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Mammoth Lighting Mint White Series 6 Bar 680W Review

Mammoth Lighting Mint White Series 6 Bar 680W Review

This review features the Mammoth Lighting Mint White Series 6 Bar 680W LED Grow Light, released October 2022.

The 6-bar 680W fixture is part of the Mint White Series by Mammoth Lighting. At the time of this review, the series also includes an 8-bar 880W fixture which emits 2600 PPF and covers a strong 5'x5' area or up to 6'x6' area. 


The Mint White 680W grow light arrives in the box folded in half. When set up, it  is 44"x44"x3" and weighs 40 lbs with the Inventronics driver included. The power supply sits on the bars and is removable. The driver has a dimmer and RJ ports for hooking up a controller and connecting multiple fixtures. The dimmer ranges from 100% to 10% and switches to off. Included in the box are wire hangers, ratchet hangers and an RJ cable.



This fixture draws 680 watts according to Mammoth Lighting. I measured the wattage and Amperage at 111V and received a reading of 705 watts at an amperage of 6.37 amps. I tested the light shortly after I turned it on, so the wattage was a little higher than it would have leveled off at. A NEMA 5-15P 120V and NEMA 6-15p 240v plugs are both included with the light.

The total light output of the fixture is reported by Mammoth Lighting at 2006 umol/S with an efficacy of 2.97 umol/J. 

Expect a heat output of 2,320 BTU/Hour from this fixture. 

The light will flower a strong 4’x4’ or up to a 5’x5’ area. 18 inches is the optimal hanging distance for flowering, with a range of 12" to 24" in most applications.

The Mint White 680W is ETL listed and pending DLC at the time of this review. It is IP54 rated. There is a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty when purchased from Mammoth or an authorized retailer (like us 👍). 

Diodes and Spectrum

The Mint White 680W contains 469 diodes per bar for a total of 2814 diodes over 6 bars.

Mammoth uses a custom blend of the new Samsung “Plant-Centric” LM301H EVO Mint White diodes, along with Samsung LM301B full spectrum 3000K and 5000K diodes, 660nm deep red, and 730nm far red. 

What is so novel about these EVO diodes? Well, the EVO series, a new diode in the LM301H series, moves the blue peak from 450nm to 437nm, which increases the efficiency of the diode. The Evo Mint White diode takes this a step further and removes a lot of the red, shifting a lot of energy to the blue side of the spectrum. This further increases efficiency.

In addition to increased efficiency, the spectrum had a positive effect on plants according to a joint study performed by Samsung and a South Korean laboratory:

Our experiment showed that the LM301H EVO series, which uses the shorter wavelength plant-centric spectrum, promotes higher physical and qualitative growth than normal white LEDs or combinations of blue and red LEDs. The plants grown under the plant-centric light spectrum had bigger and thicker leaves and had higher levels of nutrients.” 

There is not UV in the spectrum, but the increased blue takes the place of UV in many wayssuppressing microbial growth and enhancing terpene production.

Overall, the final spectrum of the series is claimed by Mammoth to optimize plant growth, increase yields (up to 5%) and produce faster flowering times (by about 5 days). The LEDs are rated for 50,000 hours.


Here are Mammoth Lighting’s PAR readings of the Mint White 680W fixture: 

At 12” there is an average PPFD of 1237 umol/m2/S. And at 24”, 898 PPFD. Pretty darn good!


So, what do I think about this light? I think Mammoth Lighting did a great job of designing a quality fixture at a fair price of $775. The price you pay per micromol/S of light is excellent compared to other popular fixtures on the market. At only a 680W power draw, the light output is supurb!

The Samsung EVO diodes are a nice touch and I think you will start seeing more companies using these plant-centric arrays to help increase the efficiency of their fixture and drive better plant growth and increase quality. With Mammoth using these diodes along with two other full spectrum diodes and deep and far reds, they are really rounding out the spectrum. It’s one of the best spectrums on the market that I have seen terms of ‘fullness’ and efficiency…and I’ve seen most of them.

I don’t have anything bad to say about this fixture. Although, I will say that if you are growing in a 4'x4' tent you might find this light too powerful unless you are using CO2 or hang it higher than 24”. Any closer than 24” and you might stress out your plants due to the high light output. 

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Happy Growing!


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