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4/20 Sale on LED Grow Lights! | VIEW DISCOUNTS
4/20 Sale on LED Grow Lights! | VIEW DISCOUNTS
What is the Telos Growcast Lighting Controller?

What is the Telos Growcast Lighting Controller?

AMAZING Grow Light Control with Telos Growcast!

The Telos Growcast is a wireless lighting controller that displays PPF (total light output), PPFD (PAR as most people would call it), and wattage of your grow light or grow lights.

This device allows you to setup multiple lighting networks and define different rooms in which those lights operate. Within those rooms you are able to change the intensity to define the PPFD that your plants require for different growth stages. 

Why is this significant? Well, instead of using a dimming knob on your lights or a lighting controller that only displays percentages or wattage and guessing the amount of light hitting your plants, you can use the Growcast to display the light output and PPFD.

Furthermore, you don't need to buy an expensive PAR meter to know how much light is hitting your plants. With a PAR meter you would need to take several readings to get a partially accurate idea of how much light is being thrown onto your plants. With the Growcast, you can get an instant reading of the average PPFD across the canopy. 

The Growcast is: 'lighting controller meets quantum meter'. Instead of reading the light output it's calculating your setup and telling your fixture exactly how much light to emit. 

Telos Growcast Features

  • Allows you to set the precise light output of your grow light (PPF)
  • It displays the amount of light hitting your canopy (PPFD)
  • Acts as a controller so you can turn the light on and off, set schedules, use a sunrise/sunset effect
  • Let's you connect up to 50 lights to a single device
  • Operates on a decentralized mesh network
  • Is controllable with your phone, and compatible with pretty much every major grow light on the market.

The Growcast is $159.95.

If you think you and your grow would benefit from the Growcast, check it out here.


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