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LED Grow Lights  

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Kind LED K3, K5 Series and Gen1 Bar lLghts. Code: KIND20

(10% off Gen2 Kind LED bar lights. Code: KIND10)


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California Lightworks. Code: 17CALI 


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NextLight. Code: NEXT15


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Horticulture Lighting Group. Code: HLG (HLG 550 and HLG 300 only)

Amare Technology. Code: AMARE10

Spectrum King. Code: KING

Enlite LED. Code: ENLITE10

Cirrus LED. Code: 10CIRRUS

Cronus LED. Code: CRONUS10

BloomBoss. Code: BLOOM10

Lifted LED. Code: LIFTED11

Lush Lighting. Code: LUSH10


5% off

Most other LEDs not listed above. Code: SAVE5


Black Dog LED (new lower prices, no discount required)


Optic LED (price slash, no discount required)

Optic 8: $1395 $1249

Optic 6: $749 $699

Optic 4: $549 $499

Optic 3: $499 $449

Optic 2: $299 $275

Optic 2 Veg: $279 $249

Optic 1: $199 $179



Grow Tents

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Gorilla Grow Tents. Code: GGT

Secret Jardin Grow Tents. Code: SECRET



Extraction and Processing

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Rosin Presses and Accessories. Code: ROSIN

Trimmers. Code: TRIM

Dry Sift Tumblers. Code: ROSIN


Hydroponic Equipment

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Hydroponic Equipment. Code: 5HYDRO



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