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PRESS RELEASE: Opportunity Knocks for LED Grow Lights

on August 10, 2014


Press Release 



Opportunity Knocks for LED Grow Lights


LED Grow Lights Depot Opens for Business at the Start of the Horticultural LED Boom


Portland, Oregon – August, 2014


Ledgrowlightsdepot.com, a web-based LED grow light superstore, announced last week that it is opening up for business. The company, which prides itself on selling horticultural LED lights for personal, commercial, and research use will feature over 100 different lights from industry leaders.

“Allowing many LED grow light brands to be featured in a one place will save growers time and money”, says founder and president of LED Grow Lights Depot, Erik Hasenkopf. “The LED units on the site can be filtered down by brand, wattage, and type, making price comparison easy. As a whole, we feature higher quality lights than eBay and Amazon and offer free shipping and no sales tax on all of our products. We will even work with our customers to find them the best lights for their needs.”

LED Grow Lights Depot’s mission is to be the central hub for LED grow lights – a place for indoor growers to not only purchase, but learn about LED grow lights.

The store’s grand opening comes at a time when home-growers and indoor agriculturalists are realizing the benefits of LED grow lights over traditional high intensity discharge lamps. LEDs last up to ten years compared to the two year lifespan of traditional lighting. Growers also notice a 50-70% reduction in energy costs after switching to LEDs. Additionally, the fine-tuned diodes are more efficient than traditional lighting in driving photosynthesis; this feature increases crop yields. Growers can enjoy the cost savings that LEDs offer through lower energy bills and a higher-quality product. Likewise, indoor farms can grow a faster, more nutritious, and sustainable crop using LED grow technology. The future looks bright for LEDs and LED Grow Lights Depot is committed to shaping that future.

About LED Grow Lights Depot

LED Grow Lights Depot is based in Portland, OR, but sells LED grow lights and accessories to homes, businesses, and institutions nationwide. The company believes LEDs are a major player in sustainable growing practices and would like to see LED grow lights in many homes and every urban indoor farm by 2017. For more information on LED Grow Lights Depot you may reach them at info@ledgrowlightsdepot.com. Illuminate your grow by visiting www.ledgrowlightsdepot.com.

1 comment
by Tananda Richardson on February 13, 2016

There is no information on the hours of operation for this company. Neither phone lines or business hours are listed anywhere to be found. I need to make contact with the company and have only been able to send an email or when calling I must leave a message, with no idea when that will be returned.