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June discounts on LED grow lights and more! | VIEW DEALS
Grow Light Science PROGROW 1800 Review

Grow Light Science PROGROW 1800 Review

The Grow Light Science PROGROW 1800 was released mid-April 2023. This light is an absolute game-changer in terms of price vs performance! If you are looking for a light with commercial-grade construction, a 5-year warranty, U.S. based support, and the most photon flux for your money, read on to see why this is your next grow light.

This the third series of lights from Grow Light Science. The first series was the Grow series (Grow 200 and 300), the previous PROGROW series (PROGROW 640 and 850), and now the upgraded, less expensive, and more powerful PROGROW series featuring the '1800' LED grow light, at this time. 



The PROGROW 1800 contains eight LED grow bars constructed between a low-profile aluminum frame. The driver secures in between the middle bars and is removable.


You can remote mount the driver with the optional 10-foot DC extension cord. The driver contains two 0-10V RJ-12 ports (one for in, one for out) for connecting an external controller or the optional dimmer.

When using the dimmer, you can connect up to 3 lights in the daisy chain using the included RJ cable. The light is compatible with most 3rd-party 0-10V controllers, including Grow Light Science contorllers.

The fixture’s dimensions are 47” wide by 42.75” deep. The light also includes ratchet hangers and two different types of metal hangers.



The PROGROW 1800 draws 673W from the wall and emits 1,821 PPF at a PAR efficacy of 2.7 umol/J. 

Expect a 4'x4' flowering footprint or even a bit larger at a lower intensity.

I measured this grow light’s wattage draw at the wall at 116V and received a reading of 673W watts and an amperage of 5.8A. The fixture is rated for up to 277V AC.

The heat output of the fixture is 2295 BTU/Hour and it has an IP65 wet rating.


Diodes and Spectrum

Grow Light Science uses top-bin Samsung white diodes and Ledestar red diodes in this fixture. There are not any UV or Far Red diodes, but there is some FAR red in the spectrum, present in the white light diodes.

The spectrum features a nice bump in 660nm red. Red is very photosynthetically efficient and helps promote growth and flowering. This light has a warmer spectrum compared that some of the other lights I have tested which have a larger spike in the blue part of the spectrum.



Here are Grow Light Science’s PAR charts for the PROGROW 1800:

4'x4', 18 inch hanging height, Avg PPFD = 1182 umol/m2/S


5'x5', 18 inch hanging height, Avg PPFD = 777 umol/m2/S

The uniformity is very good in this space. Many other fixtures have PPF of 1700 umol/S and will cover a 4'x4' grow area. This light is well above 1700 umol/S, coming in at 1821 umol/S, so you get that extra little intensity boost in a 4'x4' area.

Since many growers use a grow tent or confined space with reflective material, you can expect similar PAR readings as Grow Light Science. Commercial growers using these lights in a larger grow space will also see similar readings due to overlapping light footprints.



I don’t have a single gripe about this light. It is very comparable to several other bar lights that I have reviewed, including some other big name brands. At only $420, the PROGROW series offers the ‘lowest price per PPF’ compared to any other grow light the market.

In other words, this light is undoubtedly the best grow light you can buy for your money. There are other inexpensive lights out there, particularly from overseas companies, selling on 3rd party websites, that claim to put out a particular amount of light and claim to use particular components, but often, you can’t trust these specifications.

And even if they have similar performance and a similar price, they are likely not DLC-listed for commercial grows, eligible for rebates, and do not have US-based support. 

Let’s quickly review the main points of light light:

  • 1821 PPF
  • 2.7 PPE
  • 5-year warranty
  • Commercial-grade construction
  • IP65 wet rating
  • DLC listed - Utility rebate eligible
  • US based service and support
  • Most photon flux for your money 

You are getting so much bang for your money with the PROGROW 1800. Overall, I am really impressed with this light, and at $420, it is the price of a 1000W HPS, yet, you are getting a high-performance LED grow light that will last a long time.

You can purchase this light here.

Thanks for reading!


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