Win a NextLight Mini LED Grow Light!

Contest ended.

Winner: Snagger 4


NextLight Mini LED Grow Light Summer Giveaway


by AmericanOnStrike!!

Who won?

by John Coulthard

I really could use this right now. :) Thanks again for the chance at a great light.

by Jose manuel

Thanks forma the chance and good luck evereyone

by Jose manuel

Thanks forma the chance and good luck evereyone

by Cristiano Blancato

I cross my fingers, I hope to be the lucky one, in the mouth of the wolf at all.
Good life and good harvest at all.

incrocio le dita, spero di essere il fortunato, in bocca al lupo a tutti.
buona vita e buon raccolto a tutti.

by Jesse angel

Would love to try you’re lights I grow indoors all winter long so I try to always have good lights for my tent

by Stuart dugdale

Would love the chance to try your LEDs

by nakachian jean claude

J’adore votre site car vous avais les meilleurs lampes led du marcher et surtout beaucoup dé choix avec des prix tres resonable je trouve

by Nakachian

Je serais tres heureux de pouvoir gagner et etres le gagnant de çe concour pour avoir en ma pocession une de vos supérbe lampe LED j’attend avec impatience le resultat du gagnant

by Steve.bridges

Love your site

by David

I am excited about the chance to win one of these lights. It would be nice to have to step up in the veg room.


Nice lights. I’ve heard really good things about these light… I would like to win one…keep up the good work

by John Vichos

There seems to be bugs in the system to enter the competition, I keep getting sent back to the 7 ways to enter. Please fix this for us.

by Robert Dorheim

Thanks for the giveaway LED grow light depot!

by Justin

Going to try this contest thing out. I have been wanting to buy one of the mega lights anyway so this could be a great opportunity to try one out on a smaller scale. Praying for good luck lol I have surgery this day hope that doesn’t disqualify me if I am not able to watch this contest or hear about it that day? Ill try and check after my surgery if I am doing ok. Awesome of you guys to do these contests for the public. Thank you!

by Joe kuby

Gleam sucks, have tried to get into many giveaways through gleam and it won’t let me in and keeps bringing me back to the same screen, find a different way to give out contest,

by Ivan Quin

Love is lovely. and war is kind of ugly. so lets shine the light and love everybody,

by Ryan Bowlin

Would love to win this light.

by Julian

This would make an awesome grow light for the limited space available.(:

by William C Hodge Jr

Im a new grower and would love my first light to be a NextLight

by Walter Mena

Would love the chance to try this light

by henry hemp

Hey there everyone my name is Jordan and have been growing for years. I have only heard good things about the nextlight and Would love to try before I buy.

by Debedo

Mahalo for the contest…..

by Patrick

Thanks for the chance to win this awesome light! Good luck everyone!!

by luis

Good luck everyone

by David mac

LED is fir ME!

by Борис

Отличная акция- шекочет мой живот :)

by Craig hallsworth

Fantastic giveaway really.gorgeous.I would love to try your lights. They look awesome

by Ian J Watson

This GREAT Giveaway, would fit my Restricted Spare Wardrobe space PERFECTLY. It would no doubt, make me an LED Man for Life. Bye bye HPS & High Electricity Bills!! ?✌??

by Tom Davis

looks like a great grow light

by Steven Decker

This is a great giveaway love to get this light

by jean claude nakachian

Je serais tres heureux de gagner une kind led le grale du panneaux led light pour ma tente box qui serais parfaite aller un peut de chance et je la recevrais dans peut de temp on peut quand meme rever dans la vie non . Et puis qui n’essaye rien àurra rien merci par avance

by Ian J Watson

I’ve always been an HPS man. I REALLY want to Try LED’s, as they ARE the Future of Indoor Lighting, for Indoor Grown Crops.
This would be an Excellent addition, or Substitute, for my Current HPS. Electricity bills smaller too!!

by Jordan Clark

Hey there everyone my name is Jordan and have been growing for 20+ years. I have only heard good things about the nextlight and have always wanted to try one so I can see what all the hype is about . They are pretty pricey. Would love to try before I buy.

by enzo buds

I just checked out your site. Looks like you have all the top LED’S. Westcoast you the man

by Cristiano

I migliori prezzi e i migliori prodotti, sito ricco di informazioni tecniche, complete ed esaustive per avvicinarsi al mondo dei led.
Da quando uso i vostri prodotti peperoncini tutto l’anno !! E che peperoncini !!!
Speriamo di vincere, qualora fossi il fortunato scelto da voi, posterò un report completo sulla coltivazione dei peperoncini capsicum chinense, c.annum c.pubescens e c.frutescens e specie wild, facendo qualche test soprattutto sui colori vista la possibilità di programmazione del kind led.
Incrociamo le dita, buona vita a tutti.
Ottimo sito ottimo staff

The best prices and best products, full of technical information, complete and exhaustive to get closer to the world of LEDs.
Ever since I used your chillies all year round !! And what a chili!
We hope to win, if you were the lucky one you chose, I will post a complete report on the cultivation of capsicum chinense, c.annum, c.pubescens and c.frutescens and wild species, doing some tests especially on colors considering the possibility of programming the kind lED.
We cross our fingers, good life at all.
Great site great staff

by Cheflife

Best giveaway around ! I need a new light for the middle of my 8/4 tent. this kind led would be perfect with my other leds I have thanks west coat for the chance to win it

by ian wilson

if it dosnt work keep going back and select box with +1 on it it will open name and e mail request then subscribe on each.

by Tom

only the best led´s…..i love this side, but unfortunatly i´m not an US citizen. You need a distributor in Europe my friends.

by CJ

I would replace my Meizhi 900 that’s in a 4×4 tent on a 3.5 light rail. Everything I grow is self inhaled. The Meizhi is doing good for the price but I always wondered what a what a high-end led light could do. Hell, It took me 10 years to get away from HPS lights. Someday I may just pull the trigger (on a high-end led) once I learn more about them

by New Mexico Marijuana Grown&Inhaled

Westcoast Cannbis Sent Us ?? Fingers are crossed. Great GREAT LEDs.

by Louis Lopez

Some really great inventory at some really great prices. Thanks homie at the chance to win this great giveaway

by Larry

Thanks for giving the Kind K5 LED light away.
I would love to win it but even if I don`t it is very nice of you to do so.

by Jonathan DaCostaSilva

Does it enter me in to the contest automatically. I’ve been subscribed to west coast and I just did some others but it says my entries are 0. Am I doing something wrong. I would love that light for my 2×4×6 that I’m running 600w hps at 10% more lumens. This led would be perfect for managing temps which gets difficult in small space but doable.ive been following west coast Cannabis and I love his stuff. When the time is right and I have the money I will be buying one,win or no win. Thanks for any help would be appreciated

by "BIGMIKE"Michael Bice

the kind giveaway would be a great birthday present for me to stat my new grow

by Jason

Love this site.

by Dominique Raynor skinner

I’ll will get one.