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4/20 Sale on LED Grow Lights! | VIEW DISCOUNTS
Spectrum King LED SK602 Review

Spectrum King LED Review SK602 Grow Light (2018)

Spectrum King LED SK602 Review 

SK602 LED Build

The Spectrum King LED SK602 LED grow light (new for 2018) measures 10” wide x 7” tall x 21” Long. The fixture weighs 27 lbs. A large driver sits on top of the light and powers the PCB on the bottom of the fixture. The rest of the unit is all heatsink. An additional cord comes off of the driver where an optional potentiometer can be installed for a small fee so the unit can be dimmed down to as low as 10% as needed. Otherwise, the cord end is heat-shinked and not used.

The fixture is designed to replace a 1000W Double Ended HID grow light. 

There is a "greenhouse" version that is all white. The "non-greenhouse" version is black and gold. The only difference is the color. Otherwise, they perform exactly the same.

The Spectrum King LED SK602 fixture can be used in home grows or commercial settings requiring high-intensity lighting.


Spectrum King LED SK602 Diodes

There are 392 diodes encased behind a glass protector. Most of the diodes, 363 to be exact, are full-spectrum white diodes. There are 29 red diodes added to the spectrum. The light spread coming off of the fixture is 120°.

The PAR efficacy of the unit is 2.15 μmol/J. Anything over 2.0 umol/j is considered quite efficient and is almost standard for LED grow lights these days.

We do not have the official PPF output of the lamp, but we estimate it at around 1,376 umol/s based off of the efficacy and the wattage. And although plants do not care about lumens, we will state it anyways: Lumen output for the SK602 is 94,393 lumens.


SK602 Fixture Wattage Draw

The Spectrum King LED SK602 draws around 640 watts at the wall. The fixture is rated for 110 to 240VAC. It pulls 5.35 Amps at 120V and around 2.97A at 240V. A 240V plug is available on request.


Spectrum of the SK602

The Spectrum King LED SK602 spectrum is full-spectrum white, about 4000 Kelvin with added red didoes to assist in flowering. The white light spectrum allows a working environment where you’re able to see the plant’s natural colors. The spectrum is heavy in blue (~450nm), but also has a large bump in red (~635nm). The high amount of blue in the spectrum is ideal for keeping plants compact in the vegetative stage. There is a lot of green in the spectrum to help increase photosynthesis and canopy penetration. There is also a healthy amount of Far-red light, which, when combined with Deep-red light, can help increase photosynthesis via the Emerson effect.


SK602 Coverage Area And Hanging Height

When used as the primary light, the vegetative footprint for this LED grow light is a whopping 8’ x 8’ area. The flower footprint is rated up to 5’ x 5’. But based on the light output and uniformity, we would say this light does a solid 4’ x 4’ during the flower state.

The hanging distance for veg is 48” to 60”. The flower hanging height is recommended at minimum 28” to 36”. If your grow space is height restricted, we would not recommend this fixture based off of hanging heights. Since the light is so concentrated in one spot on this unit, the intensity can harm your plants when put too close to them.

As a supplemental greenhouse fixture, this light is meant to cover 10’ x 10’ for veg or 8’ x 8’ for flower with hanging heights at 78” and 60”, respectively.

If you think this fixture might be too powerful for your space, consider the SK402. It is only 400W as opposed to 640W.


Spectrum King LED SK602 PAR Readings

We tested the PPFD of this fixture in a 4x4 grow tent. Now, it is not really recommended to use this light in a 4x4 grow tent due to the height restrictions, but if you can manage at the very least, a 2’ distance between the plants and the light fixture you should be OK. As always, keep in mind that the reflective nature of the tent could increase PPFD readings everywhere - especially in the corners and edges. Also, the quantum meter only picks up about 90% of the light since the Far-red light is not accounted for in these readings. Therefore, the actual PAR is a little bit higher. See readings in video below:



Spectrum King LED Warranty and Certifications

In the rare case that you have a problem with your fixture, the Spectrum King LED SK602 fixture comes with a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty for light intensity and 5-year warranty for parts. It is UL certified, ETL listed, CE certified, RoHS compliant, and IP66 waterproof/dustproof. Best of all, it is made right here in the USA (in California).


SK602 Price

The MSRP on the Spectrum King LED SK602 is $1495. You can use code: ‘KING’ at checkout for an extra 10% off. FREE shipping in the lower 48 states and no tax. If you are located out of the USA, such as Canada or in Europe, please contact a rep in your country since Spectrum King lights can’t be shipped to Canada or Europe from the USA.




If you want to purchase the Spectrum King LED SK602 LED grow light, click the link above. Or click here to learn more.

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Happy growing!

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