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July Sale! Discounts on LED grow lights and more! | VIEW DEALS
July Sale! Discounts on LED grow lights and more! | VIEW DEALS
10 BEST LED Grow Lights 2024

10 BEST LED Grow Lights 2024

These top 10 LED grow lights cover a minimum 4'x4' grow area, promising explosive growth and incredible yields, whether you're a home gardener or a commercial cultivator.

In the ever-evolving world of LED grow lights, 2024 brings us more affordable options, higher light outputs, enhanced efficiency, and a wider spectrum range, including the addition of UV and IR.

It's important to note that this review isn't exhaustive, and I haven't received any payment from companies to promote their products. The lights featured here are selected based on my expertise, the light's specifications, performance, and customer feedback. To cater to growers with different budgets, I've included a variety of lights, ranging from more affordable to higher-end options. Let's dig in!



The EVO8 730W LED grow light is a true game-changer for elevating your cultivation setup.

Packed with 2,688 top-tier diodes, including Samsung LM301H EVO, OSRAM 660nm deep reds, and UVA chips, this light ensures uniform and potent illumination across your entire grow space.

Controlling this light is easy thanks to the included scheduling and dimming controller. Plus, for those seeking ultimate mastery, it seamlessly integrates with the AC Infinity Controller 69 series, giving you full command over your grow environment.

Crafted from durable aluminum and steel, it excels in heat dissipation and even lets you magnetize AC Infinity U2 or U4 UV bars directly onto its frame for added versatility.

With a remote-mountable, daisy-chainable driver accommodating up to 80 lights in series, scalability is nearly effortless—whether you're a hobbyist or a commercial grower.

If the EVO8's power and price aren't quite your speed, check out the EVO6 for a less powerful light for a 4'x4' area or the EVO10 for a 5'x5' space or greater, each tailored to suit your needs.

With unparalleled features and performance, the EVO8 comes in at a fair price point of just $799—unlocking your plants' full genetic potential without draining your bank account. 


Mammoth Lighting Mint 6 Emerald Green Spectrum

Last year, the Mint 6 Bar underwent an upgrade to the Emerald Green Spectrum version, now boasting green diodes that enhance the green part of the spectrum—ideal for deeper leaf and canopy penetration.

Featuring a blend of Samsung LM301H EVO + 3000K, 5000K, 660nm deep red, and 730nm far red diodes, this grow light delivers stellar performance through its spectrum.

Pulling 680 watts and boasting a PPF of 2100 umol/S alongside a PAR efficacy of 3.05 umol/J, it effortlessly blankets a 4'x4' area for flowering.

Versatility is paramount with manual dimming options or RJ connections for wired control via the Inventronics driver. The removable driver offers the added flexibility of external mounting.

For those seeking even more power, there's the Mint 8 Bar, emitting 2,711 umol/s and effectively covering a 5'x5' area with intense illumination.

At just $699, the Mammoth Lighting Mint 6 Bar offers premium quality and impressive specifications—a true steal for growers.

We suggest using the Telos Growcast Lighting Controller for seamless automation of one or more lights. This versatile controller is compatible with most lighting systems as well.


Kind LED X750 

Introducing the Kind LED’s flagship light, the X750, a true performer in the world of grow lights.

With a 750W power draw, this beast emits an impressive 1814 umol/S of light at a PAR efficacy of 2.55 umol/J, ensuring exceptional coverage for your 4'x4' space.

Let's dive into its standout feature: the dual dimmable spectrum. With one knob controlling the full spectrum and the other managing deep red, UV, and Far Red diodes, you have complete control over your spectrum during flowering.

Crafted with premium Osram and Philips diodes, the Kind LED X-series guarantees top-notch lighting quality. Plus, the removable driver adds flexibility to your setup.

The X750 is backed by a solid 5-year warranty and retails at $995. Don't overlook the X420, X330, and X220 for smaller grow spaces.



The MIGRO ARAY 5x5 750W features an impressive 2.7 umol/J PAR efficacy and a staggering 2025 umol/S light output. It will illuminate your 4'x4' grow area with over an average of 1000 PPFD.

This light features a blend of 4,224 warm whites, cool whites, and deep red LEDs, ensuring a balanced full-spectrum for your plants.

Its oversized LED bars and algorithmically spaced diodes guarantee uniform coverage, while the onboard dimmer provides precise control. Plus, a remote driver option helps reduce heat in your grow tent.

With the ability to connect up to 20 lights in series, it's ideal for commercial or large-scale operations.

Backed by a reliable 3-year warranty from MIGRO and priced at just $649, you can grow with peace of mind.


HortiBloom Mega Optic 720W

The Mega Optic 720W emits a whopping 2,304 umol/S of light at a reported PAR efficacy of 3.2 umol/J. It's equipped with Samsung and Osram diodes, including 450nm, 630nm, 660nm, and 730nm far red diodes, ensuring a spectrum tailored for optimal growth and flower production.

The Mega Optic 720W is dimmable via the onboard dimmer, conveniently located on the UL-listed Powerland driver.

