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Philips - GreenPower LED Production Module (Gen 2)

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  • Philips - GreenPower LED Production Module (Gen 2)
  • Philips - GreenPower LED Production Module (Gen 2)
  • Philips - GreenPower LED Production Module (Gen 2)
  • Philips - GreenPower LED Production Module (Gen 2)
  • Philips - GreenPower LED Production Module (Gen 2)
  • Philips - GreenPower LED Production Module (Gen 2)


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Philips GreenPower LED production module is specifically designed for multilayer cultivation in conditioned environments with little or no daylight. The module can replace conventional fluorescent lighting (36 watts or 58 watts), reducing energy consumption by up to 75%.

Low radiative heat emission also allows the light source to be installed closer to the plants, thus improving space utilization. The GreenPower LED production module ensures a uniform light distribution across the shelves, which means that every plant receives the same level and quality of light.

For most common installations, a LED alternative is available: the modules have the same length as the 36 watts TL (4 ft) or 58 watts TL (5 ft). An existing installation with 2 x 36 watts or 2 x 58 watts TL can be replaced by only one module producing a comparable light level.

The production modules are waterproof, have an integrated flexible 120-277v driver, and an automatic temperature-sensing and overheating-protection device. Combined with its long service life, this means little or no maintenance. 

48" and 60" lengths (120cm and 150cm) available with the following spectrum options:
  • Deep Red/Blue (most common spectrum; for leafy greens, herbs, etc)
  • Deep Red/Blue/Far Red
  • Deep Red/White (similar to the Deep Red/Blue version with 3% green)
  • Deep Red/White/Far Red

Medium Blue (MB) and High Blue (HB) versions also available. Special order only.

Perennial growing operations: DR/W is recommended for growth of mother plants and liner and plug production. The DR/W/FR is recommended for growing in the far north and other regions where early bud initiation is desirable.

Spectrum Glossary:
  • Blue (B) positive effects on compactness and hardening
  • White (W) working light / full spectrum
  • Deep red (DR) most efficient for photosynthesis, vegetative reproduction and stimulating shoot development
  • Far red (FR) positive effect on generative properties, flower formation and rooting



Product Brochure
Application Guide
Quick Installation Guide
Production Module Case Study
Overview of Philips Horticulture (including all case studies)


Also, consider the GE Lighting Horticultural LED Batten as a daisy-chain alternative to the Philips Production Module.




Model/SKU: GreenPower LED Gen 2 Production Module/philips-prod2

Spectrum and Power output:

  • Deep Red/Blue (120cm/150cm): 23 watts/29 watts
  • Deep Red/Blue/Far Red (120cm/150cm): 23 watts/29 watts
  • Deep Red/White (120cm/150cm): 24 watts/30 watts (82% Red, 15% Blue, 3% Green due to the white phosphorus coating on the blue diodes)
  • Deep Red/White/Far Red (120cm/150cm): 24 watts/23 watts
Blue: 440nm
Deep Red: 660nm

Fluorescent equivalent: 36-58 watts (depending on length and spectrum of module)

LEDs: 50,000 hour lifespan; 90% photon flux: 25,000 hours


  • 120cm version: 50 umol at 50cm
  • 150cm version: 62.5 umol at 50cm

Beam angle: 45 degrees

Thermal management: Passive cooling via heatsinks


  • Standard: 47.6" or 59.4" (length) x 1.5" (width) x 1.5" (height) 
  • Metric: 121cm or 151cm (length) x 4cm (width) x 4cm (height)


  • 120cm version: 3 lbs (1.3 kg)
  • 150cm version 3.6 lbs (1.6 kg)

Operating/input voltage: 120-277 VAC (flexible driver)

    Recommended height above plants: 20 in (50 cm); Use 1 module per 8 to 18 in (20 to 45 cm) of width (depending on how fast you would like to turn your crop); for more accurate calculations, please contact us to receive a personalized lighting plan.

    • The production module has been optimized for a shelf distance of 20 in (50 cm).
    • Optimal uniformity is reached in the area from 0 to 20 cm (0 to 8 in) above the surface of the shelf.
    • To minimize light losses next to the shelf surface it is recommended to keep a 4 in (10 cm) distance to the edge of the shelf.
    • The light output per production module (e.g. Photon flux µmol/s) depends on the light color.

    Heatload (Gen 1 - 120cm DR/B):

    • 77.62 BTUH per one module
    • 3881.15 BTUH per 50 modules

    Additional details: IP66 rating; Approval mark ENEC; EN 55015; UL/CSA approved; RoHS compliant; Quality standard ISO 9001-2000; Environmental standard ISO 14001

    Product includes: Light module only, a female adapter is needed for all Gen 2 Production modules 

    Cable is not included but can be purchased for $0.65/foot. 16 gauge recommended.

    Recommended for:

    • Multilayer plant production, potted plants and young plants
    • Conditioned environments, including climate cabinets and production units
    • Greenhouse, commercial, or research operations
    • Hydroponic, aeroponic, or aquaponic systems
    • Indoor farming or gardens

    Manufacturer's Warranty: 3 years

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