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Memorial Day Sale on LED Grow Lights and more! | VIEW DISCOUNTS
Memorial Day Sale on LED Grow Lights and more! | VIEW DISCOUNTS
Boost Your Harvest with GrowPros 125W Under Canopy Grow Light: In-Depth Review!

Boost Your Harvest with GrowPros 125W Under Canopy Grow Light: In-Depth Review!


In this review, we're diving into the GrowPros 125W 4’ Dimmable Under Canopy Grow Light. Let's shed some light on how this innovative fixture can transform your growing experience by boosting quality and yield through strategic illumination of often-overlooked areas in your grow.

When you grow multiple plants in a grow tent, grow room, or on benches, it's common for flowers beneath the canopy to get too little light, resulting in airy, less dense flower.

Here's where under canopy grow lights come into play. Incorporating these lights beneath your plants can dramatically increase yields, potentially by up to 30% or more in a 4x4 setup. However, actual results may vary based on the strain.


The 4’ lights come in a pack of two. Each lightweight fixture is 125W, for a total of about 250W for both lights at 120V. The slim profile with a built-in driver creates a seamless product and is easy install. Plus, the diffusing cover can be easily removed and cleaned after runs, maintaining optimal performance over time.


Also included is a click-connect 120V power cord with a built-in RJ12 dimming cable. While you can't control the spectrum, the 0-10V dimming cable allows full intensity control when connected to a controller.

Each light has a short pigtail for easy chain connectivity, and for longer distances, you can opt for the 4’ interconnect cable for an extra $20. The telescoping height adjustable metal pod stands are sold separately for about $20 for a pair of two. If you do not want to stand up the lights in your grow, you can use the loops on the side of the light to hang the lights from the ceiling or from racks. 

If you are a small commercial grower, you may consider the 8-pack of 4’ 125W Under Canopy lights. The 8-pack comes with a 240V plug. This is an ideal option for growers who do not need several 120V power cords. 

You can find the Under Canopy lights in 8’ versions, as well.

Spectrum / Light output

The spectrum is optimized for both veg and flowering stages. In each light you will find: 

  • 300x Lumiled 4000K White Diodes
  • 10x OSRAM 660nm Deep Reds
  • 2  ProLight Opto Technology 730nm Far Reds

Expect the diodes to maintain 90% of their original intensity at 36,000 hours. Each bar emits a PPF of 325 μmol/S over a 120-degree beam angle.


At 3 inches, I measured the PPFD at around 1500; at 6 inches, it's in the high 800s, and at 12 inches, it's in the mid-400s. Quite impressive overall!

Keep in mind that this PAR was measured directly above the light so the PPFD will be lower are you move towards the sides of the fixture.

More Information

Beyond performance, these lights are built to last with an IP65 rating for easy cleaning and water protection, along with being DLC-listed. With a 5-year limited warranty and a price starting at $230 for a 2-pack, which is significantly lower than competitors, GrowPros stands behind the durability and performance of their product.


In conclusion, the GrowPros UCL-125W 4′ Under Canopy Grow Lights offer a blend of science-backed precision, eco-conscious efficiency, and reliability. I would highly recommend these lights if you are looking to boost yields below your canopy and improve crop quality.

Happy growing, everyone! 

GrowPros 4’ Under Canopy lights | 2-pack

GrowPros 4’ Under Canopy lights w/ 240V cord | 8-pack (commercial)

GrowPros 8’ Under Canopy lights | 4-pack

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