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Memorial Day Sale on LED Grow Lights and more! | VIEW DISCOUNTS
PhotonTek X 600W Pro Review

PhotonTek X 600W Pro Review



There are three different bar-style fixtures made by Photontek. The X 465W Pro, X 600W Pro, and XT 1000W C02 Pro. PhotonTek has also released the more compact SQ series, featuring the SQ300 and SQ200. PhotonTek will likely be adding more lights to their collection in the near future.

The PhotonTek X 600W Pro LED Grow Light is a fanless, commercial-grade LED grow light that can be used in multi-layer cultivation systems, grow rooms and grow tents. It was released on the market in July 2020. It arrives in the box unassembled, so requires some effort to put together. This is not a DIY light since there isn’t any wiring or screws involved. The structure is very easy to assemble: snap the middle frame together with the end frame and then lay each 100W bar into place. One side of the bar will hook into place and the other side will magnetize and make the wiring connection with the frame. Hook up the cord, put on the hangers and you're done. 

The fixture is 42.9’’ x 46.5’’ x 2.0’ and weighs 29.7 lbs. The driver sits on bars in the middle of the frame. This helps heat dissipate off of the driver and keeps any extra heat off of the diodes. The dimmer plug connects to the frame and can be mounted externally or attached to the fixture. The dimmer allows dimming from 100% to 75%, 50%, 25% and off. You are able to mount the drivers (and dimmer) remotely with the LED Driver + Dimming 5M Extension Cables, which are sold separately. Also, sold separately are the daisy chain communication cables to connect each light to each other when using the controller.

The PhotonTek Digital Controller can be used to control all of the lights in PhotonTek’s line-up. The controller features timing, automated dimming, temperature safety control, and Sunrise & Sunset Mode for up to 100 fixtures per controller.



The total light output of the X 600W Pro is reported by PhotonTek at 1,620 umol/s with a reported efficacy of 2.7 umol/J. 

The unit will flower a 4’x4’ area or about a 6'x6' area for veg at full intensity. You can flower with this light in a larger area, like a 5x5 area, but expect lower intensity in that space. The hanging height will vary between around 12-24” for flowering.

PhotonTek claims a wattage draw of 600W and 5A at 120V on the X 600W Pro. I measured the light’s wattage draw at the wall at 114V, I received a reading of 633W at an amperage of 5.56A. The heat output is 2,046 BTU/Hour, about 40% less heat and energy than an 1000W HPS. 

A NEMA 5-15P 120V style plug is included with the light. A NEMA 6-15P 240V plug can be added on request. 

The X 600W Pro has a 5 year manufacturer’s warranty and is IP65 wet-rated, CSA, FCC and IC certified.


Diodes and Spectrum

PhotonTek uses a fixed full-spectrum, high in red, on the X 465, X 600, and XT 1000W C02 Pro. The spectrum will take the plants from seed to harvest. Because of the high amount of red in the fixture, it will perform really well in flower.

3,708, cool, full spectrum, Lumiled white and Osram 660nm deep red diodes are used to make up this spectrum. There is not any UV in the spectrum or separate Far Red diodes. But there is some far red naturally present in the white full spectrum diodes.

The diodes are protected by plastic cover to help keep dust and water from reaching them.

The lifetime of the diodes are rated at 60,000 hours. That's 6.8 years if you left this fixture on the entire time. Expect closer to a 10-year life span with normal use.



I took PPFD readings of the fixture at full power in 4’x4’ Gorilla Grow Tent at four different distances. Based on these measurements. I’d recommend hanging the light around 12-18”, or even closer, for the best results.

I didn’t take readings at 6”, but if you want higher PAR readings than what is shown at 12”, 6” would be the closest I would hang this fixture to the plants. Keep in mind as you move the light closer to the plants, the uniformity will drop a bit. The good thing about a bar style fixture, is that the uniformity stays fairly consistent at most distances.



Here are my final thoughts on this fixture:

Let’s start with the downsidesThere's not anything that stands out that would keep me from buying this light. But, if I were to get into specifics, I’d say:

  • You need to assemble the light, which can be time consuming if you need to put a lot of these together for a larger grow.
  • At this time, the PhotonTek lineup is not UL or ETL. This doesn’t mean that they are unsafe, as they are certified in Canada with the CSA certification. If you are a larger grow, just ensure that you are electrically compliant.
  • At 1,620 PPF, the fixture is 5% less powerful than other lights that put out 1700 umol/s of light. Although the advantage of this is that there is only a 600W power draw as opposed to 650W or more, that some of these other lights draw, like the Gavita Pro 1700e, for example. If you want more power than the X 600W, consider the 1000W CO2 Pro fixture that puts out nearly 3000 umol/s of light! This is one of the most powerful lights on the market. 

Now the positives:

  • Overall, PhotonTek makes amazing fixtures. Their line up is diverse and there is a light for almost any grower. These lights were popular right out of the gate since PhotonTek is the US brand of the well-known UK grow light brand, Lumatek. 
  • The X 600W Pro is your best option for covering a 4x4 space or slightly larger. The light output is good, the PAR efficacy is good and the full-cycle spectrum is awesome for flowering. You are going to get some great even coverage with a bar style fixture like the X 600W Pro. 
  • The optional PhotonTek controller is a plus too as this will allow you to control multiple units. 

The fixture costs $900 with free shipping. Shop Photontek X 600W PRO LED.



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