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LED Grow Light Reviews

View real feedback of our LED grow lights from our customers:
Based on 3219 reviews
Smart buy

Bought this light to replace the mars hydro tsw2000 300 watt light.The plants have reacted amazingly.Best buy for the money,compared to lights with similar wattage this light is hundreds of dollars cheaper than most.Comes with dimmer for easy usage.

Though small these fixtures put out a lot of light. Easy to install. So far they are working great for my winter indoor garden.

Good light but arrived damaged

Have been using this light for around a month. I am very happy with the brightness and uniformity of the light. The lenses and spectral flexibility are excellent and were the selling point for me on this light.

My rating is reduced because of my experience with the particular unit I purchased. It shipped direct from the manufacturer in AZ. Eric at LED Grow Lights Depot was excellent to work with and very prompt when I reached out for information on the shipment. However, when the unit arrived it had clearly seen some abuse. The packaging was immaculate and the damage clearly occurred before shipping. The air grill on top was bent and there were hexagonal dents in the sheet metal from the fixture being set down roughly on top of bolts that belonged to other fixtures or the work bench. Most importantly, the unit's software would crash and be unresponsive to Bluetooth controls--the only way to interact with the dimming or tunability functions.

I reached out to Scynce directly and told them about both the physical damage and the software problems. They were very prompt and helpful solving the software issue. It required downloading a third party app and issuing a factory reset command to the light. Since then, the problem has not returned. They made no comment on or attempt to fix the physical damage, though I didn't push the issue again. It is unclear to me if the physical damage visible on the case was the cause for the software glitch or not, but it doesn't give me confidence in the life expectancy of the unit.

So, I rate this purchase three stars. Quality control was clearly lacking on the day my fixture was shipped. This is frustrating because they sell cosmetically damaged units at a discount, which is the way this should have been sold rather than brand new.

Awesome tent

I'm very happy i have 3 gorilla grow tents different sizes just bought the shorty 5×5 recommend this tent to everyone and anyone

Mars Hydro!! Perfect!!

I have nothing but great things to say about my Mars Hydro. My plants are flourishing beyond belief!
Best choice I ever made.

Excellent experience

Fast shipping ,great packaging, and the right price. These HLG lights are awesome the plants I grow are full and enjoy every bit of that spectrum. I grow in a GGT 5x5 heat is not an issue nor must respect your canopy distance is all 24” and your girls will be super happy....

Great light

Mars ts1000, California light works 250

I’ve bought 2 Mars hydro ts1000’s from them and 1 California light works 250, all on separate occasions and every single time has been a pleasure, they are fast with shipping even during the holidays and pandemic. The customer support is awesome as well. Overall very satisfied with all 3 of my purchases and will definitely shop again in the future.

Great Light

Doing well in my 4x4 tent I'm considering more lights for my training program Vlog

Awesome light and service

This light is awesome. Super bright and the plants love it. It gives me enough intensity to run co2 in my garden. Definitely recommend this light if you a serious grower.

Thicker than a bowl of oatmeal

Tent is nicely made, poles are stronk. Lots of flaps and zipper doors.

Not bad for first grow

Tent is good for first grow, but I will be upgrading ,to a bigger/different brand next time. There are a ton of light leaks, luckily mine is in a bedroom closet, so for me it isn’t an issue. The tent is pretty good quality, however spare parts are not easily accessible.

HLG-65 Quantum Board QB120 Quantum Board LED

Love this little LED! It’s perfect for starting out your seedlings, or clones until it’s time to Flip!

Gorilla 5x5

Good price .decent shipping time and good only complaint is with gorilla grow their selves the discreet shipping could of been better .they took one swipe of box tape to cover the bright yellow gorilla logo.u could still tell what it said if u looked close enough.also one of 2 tent boxs was split open on arrival so my ups driver could probably tell what i had ordered.not ideal!but tents were not damaged .and all went together ok.zippers could of worked more smooth for the best brand on the market.but overall glad i chose Gorilla grow.hope this helps.

Nice unit

I purchased this as a present for my son. He installed a cord/plug and it failed to light. When we finally got to visit ( thanks Covid) I found the main hot lead had come out of its tombstone. After reinstalling it I could not pull it out so all in all an easy fix. We are both impressed with fixture and I feel it’s a good fit for our needs. I have purchased cases of Toggle full spectrum tubes for homemade grow stands and am also very satisfied with the product and excellent customer service and shipping.

great customer service

i bought this light 2 months ago and it started flickering. thankfully customer service is replacing this for me and i dont have to ship the light back till i get the new one. i sent a couple videos of the defect and they covered it on the spot. great light by the way it does the job for sure.

Customer service

You guys have the best products and the most amazing customer service. Be happy to do business with you anytime. He's only


Been using LED's for the last 7 years, this is the nicest light I've seen or used. The controller does nothing but complement the light Great coverage in a 5x6 room. I will follow up after 3 grows. That is how long it takes me to learn the lights.

Grower's Choice ROI series

I was really needing a light that would fit a 4X4 grow tent better than a Mars Hydro TSW-2000. Nice light,, I just needed deeper coverage. I found the ROI-E420. by Growers Choice, to be the perfect fit for the tent, and it had the coverage that I was looking for. It's about a 3 and a half foot by 3 and a half,, SO it "just" fits with room to adjust it. It has built-in bubble levelers, so that really helps to get a perfect hang. A very well constructed and thought out grow light for sure. It comes with all you need to get it going, and mounted.

One Dim Diode.

This is my second one. It is an awesome and excellent light! But it has one dim diode at one of the ends of it. Slightly disappointing. Other than that... I love it!


cant say enough good about these lights. Just ridiculously awesome! BUY EM!!!

Great light

Light is really bright with on board dinner. Getting ready to buy a couple more.

Only beginning stages

Haven't seen fully what this light can do but I know it's powerful. It doesn't give off too much heat either which will help in the long run with climate. If using with newer plants set light farther away than preferred so your babies actually want to grow. Will update in a couple months


I love the cor and it performs well but I cant afford 1500.00 for the mega . Im switching to something more affordable and has same par readings . A great light but the price is kinda high . Nextlight is geared more towards the commerical grower not the clost grower but a good light