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Secret Jardin Dark Propagator 2.5 DP120 (4' x 2' x 4')

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  • Secret Jardin Dark Propagator 2.5 DP120 (4' x 2' x 4')
  • Secret Jardin Dark Propagator 2.5 DP120 (4' x 2' x 4')

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4x Buyer Protection

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The Dark Propagator DP120 grow tent is designed specifically for propagation, with one wall of permeable lightproof material for equal airflow through three levels of growing space and enough room for about 600 clones.

Lined with hammered-effect, 95% reflective Mylar fabric to increase light intensity and improve light distribution, the Dark Propagator includes stronger corner joints, thicker bars and a StrapIT accessory to securely support lamps, carbon filters and other equipment.

This tent also features waterproof Mylar trays, strong zippers and improved light proofing, and ports for intake, exhaust and cords. The Dark Propagator unit can be assembled quickly and easily, and both the inside and outside are washable. 


  • The DP120 is a professional product dedicated to the seedings and cuttings
  • Up to 792 cuttings at a time! (3 floors x 4 trays x 66 cubes of 1" side)
  • The removable Grids & Trays allow users to include growing, mother plants & flowering as well
  • The permissive & light proof fabric included allows users to get the same T° & H% on each floor
  • Can be equipped with TN2x55
  • Grids, Trays and Green Cover are also sold separately
  • "Get 900 cutting / Yard2 and grow them inside!"


    Secret Jardin Secret Jardin Dark Propagator 2.5 DP120 (4' x 2' x 4') Product #: 8358838086 Regular price: $315.00 $$315.00 Available from: Secret Jardin New In stock

       Authorized dealer of this product

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