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California Lightworks SolarStorm 440

  • California Lightworks SolarStorm 440
  • California Lightworks SolarStorm 440

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4x Buyer Protection

4x Buyer Protection

   90 day returns | 3 to 5-year warranty
   Authorized dealer of this product


The SolarStorm 440 is a very powerful LED based grow light. It features 144 high flux bin OSRAM SSL emitters.  The system is designed to cover an area of 3′ x 3′ for Bloom and up to 6′ x 6′ for Veg.

The SolarStorm 440 also features a unique supplemental UV-B mode which is essential to develop higher potency. The sun naturally contains large amounts of UVB. HID lights do not deliver any significant levels of UVB. No other LED grow light in the market covers the UVB spectrum because LED diodes are narrow band and focus their light in a narrow spectrum. SolarStorm employs unique T8 fluorescent UVB bulbs integrated into the fixture with a separate control. The UVB bulbs are typically turned on during final few weeks or “finishing” phase of the grow cycle to boost the potency of the final harvest.

The SolarStorm 440 is designed to replace a 600W HPS or Metal Halide system. It is great for medium size or home grow operations. It can be used on light movers to cover larger areas and get even better results.


  • Switches to change the spectrum from Veg to Bloom
  • Supplemental built in UV-B bulbs

Actual Power Draw of the SolarStorm 440:

  • In Veg mode, the unit consumes around 235W
  • In Bloom mode, the unit consumes around 320W
  • In Bloom mode with the UVB T8 bulbs turned on, around 350W



Model/SKU: SolarStorm 440/ss440

Power output: Veg mode: 235 watts; Bloom mode: 320 watts; Bloom + UVB 350 watts

HPS equivalent: 600 watts

LEDs: 144 x 3w OSRAM SSL diodes; 80,000+ hour lifespan; 2 x 15w UV-B T8 tubes

Spectrum: Multiple; for vegetative growth and flowering; 440nm, 470nm, 620nm, 665nm, 3100K, UV-B 285-315nm

Lens angle: 90 degrees

PAR: 12" from light: 2570umol, 18" from light: 1389umol, 24" from light: 832umol

Coverage area: Veg: 36 sq ft (72'' x 72''); Bloom: 9 sq ft (36" x 36") 

Thermal management: 2 x 80mm low RPM high CFM axial fan; 50,000 hour lifespan

Daisy chain: no

Dimensions: 15" x 18" x 5"

Operating temperature: +5F to +104F

Operating/input voltage: 90-277v AC; 1.46A (@240V) – 2.92A (@120V)

Product weight: 18.0 lbs

Recommended height above plants: Veg: 60"; Bloom 16"-24"

Additional details: Light is made to order; 0.04" aluminum metal core PCB LED board; Custom built constant current driver

Product includes: Hanging kit

Recommended for: Vegetative growth and flowering stages; Medium size or homegrow operations; Light movers to cover larger areas; Indoors only

Manufacturer's Warranty: 3 years (limited)




Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Mark M. Mark

Stunned at the low power draw and efficacy of this lamp. Currently a month in, veg is very strong and consistent. Fans are a bit "computer roomy" loud, but not really an issue. Well made unit, looking forward to seeing the bloom and UVB bulbs do their thing. Runs very cool.

Joey Esperanza J.E. Joey E.
Excellent light

I've used my solarstorm 440's for a month now and they are kicking my 600w HPS to the curb. great growth and way less heat. I'm stoked!

California Lightworks California Lightworks SolarStorm 440 Product #: 304685015 Regular price: $869.99 $$869.99 Available from: California Lightworks New In stock
   90 day returns | 3 to 5-year warranty

   Authorized dealer of this product

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