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Cool led light

Love the light the dimmable LED is cool adjust the color awesome


Viparspectra PAR450 Dimmable LED Grow Light


Well made and easy to get into


Awesome light and service

Simply the best you can get as of mid 2017.

Black Dog lights are definitely pricey, but with good reason. There are no compromises with this product. The build quality is what could only be described as military grade; when the zombie apocalypse hits I won't think twice about strapping this thing to the grill of my car. As for how well it works, if you do your research like I did, you simply won't find better. If you're unsure about the Phytomax-2 range, I suggest looking up some independent reviews and comparisons including the excellent and lengthy review that LED Grow Lights Depot uploaded to Youtube.

Perhaps most importantly, Black Dog are a fantastic company. I've been in contact with them several times since my purchase, both in chat on their website and through email, and they're always helpful and friendly. A huge part of what makes them the best is that out of dozens of LED grow light manufacturers, they are literally the ONLY ones who are honest with their claims and not misleading or exaggerating in any way.

As for LED Grow Lights Depot, with their discount codes they had the cheapest price I could find with free shipping and I received the product promptly and in perfect condition and that's all I can ask for.

The Phytomax-2 is a testament to "you get what you pay for". If it's in your budget, you won't regret it.

Great product, great service

Excellent product and LED Grow Lights Depot had the best price I could find with free shipping as well.


He was so helpful i would tell and i do tell everyone i know that is about tog get into in door gardening a about this wed site Thank You Erik

Great lamp ....!

Great product, full cycle started to grow to great ..... I love this light


Gorilla Grow Tent 5′ x 9′ x 6′ 11″ (w/ ext. 7′ 11″)

Power and quality

HI everyone, well some would call me a old fossil lol pssst means experience lol . But I have to say , I purchased a optic 6 and I have tried them all, when it comes to led, or we could say,,,, I have tryed many . And the Optic 6 is in a class of its own when it comes to prices and quality. Top of the line leds, Par numbers that are just insane. Incredible value , do your homework and you will see .. Keep posted for more, as I will post more in days to follow ... Wishing u all the best from the North Ps Erick. h. Is a fantastic knowledgeable person that won't let you down, and he will do everything that he can to help you with ALL your concerns. I will be back ..
Thanks Again..Keep up the good work .

Revised review

Love the light I have used any and every led out there and for this price and output U can't go wrong. Also the seeds arrived so my apologies and thank u

Love the light

Love the light the only reason I did not give it a 5 star is that it gets a little hotter than I though I have to keep the ac in the room cranked but I do love the light


NextLight Mega LED Grow Light

Got light no seeds

Long time led grower here. I stumbled across a YouTube video on the optic 4 for $399 and a free 6 pack of seeds well the light came within 6 days but the seeds never came luckily the light rocks but I am extremely disappointed about the seeds cause i wanted to try something different than tga strains that's all I've had for the last 10 years. but nowdays these light companies will say anything to get u to buy their lights. I would still recommend this light just don't expect 6 free seeds

NextLight Mega LED Grow Light

fantastic light works great highly recommend.


Black Diamond Perfect Sun Goliath

Black Dog PhotoMAX2-400

Amazing light! I would highly recommend it!)


Lush Lighting Lumenator 2X

Costumer service is Key!!

LED Grow Lights Depot has been nothing short of outstanding when it comes to upholding theirs policy, and following through with their customers. I began my return process by phone and ended with email, and throughout both forms of communication, there was no lack. The entire return process was both speedy and smooth. I would personally like to thank Erik for his diligence in helping me with this process. Five Stars!!!!

The day i pulled this light out of the box i was blown away.

The day i pulled this light out of the box i was blown away. At first glance this is one of the best looking lights I've seen yet, It has the same type of secondary reflectors that are the KIND K5 series lights which really makes it pop. The CREE COBs have Monster Sized secondary reflectors and I love the white light. The CREE COBs have seriously won me over. I love how easy it is to use, the timer is just a push button and boom, your light schedule is set. The cobs also have independent controls so you can VEG with just he COBs on. I highly recommend this Im a tough critic and I give it a 5 out 5 stars rating. I plan on buying more from LED Grow Lights Depot.


Mars Hydro Mars II 1600

phytomax 2 800

This light is insanely powerful, huge dense buds.


Black Diamond Perfect Sun Goliath


Black Diamond Perfect Sun 1000

Optic LED with the CREE COBs and the Sleek Design

I received a Optic 6 recently and when i opened it up the first thing in noticed was the secondary reflectors, and the big fat reflectors on the cobs. After turning the LED on and setting it up I began to like it more and more. IT puts out beautiful white light when the cobs are on, and in VEG im only running the 5w leds which is consuming only like half the power. I love how theres a button to turn just the cobs on and off independently and it has the worlds easiest timer to use, its not the KIND LED that takes a rocket scientist to configure. All in All i recommend this light to any grower looking for HIGH PAR output for a 4x4 coverage area.

