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LED Grow Light Reviews

View real feedback of our LED grow lights from our customers:
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Chilled x3


Thanks for the review! So glad you love the light and the service :)

Let’s GROW!!!

I took advantage of the sweet Black Friday deals purchased a couple more ROI 720’s and they kicked in the master controller for free! I can’t express it enough how the master controller has changed the energy in my garden. The sunrise/sunset setting is moneyyy 12/10 recommend. Ledgrowlightdepot has the best variety and lowest prices of the highest quality grow lights you can acquire keep up the solid work!

Thanks for the review! We are glad you are happy with your purchase :)

A fine light

This is the first bar-style LED I've used and the first one that can be adjusted for the stage of growth of the plants. I'm sold on the light distribution and I love the ability to dim individual wavelength ranges, as well as the whole light.

The app, Theia Stratus, is NOT intuitive and I suggest people play with it a bit, especially if they're about to put it over plants in flower. I set the timer, then later made what I thought was a minor adjustment in intensity. Then I noticed the light was on when it should have been in its dark period. It was purely my inexperience with it and not a flaw in the unit, itself. When the light regime is set up, you need to set it up again if you want to make a slight change. Not that it's a big chore to do so, I just didn't know it was necessary.

Regardless, I would buy this again and recommend it to anyone looking for an advanced lighting system for their plants.

Grow Daddy

It is a excellent light I wouldn't trade it for nothing in the world

Good but can be better

Instructions that go into more details about the subjects like light controls or distance from light could be better.

Honestly looking forward to running it next to Optic 2

Great light for any plant needs and really the spiders do love it

Great light

I haven't had any issues with this light. It is super bright and all my plants are responding nicely. From watermelon to bell pepper, I'm loving this light! I hooked it up my AC infinity controller 69 on a schedule and works great. I want another one. I have this in my AC infinity 4x8 tent and need one for the other side.

Horticulture Lighting Group HLG 650R (Full Cycle / Flower)
Dean H.
Hlg 650r

always great

Great light

This is a really great light. I switched to this light from an old one and my plants took off. A great light for the money

Do it! Worth it…

These things are the tits… don’t be a stooge, get the boost bars as well. You’re welcome

Only lasted about 2 years

About 2 years ago I left a review on here for this light about how happy I was with it, well it stopped working because a wire bringing power to the drivers melted. Was a great light, just wish It had lasted longer.


Awsome tent. Allows me to keep clones on one side. And use the other for veg and keeping parent plants

Gets the job done

Quick assembly and great output for a little light. Perfect for a small space.


I'm using this for a hydroponic system with a 55 gallon reservoir. In about 5 minutes it brought the temp down from 70 to 65. It rarely comes on now, maybe once or twice a day to maintain 65. When it does come on it's about as loud as a small dehumidifier, so not terrible at all. Remember, you need to supply your own pump for this. Not sure why they don't sell them on this site. This was a great price on this chiller and I received free shipping. I couldn't find any other online hydro retailers offering free shipping which will set you back $150 or more. This is my first stop now when shopping for supplies


They don't come with the parts to turn them on with a controller.

Best bang for your buck

Can't go wrong cheaper than Mars Hydro by 100 bucks maybe more. 730 watts for under 600 wow 👌


I'd been looking at this light for awhile, so glad my go to, LED grow lights depot, made it available. Excellent light, the even coverage is outstanding, best I've seen. Great customer service and shipping as always.

SF300 33W


I lost my eyebrows ^^

I got the new model the R-Spec FR and this thing pulls a whopping 738w @ the wall (240v). The build quality of this fixture is really good it's solid as a brick. The only thing i kind of dislike on this fixture is that they are using seoul diodes, but for the price you won't find anything better.

FC8000 Fits AC Infinity 4x8

Great light. I have 3 and 2 are in a 4x8 that I’ve read others say don’t fit. They do fit AC Infinity tents. My 3rd is in a 5x5. I use this like from germination to flower. Just keep it 36” away during seedling stage at 30% power for seedlings.

Horticulture Lighting Group HLG 100

Great light would recommend

Works great, I have it installed on a scorpion Diablo in a 5x5, but it doesn’t quite stretch to the edges, great product though.

Great transaction

I bought a NextLight Core pro, it was shipped fast, safe and works great.
Thank you LED growlights depot.

Extremely Happy

Extremely happy with my 2nd purchase from LED Lights Depot (they’re the best) Got an HLG 350R and I’m blown away by the power of this light. Highly Recommend!


The light works extremely well and on my first grow I ran into no problems smooth the whole way through but I did have to adjust for how much heat this light put out I also forgot to turn down the lights with the built in dimmer switch when I started my new crop and did get some burns but nothing that was permanent and didn’t stunt growth to much. So all in all this light is perfect I’m going to buy another so I can try the daisy chain to see how they do in a 4x4

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