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SimuLight - LED-9630 - 150 Watt Commercial LED Grow Fixture

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  • SimuLight - LED-9630 - 150 Watt Commercial LED Grow Fixture
  • SimuLight - LED-9630 - 150 Watt Commercial LED Grow Fixture


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The SimuLight LED-9630 Commercial LED Grow Fixture only draws 150 watts and replaces up to a 400 watt HID bulb. This light is designed to be the primary light source for indoor growing and is perfect for high-bay applications. The low heat output and wide angle of the light also allows it to be placed close to the plants. The aluminum construction is excellent for disappointing heat - extending the lifetime of the diodes.

The spectrum emphasizes the blue and red wavelengths and also contains white (3000K).

     Several of the benefits of this lamp include:

    • Light spectrum is efficiently absorbed by plants
    • Maximizes plant growth and improves plant quality
    • Can be used in a damp location
    • Long lasting – 50,000 hour expected LED life
    • Cool running so light can be mounted close to plants
    • Save money on maintenance and electricity

    The LED-9630 Greenhouse LED Grow Fixture is available in 120-277V or 200-480V versions.



    Spec sheet




    Model/SKU: LED-9630/9630-G

    Power output: 150 watts

    HPS equivalent: Up to 400 watts

    Beam angle: 120 degrees

    LEDs: 50,000 hour lifespan 


    • Blue - 20%
    • Red - 60%
    • White (3000K) - 20%


    • 653 umol at 12"
    • 210 umol at 24"
    • 104 umol at 36"

    Thermal management: Passive cooling

    Dimensions: 16.5" (diameter) x 7.5" (height)

    Operating/input voltage:

    • 120-277VAC (model: 9630-G)
    • 200-480VAC (model: 9630-G-HV)

    Coverage area: 48" x 48" (16 sq ft)

    Product weight: 15 lbs

    Additional details: Aluminum/Glass construction; UL listed; IP65 ingress protection

    Product includes: Fixture only

    Recommended for: High-bay or close to plants; Full cycle growing; Greenhouses and commercial operations; Hydroponic, aeroponic, or aquaponic systems; Indoor farming or gardening

    Manufacturer's Warranty: 5 years

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