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LED Grow Light Reviews

View real feedback of our LED grow lights from our customers:
Based on 1377 reviews
Great light

By far the best customer service out of multiple hlg resellers ive used. Great light shipped fast i can only say maybe packaging could have extra bubble wrap since ups likes to throw boxes around still came undamaged but only critique i can suggest.

Great light

Fast shipping the light work great

O man what a deal

This light is awesome. It has all the features such as dimmable and 660 diodes. easy to put together, just follow videos and use box markings.
This thing produce so little heat compared to CMH. The heatsink is awesome and huge. two of these in a 4x4 is killer coverage.

Just a Little Does Wonders!

Received order on time, everything was securely packaged. The service from LED is superb and the quickness from the time I ordered to the time I received the order was top-notch! California Lightworks SolarSystem UVB 24W, just a little does wonders, improves overall everything, from yield to oils. But don't over do it, or it will have the opposite effect. I only use in the later stages of development (which could be different from someone else's needs) right before harvest, so roughly around 3 weeks of use, starting out at around 15 minutes, then rounding off at the later stages of about 45mins per day. The light itself is very light, making it easy to hang, and small enough to fit in-between the main lights, and seems sturdy.

Great powerful light!

Fast free shipping, great price and customer service! This light is quite heavy and you can tell it's quality made, unlike many of the cheaper LEDs out there. Light spectrum is bright and full spectrum with plenty of white rather than the typical pink-purple of some "full spectrum" LED lights. Veg growth has been great, just switched to flowering will see how this does!

Love the QB

Fastest shipping ever. Love these guys will be Spending here for all my DIY needs

Great led light

The vt300 is a great running led light the timer works perfectly well overall great light great yields!

Best Deal on LED

After discounts I paid just a smidge over $1 per watt pulled from the wall, which is 648watts after Adding Dimmers, can also go down to 68 watts for clones. Passively cooled so you cannot get any quieter. Plants went into flower the day I received the light, the plants and I love it. the internodes are tight and bud production after only 28 days is incredible.
Efficiency: 2.5 umol/J - PPF Output : 1550 umol/s


Got one ES300 .ive always used a 600h.i.d. Heat with that was a issue.so I wanted a cooler running light. I knew I was going with l.e.d. But which one?
After a lot of research and talking to blurpie light users. And users of descent l.e.d.’s The ES300 was by far the one to get for multiple reasons.

Excellent customer service...available parts if technology advances....replaceable parts if something happens...very solid construction...dimmable...user friendly...low heat emission...e.t.c.

Pictures and videos really don’t do this light justice...the box it comes in ,,opens like a casket,the whole top lifts.and when you gaze down at that thing you will know right off the bat you have a quality product!!!!!

The only downfall I have on this light is.. that if you grow crappy weed you can no longer blame it on the light.

I’ll be getting my second ES300 soon

Excellent Investment!

Pretty happy with this investment. My plants are growing so tall they’re growing into the lights, but because the LEDs are so nicely diffused the tips aren’t getting burnt. They don’t produce much heat, and that makes life so easy. My tent is dialed in no problem because of these lights. First class!

Works great !

Two little screws and you are all set.

A absolute great investment!!!

These lights second to none! I was using blurple before i made the switch to qb's and let me tell you ...ill never look back ! The difference in growth rate , color and overall health of the plants are unreal . These guys go above and beyond to make sure you have nothing but the highest quality lights available to you . I actually got a bad batch of r-spec 288 boards and they notified me ahead of time and 2 days later i had my new boards. Top notch service . Listen ...im telling you....are you listening?? Ears open people ..im giving you pearls here ! If you are wondering about qbs or whay company to purchase them from then look no further than hlg and let them blow your mind with their products and customer service ! You mean you are still reading this and havent placed a order yet ?? I cant....just cant..im outta here ! Thanks hlg . All 3 of my lights rock harder than angus young on stage in the 80's . You definitely have a customer for life !✌✌✌

Excellent light no complaints the plant's love it !!

Great power-efficent COB

Great for stealth grows.. its small and theres no noise at all because passive cooling. Would buy again. 5/5 stars


Ordered the electric sky 180w ran 1 beside a 315w cmh growers choice and holy crap in veg 2 inches a day and flower got 1 pound a plant now I have 3 180 and 3 cmh grow 6 to 8 plants in a 5 foot by 8 foot grow space with huge plants fixing to add another

Best led lights I used so far

Bought two es300 for my 5x5 tent. Plants are growing thick and tall. Need one more to fill out the light coverage

Incredible Grow Light!

Upgraded to an ES 300 from a Viparspectra, and wow! The closeness of node growth and how much bushier the plants grow is incredible to watch! The growth is so fast, and the leaves grow so large that they almost smother each other. The light itself is very well-made, and I am excited about the possibility of upgrading the diodes in the future. The included dimmer is great for starting seeds, and the included wire hangers are so easy to hang with and allows for easily changing the height. I will be getting a second if I decide to get a larger tent!
On another note, Dan himself shows unprecedented care towards his business and customer service. He emailed back and forth with me when I had questions. Always nice to see the excitement of a company owner and their love for a great product that they sell. It would be great to see this continue, and I hope The Green Sunshine Company strives to continue to better their products and go for the best quality possible in the future.

Awesome lights

These lights are awesome! The 5000K for Veg is an excellent choice to get your seedlings off to a good start! Very little heat and only drawing less than 60 W you cannot go wrong! One of the most efficient lights on the market! I have already ordered 3 and planning on getting a 4th!

LED Grow Light Depot is an great online store. Easy to deal with, fast shipping and great products! Will definitely buy from them again!

Plants love these lights

Using two of the Crecer Quantum X200 LED grow lights as supplemental lights on each side of a 1000 HPS. They're pretty sweet and don't add much heat! Plants love them

Great light very strong

This light penetrates deep into the canopy . My plants started thriving , when I added it to my grow room. I’m flowering right now and the flower sites are loving this light.

Excellent product, perfect for 4x4x7 plants are so happy, looking great out doing my expectations so far. I’m getting the same size plants as my metal hallide 400watt less watts less heat and very portable. If your on the fence I don’t think there is a cheaper more efficient light on the market. For clones and moms and late growth. Thanks for making a great product for the common man I appreciate it most just want to keep me poor.

Great light, plants love it

Really love the light, not so much the customer service. Haven’t figured out how to wire the bluetooth controller. Sent to requests for info with no response.


This light is amazing by far. All top quality parts, easy to hang and unbelievably bright. You will not be disappointed. Wear LED shades around it for sure.

Truly Amazing!!

Compared to the SunKing I was using before, this lamp provides much better veg lighting
The leaves are incredible, makes it hard to wait, although you can see daily change...magic.