The highlight of this light is the unique 88-degree and 115-degree custom lenses, greatly enhancing canopy penetration.

Don't forget to explore the other lights in the Mega Optic series, ranging from 350W to 1000W.

Priced at $649, the Mega Optic 720W offers exceptional value for its performance and features.


Horticulture Lighting Group Tomahawk 720

The Tomahawk 720 LED grow light is powerful 700W fixture crafted by HLG.

As part of HLG's pioneering Tomahawk series, this light features five LED bars stacked with high-efficiency diodes, delivering an impressive 2.87 umol/J PAR efficacy and 2161umol/S of intense light output.

To maximize canopy coverage, reflectors flank each side of the bars, enhancing light distribution by up to 10%.

With a foldable, lightweight design, the Tomahawk 720 offers flexibility, including an optional driver extension cable for remote power supply mounting.

Priced at $999, this light may be a bit more expensive than others, but it's proudly made in Tennessee, USA, backed by a 5-year warranty, and supported by exceptional customer service.


For a slightly toned-down option, consider the Tomahawk 650. Alternatively, explore HLG's Diablo series for a Quantum Board design offering a balanced blend of canopy penetration and uniformity.


Mars Hydro FC-6500 EVO 

The FC-6500 EVO is part of Mars Hydro’s latest and most powerful grow light series.

Drawing 730W and emitting a staggering 2,182 umol/S of light at 3.1 umol/J PAR efficacy, this series boasts Samsung LM301H EVO diodes across 8 bars, ensuring intense and efficient lighting with 2,040 diodes.

Control is at your fingertips with the Mars Hydro app, allowing you to adjust light intensity, set dimming programs, and manage multiple lights simultaneously. Alternatively, you can manually dim the light using the onboard dimmer and daisy chain multiple lights with included RJ cables.

Priced at $769.99, the FC-6500 EVO offers exceptional value. Explore other lights in the EVO series, tailored to suit your grow space needs, or consider the regular FC series or FC-E Series for a more budget-friendly option with slightly less efficient diodes. Finally, the new Adlite series, available in UV, Deep Red, or Far Red supplement bars can be seamlessly integrated with any Mars Hydro bar light or independently added to your grow space for that added boost.


Medic Grow Smart-8 Plus

Crafted with premium components, the Smart-8 Plus utilizes Samsung LM301H diodes for superior PPFD. Ideal for all growth stages, it can illuminate up to a 5'x5' area for flowering, delivering a PPF of 2204 umol/S and efficacy of 2.9 umol/J.

Featuring an LCD, it allows easy adjustment of settings including timing, dimming, spectrum, and PPF, with intensity adjustable from 100% to 40% without external controllers. Schedule light cycles effortlessly with a Sunrise and Sunset feature for gradual brightness changes.

Switch between vegetative and flowering spectrum modes with the Bloom button. The wave-shaped heat sink design ensures rapid heat dissipation. Daisy chain up to 75 fixtures for commercial setups, controlled externally with RJ Signal Cable and medic grow lighting controller.

Backed by a 50,000-hour lifespan and a 5-year warranty, the Smart-8 Plus offers long-lasting, high-performance results at $759.

Want to save some money? Check out the Smart 8 for the same light, but without the LM301H diodes.


Spider Farmer G8600 

The G8600 provides efficient and uniform light coverage, making it an optimal choice for budget-conscious growers in need of ample illumination. With 2,968 Bridgelux diodes, it emits 2,391 PPF at a PPE of 2.8 umol/J, drawing 860W.

While the Bridgelux diodes offer slightly less light output compared to Samsung diodes, the G Series is more affordable as a result.

Featuring a full spectrum suitable for all growth stages, this light offers precise control with a dimming knob for adjustments from 10% to 100%. The daisy chain function enables connection of up to 60 lights, ideal for large-scale operations.

The detachable power supply allows flexible mounting options, maximizing grow space. The G8600 comes with a reassuring 5-year warranty.

For enhanced functionality, consider adding the optional Spider Farmer Advanced Touchscreen Controller.

The G8600 retails at $659.99. Explore other lights in the cost-effective G-Series, or elevate your setup with the SE series lights for increased performance.


Gavita RS 1900e 

An upgrade from the discontinued Gavita Pro 1700e, the 1900e emits an impressive 1952 umol/S of light with a PAR efficacy of 3.0 umol/J, all while drawing 650W.

This 6-bar fixture delivers a full spectrum using custom-made Gavita diodes and drivers, with a notable peak in blue and red wavelengths. Research suggests that the enhanced blue spectrum may boost secondary metabolites like terpenes and cannabinoids.

For seamless control, the 1900e can be integrated with the Gavita EL3 controller, allowing for scheduling, dimming down to 10%, and a sunrise/sunset effect.

Priced at $789, the 1900e becomes even more cost-effective when multiple units are purchased. This light can only be used on 208V or higher.



Alright! That brings us to the end. 

You can find links to the lights mentioned in this review below if you want to learn more about them, read reviews, or shop:

See you later!


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