foot plant. All the pictures I am posting are from the last 3 or four days, and I think they are dated anyways.

Then we started some Autoflowers. I had some leftover Kandy Kush, and a strain that I am working on Gemma Wreck. It is a Sweet Seed Trainwreck female pollenated by a White Gem, which if you are into the genetics, are some of the first auto crosses after the ryders. But this is down the line a bit, and now these flower rock in potency like the big guys.

The autos we just harvested, are completely soaked, and dripping in trichomes. I have not had anything help me produce such an awesome bud like the UFO 320

Optic 4 led

Less than 6 months 2 sets of 5w doides go out there junk and optic led grow lights has the worst customer service ever. Fixed the first set of doides with parts sent to me fixed it put it back in my flower tent then 2 weeks later the other set goes out junk.


I got the light quickly it looks great bright but you can still look at the light not recommend tho and my plants are really loving it. Over all a great buy and well worth the money

Optic 6

Overall this light does the job very well, granted i paid 700.00 for mine at the time but people can say what they want about a Chinese light. Sure Alibaba has it alot cheaper but it is not the same light so don`t get fooled by their price its a cheap knock off!

Order 04/09/2018 come so fast I live in France is coming today 11/09/2018 everything ok and I no pay more tax when arrived, everything is the same description.

Started w/ a 450 advance spectrum max n was happy with my results but decided to run 2 tents so I could have something in flower all the time instead of running one for full cycle. After some serious research I decided on the es300 and am happy with my choice plants seem to be responding well growth is insane. It the best reason I found to get this light is in the future they are upgradable as LED technology advances.

Optic gotta have

The problem I have with this light is how I am going to get 3 -8 packs. Luv It

Nextlight 525

Nextlight lights are the best lights I have ever used. Excellent coverage and price is lower than other competitors. Led grow light depot has the fastest shipping compared to competitors. The prices are also lower than other businesses. I highly recommend Led Grow Light Depot. You will not be disappointed.

Optic 1 LED

The light works great and I highly recommend it to others. I am very Happy with my purchase. The customer service was great also.

Best light I have ever used

Hands down the best light I have ever used. Mine is for a 2x4 tent that I was having height restrictions and air flow problems prior to using the ES180, which it couldnt be any better for. I was using the cheapo blurple amazon lights (mars I think) and they did the trick but wanted something not made in some foreign country where who knows who soldered the wiring, now I have found Electric Sky and will not go back. It has no fan so runs silent but does get pretty warm on top, a little too warm than I thought at first but that forced me to use more fans, and more fans help circulation which was my problem. Im all about stealth and keeping costs down, so running one silent 180 watt instead of 2 blurple 130ish watt lights is just great in my situation. Last but not least, it runs at true color, no more blurple lights for me, I havent said blurple so many times since I junked those stupid blurple things for the ES180. Cant wait to upgrade to bigger equipment so I can buy a couple ES300s.

nice and simple...the way you want it to be :)

Remember the TAX if you order from Europe (€41,15)
your paying the ups driver :(

Phenomenal Lights

Had a friend tell me about these lights. I was skeptical at first. Came time for me to get a new light and I did some reading and watching videos. I decided I would give the 300 a chance. I am halfway through my first test run and so far all of my garden is exploding. This is the best LED light I have had so far. The growth is double what I have had in the past, I like the air cooled setup. It does give off a good bit of heat but nothing you can’t over come. Two 300 in a 4x4 tent is exactly what you want. You can easily angle the light for your need.

Best LED light and Customer Service

One of the best LED grow lights you can buy. Puts all the "blurple" lights to shame. I was originally interested in a Mars Hydro but after speaking to Erik he was able to sort me out and recommend this bad boy for my 2 x 4 tent. It's perfect for both vegging and flowering and uses very little electricity. I was not disappointed in the slightest. Shipping was fast and was able to get both my lights and tent in around 5 days from order. Big up to Eric, he dealt with every question I have and answered over 100 emails (this is not an exaggeration!). Greatly recommended.

Awesome output

This was the addition I needed

Everything as it should be

LED grow light depot is everything you would come expect when purchasing a light ! The SK402 came in perfect working order with everything you need was just flipped to 12/12 and we will see what spectrum king has to offer so far so good

Incredible light

This light puts Black Dog and Advanced Led lights to shame. A lot less money and a lot more light. You will not be disappointed.

Does the job

Awesome veg light, I'm using it for a 3x3 space and the plants seem to love it. Not to much canopy penetration but lst and good to go.

HLG 300

Brighter than expected ! Exceeded my expectations great light! Well made!

Great grow lights!

Perfect lights for 90x90 cm, although I use it in grow box 100x100 cm and I am thrilled!! Quiet lamp, perfect color spectrum, low heat, low power consumption. For the money I am really delighted, I hope soon to hear about buying a new one. Excellent shopping service!

Superior LED

I own the dimmable ES300, absolutely hands down the best LED grow light on the market. I'm 1 month into flower and the first 2 weeks my plants tripled in height and are now starting to stack on some major weight. If you're on the fence about buying this light look no further, the price of the ES300 is a little scary at first but you get what you pay for - a superior LED grow light above the rest. Not only that, but Dan is extremely helpful and knowledgable about the science behind his light, and why it's so much better than the rest. I will be a customer for life, keep up the good work Dan!