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Spider Farmer SE7000 Lighting Review

Spider Farmer SE7000 Lighting Review

In this review, I will be going over the Spider Farmer SE7000 730W LED Grow Light

The SE7000 is one of four lights in the SE series. This series is made up of the following fixtures:


The SE7000 ships disassembled and is made up of the outer frame, bars, and driver assembly. The bars individually plug into the frame which connects to the driver. The Spider Farmer branded driver sits in between the bars, but can be remote-mounted with the 8.5’ long extension cord.

The driver assembly includes a dimmer and RJ ports for hooking up a controller and daisy-chaining multiple fixtures. The light will connect to most 0-10v controllers, including the Trolmaster Hydro-X and AC Infinity Controller 69. An RJ cable, wire hangers, and ratchet hangers are also included with this fixture.


Spider Farmer claims a wattage of 730W +/- 5%. I measured the wattage and Amperage at 110V and received a reading of 721W watts at an amperage of 6.54. The light only includes a NEMA 5-15P 120V US plug so you will need to purchase a 120V to 240V plug adapter if you want to use this light on a 240V circuit.

The total light output of the fixture is an outstanding 2045 umol/s with an efficacy of 2.8 umol/J. 

The light will flower a strong 4'x4' area and up to a 5'x5' area. The optimal hanging height for this fixture during flowering is 12-18”. 

The SE7000 comes with a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty. It is CE, ETL, and DLC certified.


Diodes and Spectrum

The SE7000 uses 2688 Samsung LM301B 3000K and 5000K diodes and 660nm Deep Reds. Spider Farmer claims that the diodes are protected from moisture with a waterproof glue, but I didn’t notice any conformal coating on the boards. Maybe the coating is only on the diodes? The diodes are algorithmically placed with higer diode concentration on the ends of the bars to increase the light intensity where it drops off mostat the edges. 


Below are Spider Farmer’s PAR readings in a 4'x4' and 5'x5' grow tent at 8”. Notice the PPFD readings are quite high since this was tested at 8”. At these intensities you would need CO2. Overall, the numbers are really good.


Overall, the light output is great, the efficiency is high, and it is a good quality build. The optional-remote mounting is also a nice feature for growers that want to reduce some heat in their grow area. And the price is right at only $759 retail. That is an excellent price point for a fixture that puts out over 2000 umol/s of light. Check the product page for discounts on this fixture. 

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