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Ursa Optilux 16

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  • Ursa Optilux 16
  • Ursa Optilux 16
  • Ursa Optilux 16
  • Ursa Optilux 16
  • Ursa Optilux 16
  • Ursa Optilux 16
  • Ursa Optilux 16


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The Optilux16 by Ursa LED is designed for extreme efficiency to replace a 1200 watt HID DE with 40% MORE light output while using only 60% of the power.

At only 640 watts (measured from the wall), it produces an astounding PPFD of 1600 umol/s/m2 at the center of the coverage area, compared to only 900 umol/s/m2 produced by a 1200 watt HID, while covering a 4' x 4' (16 sq ft) area.

With two available spectrum variations (Full spectrum and Duet (red/blue)) and a slim form factor, the Optilux 16 allows maximum optimization with your grow space whether it is a tent or a warehouse.






Model/SKU: Optilux 16/ursaop16

Power output: 640 watts

MH/HPS equivalent: 1200 watts

LEDs: 16 x 200 watt proprietary COB arrays; 50,000 hour lifespan

Spectrum: Full-spectrum or Duet options available

PPFD: 1600 umol/m2/s at center; 400 umol/s/m2 at edges

    Coverage area: 48" x 48" (16 sq ft)

    Thermal management: Passive cooling via a patented heatsink

    Dimensions: 23.6" x 23.6" and 5.7" from the tip of the lens to the top of the bracket (not including the eye bolt)

    Input voltage: 90v-305v

    Operating current: 50-60Hz

    Heat generation: 1400 BTU

    Recommended height above plants: 24"

    Recommended for: Small to large-sized grow operations; Indoors only

    Manufacturer's warranty: 5-year standard

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