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Philips - GreenPower LED Flowering Lamp - 14 watts

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  • Philips - GreenPower LED Flowering Lamp - 14 watts
  • Philips - GreenPower LED Flowering Lamp - 14 watts
  • Philips - GreenPower LED Flowering Lamp - 14 watts
  • Philips - GreenPower LED Flowering Lamp - 14 watts
  • Philips - GreenPower LED Flowering Lamp - 14 watts
  • Philips - GreenPower LED Flowering Lamp - 14 watts
  • Philips - GreenPower LED Flowering Lamp - 14 watts
  • Philips - GreenPower LED Flowering Lamp - 14 watts


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New version to hit the market in 2017.

Philips GreenPower LED flowering lamp is the energy saving alternative for extending day length when cultivating, e.g. bedding plants, producing cuttings from chrysanthemums, kalanchoes, and other plants sensitive to the photoperiod.

The lamp is also used to promote flowering and to break the dormancy state of plants. Compared to traditional incandescent lamps, this flowering lamp saves up to 80% on energy costs.

The flowering lamp is available in the following spectrum options: Deep Red/White, Deep Red/White/Far Red, and Far Red.

The white color in the lamp creates a pleasant working light, which also enables you to examine the plants effectively when the lamps are switched on. Thanks to the different versions available, the GreenPower LED flowering lamp offers the best possible freedom of installation.

The lamps have a standard E26 fitting and are suitable for direct replacement of the lamps in your existing installation, without the need for any modifications to the installation. 


See what growers are saying about the Philips GreenPower LED Flowering Lamp:

“We are very pleased with the initial results of the tests with the production of cut flowers that we’ve conducted with the Philips GreenPower LED flowering lamps. The crop reacts faster, creates more length and it looks as though we’ll be able to produce an additional harvest in one year.” -Willem Slootweg

“Reliable lamps are absolutely essential for producing chrysanthemum cuttings reliably in Uganda in order to keep the stock plant in a vegetative phase. This is particularly important in a country like Uganda where there is a huge shortage of electricity. It is a great advantage that the same effect can be achieved with a lower energy consumption. In addition, the Philips GreenPower LED flowering lamps have proven to be very resilient to the unstable nature of the electricity supply.” -John Rutten


Additional info:
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Model/SKU: GreenPower LED Flowering Lamp/philips-flower

Power output:

   Deep Red/White: 15 watts (for crops that do\n't need far red for flowering)

   Deep Red/White/Far Red: 14 watts (for all day length-sensitive crops)

   Far Red: 13 watts

HPS equivalent: 100 - 150 watt incandescent

LEDs: 1 x 12 watt LED; 30,000 hour lifespan 

Spectrum: Deep Red/White; Deep Red/White/Far Red; Far Red (dependent on option)


   Deep Red/White: 22umol

   Deep Red/White/Far Red: 15umol

   Far Red: 12umol

Thermal management: Passive heatsink

Dimensions: 3.74" (length) x 1.02" (width)

Operating/input voltage: 110v

Recommended height above plants: High enough to at least provide overlap of multiple lights

Additional details: IP44 rating; CE marking; RoHS compliant; Quality standard ISO 9001-2000; Environmental standard ISO 14001

Product includes: Bulb only

Recommended for: Extending day length when cultivating; Breaking plant dormancy; Flowering; Greenhouses and commercial operations; Hydroponic, aeroponic, or aquaponic systems; Indoor farming or gardening

Manufacturer's Warranty: 3 years


Greenpower LED Flowering Lamp Overview (Courtesy of Hort Americas)

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