Have no fear Erik is here

First I want to say that I was a little paranoid to order from Erick what made me this way was the fact that he was able to give me a 100.00 dollar discount on my phytomax 2 200 but I took the plunge and let me tell you Led Grow Light Depot is legit Erik has great prices and the best customer service I've ever had dealing with a company online not only did he make sure every step of the way I was reassured that my light was going to be delivered on time and with the expressed warranty I love LED grow lights Depot now as far as my light is concerned it's great it works it is beautiful I love it the phytomax 2 200 is a work of art don't be scared to order from LED grow lights Depot as far as I am concerned its the best LED grow lights store hands down thank you Eric and for anyone that's reading this just buy from him he's a great guy a great businessman and make sure that your items are delivered the way they're supposed to be and if anything is wrong he will take care of it.

awesome light and customer service

i've just started using the BDPM2-600 and i'm really impressed with it so far. packaging was excellent, the fit and finish of the light is perfect, and it is very solidly built. it appears to be very high quality light.

i've had my plant under it for about 11 days and it has exploded with growth, with very small distances between nodes (around 1/2 inch). i'll update this review once i have determined yield.

customer service from LED grow lights depot was outstanding as well. erik answered all of my numerous questions and helped me select this excellent light, as i had no previous experience with growing.


BioBizz Starter Pack

Thoroughly convinced...

I've been using HPS and MH for years so switching to LED's was a scary investment for sure. Not only do LED's cost much more up front but first LED lights to come out years back disappointed the community as a whole. I can tell anyone who is skeptical that the Megas are super impressive and worth every penny, especially in the long run. I increased my production and decreased my heat issues all while saving a bunch of money on power. I was seriously impressed with how cool they stay, I can not imagine i'll ever switch back to HPS. Super Happy with Nextlight, I hope to grab some more very soon!

Packs a Punch!

This little light packs a punch now. The most compact and brightest full spectrum LED on the market guaranteed. Little to no heat from this unit and hardly any weight makes this unit a must for any grower limited on space.

Great lights!

I have been running the 525w Nextlight's from 2015 and wanted to replace my T5's for veg. This light has been doing a great job, noticeably better than the T5. I have had to add some heat to my veg area because these run very cool.


good customer service


Mars Hydro Mars II 700


RX Green Solutions Bulk

Black Diamond Perfect Sun Dwarf Star


Black Diamond Perfect Sun Dwarf Star
Best Led Grow Lights

I am a first time grower. I have 9 autoflowering plants in a 4x4 tent. I have stressed them quite a bit and they just keep on getting bigger and bigger. There are only two reasons for that genetics and PERFECT SUN LEDS the best leds on the market. I will try and update when i finish my first grow. I will be 30 days in on July 5.


Lush Lighting Lumenator 2X

5 star

Great Supplemental light!

Erik helped me pick the right LED

I must say the PhytoMAX-2 800 is way better than anything I had before and I have had a few of them. You get what you pay and with this you get amazing results. Highly recommended!! Erik is the man who will take care of you and answer any questions you may have as he did for me.

Mars Hydro Reflector 48

The shipping was fast, the price was better than and the product is absolutely wonderful !!

Great Seller

Great Service. Highly recommend !! ++++

4 star

I love the lights but have been unable to get the controller to work with the lights. I haven't been able to call to talk to a tech during business hours.

love it

When my Eclipse light came in, the box was beaten up pretty bad, but light was perfect. i noticed an immediate difference in heat compared to the T5 fixture. plants are loving it too. less power to run, less heat, plants respond to the light amazingly. i am pleased on all levels!

California Lightworks SolarSystem 275 Veg Master

Compact, quiet, perfect for my 4x4, highly recommend

excellent light

I upgraded my 4x4 tent from a 1200w marsii to 1600w and put the 1200w into my 3x3. The 1600w performs amazingly well; the plants love it. The 1200w did well in the 4x4 but is doing extra special in the 3x3. Excellent light penetration from both lights. Very very happy with Marshydro.

Great. Thanks for the review :)
Bad ass lights

I've been using Johnson Grow lights Maximizer for 2 growing cycles and I'm impressed. The room is much cooler and they cover almost as much area as a 1000 Watt Raptor. I probably won't use a HPS light again. Worth the investment.

5 star

California Lightworks SolarStorm 110 BloomBooster

5 star

Black Dog LED PhytoMAX-2 400