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Memorial Day Sale on LED Grow Lights and more! | VIEW DISCOUNTS
Viparspectra PAR700 LED Grow Light Unboxing, Review, and PAR Testing

Viparspectra PAR700 LED Grow Light Unboxing, Review, and PAR Testing


PAR700 Build

The Viparspectra PAR700 is the second largest fixture out of the four lights in the Viparspectra PAR series. It measures 14.1" x 11.8" x 3.5" and weighs 17.2 lbs. There are two separate PCBs on the fixture, covered by secondary lenses. Three cooling fans draw air into the unit and over the thick aluminum heatsinks.

There are dimmable drivers encased in the unit which are controlled by the dimming knobs near the power receptacle. The dimming knobs independently control the red, white, and blue channels allowing you to control the intensity and spectrum.

The unit contains a removable 120V 3-prong power cord.

The PAR700 is CE certified, RoHS compliant, and comes with a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty. It is designed to replace about a 400W-500W HID grow light for indoor or greenhouse grows.



The PAR700 contains 140 x High-Intensity 5-watt Bridgelux and Epileds LED Chips. The diodes are covered with lenses which assist in directing the light down in a 90° angle. The lifespan of the diodes is rated at 50,000 hours until they reach 70% of their original intensity.



The fixture is rated for 110V to 277V AC so, it can be used in North America or around the world. We measured the wattage draw at 320 watts from the wall and 2.7A at 120V, and around 1.4A at 240V at full intensity.


Coverage Area And Hanging Height

The manufacturer’s footprint for this light is a 4’ x 3’ area for flowering and 5’ x 4’ for veg. Yet, based off of our PAR measurements, I would say this fixture covers about a 3.5’ x 3’ area for veg and 3’ x 2’ area for flowering. The hanging distance is recommended at 18” to 36” depending on the stage of growth that your plants are in. Based off of the PAR readings, I would not hang this light closer than 18” to your plants, otherwise you may risk light burn. 



The PAR700 uses different wavelength bands which make up a full spectrum: from deep blue to far red. The spectrum can be customized and dimmed for different stages of growth. Keep in mind that turning down any particular color channel will reduce the light intensity that it reaching your plants.

Viparspectra tends to use a lot of blue in their spectrum and it is noticeable as soon as the light is switched on. The spectrum graph also displays this as well. It is unlike other spectrums I have seen, yet growers have had good results with it. The large blue to red ratio typically results in high product quality, while compensating slightly for yields. Compare this to a high red to blue ratio which will lead to higher yields, but slightly less quality.





See video at the top of this article for our PAR readings.



The MSRP on the PAR700 is currently $319 USD. The lights ship from the USA. Certain models of Viparspectra lights ship from Canada or Europe. View the Viparspectra products on our website for more information.



In summary, we think the PAR700 is a great light for the price! The fixture is perfect for flowering one larger plant, or two medium-sized plants.

The advantages of this fixture include:

  • Dimming control
  • Large heatsinks
  • A full spectrum
  • The light is built like a tank - it is very sturdy
  • Warranty claims on Viparspectra lights are quite rare even though they are considered a ‘budget light’ by some growers.

The downsides of this light include: 

  • Not very efficient. It draws a lot of wattage, but does not have as large as a footprint as some other true 300W lights on the market.
  • It is heavy in blue so this light might be ideal if you want to veg only or focus more on quality over yields.

Interested in this light? Check it out at the link below:


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