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10% off AC Infinity + More Memorial Day Sale Discounts! | VIEW DEALS
5 HIGH-INTENSITY LED Grow Lights to CRUSH a 4x4 Grow Tent!

5 HIGH-INTENSITY LED Grow Lights to CRUSH a 4x4 Grow Tent!

Hey there, fellow indoor gardeners! Today, we're diving into the best LED grow lights for a 4x4 area. Warning: These lights are not for the faint-hearted, and I must issue a word of caution – if you're a novice grower with a 4x4 setup and no CO2 supplementation, some of these lights may be more powerful than your plants can handle. But for those ready to harness the potential of these grow lights, get ready, buckle up and let’s dig in! 

Horticulture Lighting Group Tomahawk 650

Kicking things off with a bang, is the Horticulture Lighting Group Tomahawk 650. Here, HLG ventures into uncharted territory with their first-ever bar light. Powered by super high-efficiency diodes, the five LED bars provide even and intense coverage across the entire canopy. Expect an impressive 2.94 umol/J efficacy and 1921 umol/S of high light intensity.

The Tomahawk series showcases HLG's dedication to perfection with the addition of carefully designed reflectors flanking the diodes. These reflectors are not mere adornments; they play a pivotal role in directing light where it matters most – your precious plants. In fact, HLG's research has shown that these reflectors enhance canopy illumination by a remarkable 10%.

This fixture is as practical as it is powerful. It's foldable, lightweight, and offers an optional driver extension cable to keep your grow space cool and comfortable. With a generous 5-year warranty and a retail price of $899, the Tomahawk 650 is an investment in performance and top-tier technology that your garden deserves. If you're serious about maximizing growth potential, the Tomahawk 650 is your green thumb's dream come true. View full review.


Feast your eyes on the AC Infinity IONFRAME EVO8 730W LED Grow Light - a true marvel in the world of horticultural lighting! This luminaire’s outstanding efficiency and formidable light output are made possible by the renowned Samsung LM301H EVO diodes, showcasing the pinnacle of LED technology. 

Controlling this grow light is a breeze with the included scheduling and dimming controller. And for those who crave ultimate control, it's fully compatible with the AC Infinity Controller 69 series, granting you command over the entire AC Infinity ecosystem through the intuitive UIS interface. Plus, the magnetic frame allows you to effortlessly attach AC Infinity UV bars to supercharge your plant’s quality during the flowering stage.

Now, I know some may be concerned about the 2-year warranty offered by AC Infinity, but let me assure you, their products are a testament to quality and durability. The peace of mind you'll have growing under this light is absolutely worth it.

With all these incredible features and performance, the AC Infinity IONFRAME EVO8 is available at an attractive price point of just $799, making it a true gem for any indoor grower seeking exceptional results. View full review.

Grow-It-LED Pulsar 800W UV to IR

Hold onto your gardening gloves because here comes the new Grow-It-LED Pulsar 800W UV to IR LED Grow Light!

This remarkable fixture emits an astounding 2240 umol/S of light, delivering an impressive 2.8 umol/J PAR efficacy. What sets the Pulsar 800W apart is its customizable spectrum, featuring UV, IR, and Full spectrum channels, all effortlessly adjustable either manually on the light itself or via the user-friendly GIL Touchscreen Master Controller.

These versatile spectrum channels allow you to fine-tune the perfect light spectrum for your plants, conduct wavelength ratio experiments, and independently boost UV and IR levels during the flowering stage. The Pulsar's click-in LED bars are adorned with premium Samsung LEDs and powered by a high-performance Sosen Driver. Remarkably, this grow light is poised to replace a double-ended HPS, promising yields of up to 2 grams per watt, that's an astounding 1600 grams or 3.5 lbs.

Additionally, the Pulsar comes with the peace of mind of a 5-year warranty, solidifying its position as a reliable and high-performing lighting solution. The light retails at $749.


Next in our lineup, we have the MIGRO ARAY 5x5 750W LED Grow Light. This beast is like the sun in a box, showering your plants with a blend of 4,224 warm whites, cool whites, and 600nm deep red LEDs for balanced, full-spectrum goodness. With an outstanding 2.7 umol/J efficacy and a staggering 2025 umol/S light output, this fixture can emit an intense wave of over 1000 PPFD across your 4x4 grow space.

Whether you're cultivating veggies or blooms, this light has got your back with incredibly uniform coverage made possible by the super-sized LED bars and algorithmically spaced diodes. Enjoy the precise dimming that you get with this light via onboard dimmer.

MIGRO stands by the ARAY 5x5 with a 3-year warranty, offering you peace of mind. You can harness this grow light's incredible power for just $649.

Gavita RS 1900e

Last, but certainly not least we have the Gavita RS 1900e! At only 650W, this LED grow light is a true titan, emitting an astonishing 1952 umol/S of light, all thanks to Gavita's custom diodes that push the boundaries of efficiency at an incredible 3.0 umol/J.

The lightweight 6-bar design blankets a 4x4 grow space with uniform coverage. To unlock its full potential, you can seamlessly connect it to the EL3 master controller, granting you precise dimming control down to 10% intensity.

Here's the kicker: the RS 1900e is designed primarily for commercial use, operating on 208V-480V AC, but can be used for home grows that operate on 240V. It's a serious player for those looking to elevate their yield game in a 4x4.

With the added assurance of a robust 5-year warranty, this light can be yours, starting at $789.


Now, after this tour of these five LED grow lights, you might be wondering which one to choose. It's a tough call because they all bring something special to the table. Your decision ultimately depends on your unique needs and budget. Rest assured, no matter which one you go with, your 4x4 area is in for a treat. Happy growing everyone, and until next time, keep those green dreams alive!

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