An Infographic On The Benefits of Illumitex Horticultural LED Lighting



by Luke

Will the neosol ds or the kind k5 xl 1000 really do better than a 1000w hps?

by CHARLES Peele

Copuld you please explain what exactly makes a name brand USA light better than an import from china? The usa prices are ridiculous and the KIND LED salesman is a class A jerk, no offense, he has the sense of humor of a jackal. I do not buy from arrogant little punks who think they have some grand hold on LED lighting. I happen to Know tHAT MANY CHINESE MANUFACTURERS TREAT THEIR CUSTOMERS LIKE KINGS NOT LEPERS AND THEIR PRICES, WELL YOU KNOW THE REST. 2300.00 BUCKS FOR AN led= AIN’T HAPPENIN,, WITHOUT SOME MAJOR ASSURANCES, THANKS FOR THE INFO THOUGH

by Erik

Typically we do not, however, depending on the brand we might be able to. Let me know what you are interested in and I will check to see if we can ship it to Australia. Thank you!

by shane bishop

do you send to australia