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10% off AC Infinity + More Memorial Day Sale Discounts! | VIEW DEALS
4 LED Grow Lights to DOMINATE a 5x5 Grow Space!

4 LED Grow Lights to DOMINATE a 5x5 Grow Space!

We've got the lowdown on four lights that will absolutely rule your 5'x5' grow space! These lights have different intensities, price tags, and some… you may need to run with CO2. Without further ado, let's dive right in!

HLG Scorpion Diablo V2

Get ready to revolutionize your grow setup with the Horticulture Lighting Group Scorpion Diablo V2! This quantum board LED grow light is not just a game-changer – it's a powerhouse designed for top-tier performance. Boasting a very impressive 3.0 umol/J PAR efficacy and a light intensity of 2,121 umol/S, while only drawing 715W, it's your ticket to achieving the gold standard in uniform and efficient plant canopy illumination.

The Diablo V2 isn't just about raw power. It's a result of HLG's dedication to advancing LED technology, using top-notch components, and achieving stellar PAR efficacy. The integration of reflectors around the Quantum Boards catapults canopy illumination by a whopping 10%, showcasing the Diablo V2's commitment to pushing the boundaries.

While it might not be the absolute highest light output fixture for a 5'x5' space, the Diablo V2 still reigns supreme. HLG strategically widens the blue part of the spectrum on the Diablo Quantum Boards, curbing stretch and boosting flower quality. And for those focused solely on flowering, check out the Scorpion Diablo X with a higher red ratio in the spectrum.

Priced at $1299 and backed by a solid 5-year warranty, the Diablo V2 isn't just an investment – it's a smart move for cultivators aiming for a quality harvest. 

View the full video review here.

Mammoth Lighting Mint 8 Bar 880W (w/ Emerald Green Spectrum)

Transform your grow game with the Mammoth Mint 8 Bar 880W LED grow light – a beast that doesn't just meet, but exceeds expectations without breaking the bank!

Harnessing cutting-edge Samsung LM301H EVO Mint White diodes, this light is a symphony of high-efficiency cool and warm whites and 660nm and 730nm deep red and far red for that extra kick.

What's the secret sauce? The Emerald Green diodes. A tweak to the Mammoth Mint White Series that enhances canopy penetration, giving you more light output and higher PAR efficacy.

And if you want to take it up a notch, Mammoth’s UV bars, though a separate purchase, can be the cherry on top.

With a stellar 3.05 umol/J PAR efficacy and a jaw-dropping 2700 umol/S of light output, this fixture is tailor-made for a 5'x5' grow area. Brace yourself – the high light output might just prompt you to introduce CO2 to your grow space for maximum benefit.

Control is at your fingertips. Just like the HLG Scorpion Diablo, the Mint 8 Bar can dance to your tune with the onboard dimmer or through a 3rd party controller like the Trolmaster or Telos Growcast controller.

And the price – it's only $799! A steal for the high-quality components, mind-blowing light output, high efficacy, and a solid 5-year warranty. It's not just a light; it's an investment in your grow journey. Get ready to level up with the Mammoth Mint 8 Bar – where quality meets affordability.


Elevate your indoor growing game with the AC Infinity IONFRAME EVO10 LED light – the latest star in the AC Infinity lighting lineup! Sporting Samsung LM301H EVO diodes, this fixture is a monster, delivering top-tier light output and high PAR efficacy.

AC Infinity EVO10

With a robust 1000W power draw, this light is designed to dominate a 5'x5' grow area. While CO2 is recommended for 5x5 spaces, you can skip it if you're expanding to a 6x6.

The fixture comes with a slick digital dimming controller. And for you control enthusiasts out there, pair it up with the AC Infinity Controller 69 series for ultimate command over all your AC Infinity devices through the intuitive UIS interface.

The light's frame is not just a frame. Attach the magnetic AC Infinity U2 or U4 UVA bars to the EVO10 or other lights in the IONFRAME series and effortlessly supercharge your plant's quality during the flowering stage.

With these incredible features and mind-blowing performance, the AC Infinity IONFRAME EVO10 can be yours for just $999! If this light is too powerful for your liking, check out the IONFRAME EVO8 730W LED grow light for a more tame option.

Spider Farmer SE1000W

Last but not least, we have the Spider Farmer SE1000W.

Drawing 1000W, it pumps out almost 2950 umol/S of light at a stellar PAR efficacy of 2.9 umol/J. 

3710 diodes, including Samsung LM301B diodes, across 10 LED bars deliver an intense, balanced spectrum, giving your canopy the quality light it craves.

Like the IONFRAME EVO10, you can maximize the SE1000Ws potential in a 5x5 grow area by using CO2.

Adjust intensity effortlessly with the onboard dimmer or level up with the Spider Farmer Master Controller – perfect for managing one or several lights. And say goodbye to excess heat with the remote driver.

The SE1000W gives you peace of mind with a 5-year warranty. All this tech and performance can be yours for just $925.99.


Now that we've checked out these four stellar LED grow lights, the burning question is, which one is ideal for you? Each brings something unique to the table, catering to various preferences in features, components, build, light output, and how these balance out with the price. The choice is yours depending on your needs and budget. Happy growing!

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