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Mars Hydro Mars II 1600

  • Mars Hydro Mars II 1600
  • Mars Hydro Mars II 1600
  • Mars Hydro Mars II 1600
  • Mars Hydro Mars II 1600
  • Mars Hydro Mars II 1600
  • Mars Hydro Mars II 1600


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4x Buyer Protection

4x Buyer Protection

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The Mars II 1600 is designed to significantly reduce your costs of growing while ensuring maximum growth from your harvests. Perfect for large scale commercial operations or your indoor garden. Grow your favorite plants all year long.

With a record-breaking 4.2' x 4.2' coverage, the Mars 1600 can easily replace a 800 watt HPS traditional grow light, produce a superior yield, and higher-quality flowers - all while reducing operational cost by 1/3!


MARS II 1600 Features

Grow and Bloom modes: Two on-board switches to control the mode of growth

Powerful: Next Generation Epistar™ High Intensity LED’s

Optics Technology: 5 watt single chip (TOP-BIN) LED with lens

Plug & Play Device:  No need to purchase additional equipment to operate the unit

Maximum Coverage: Covers a full 4.2' x 4.2' to easily replace a 800 watt HPS

Mars Hydro Product Brochure and Specs


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Model/SKU: Mars II 1600/marsII1600

Power output: ~730 watts

HID equivalent: 800 watts

LEDs: 324 x 5 watt single-chip Epistar Hi-Intensity LEDs; 50,000 hour lifespan (10+ years if LED lights are on 57% of the time)

Spectrum: 440nm, 460nm, 630nm, 660nm, 730nm (IR), 2400K-3000K

Lens angle: 90° - 120°

Coverage area: 17.6 sq ft (50" x 50")

Thermal management: Aluminum heat sinks; Cooling fans

Daisy chain: No

Dimensions: 23" x 23" x 4"

Operating temperature: 85°F -105°F

Operating/input voltage: 85v-265v; Amperage: 6.54 @ 110v | 3.46 @ 220v

Product weight: 31 lbs

Recommended height above plants: 24" - 30"

Additional details: BTUs: 1883; 61 decibels; Plug Type: EU, UK, AU, USA, Japan; Plug-and-Play

Product includes: Power cord, Hangers

Recommended for: Indoor grow operations; Hydroponic, aeroponic, or aquaponic systems

Manufacturer's Warranty: 2 years

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Wayne O'Laney W.O. Wayne O.
excellent light

I upgraded my 4x4 tent from a 1200w marsii to 1600w and put the 1200w into my 3x3. The 1600w performs amazingly well; the plants love it. The 1200w did well in the 4x4 but is doing extra special in the 3x3. Excellent light penetration from both lights. Very very happy with Marshydro.

Great. Thanks for the review :)
Kurtis Huston K.H. Kurtis H.
Great light

Product was A+ shipping was surprisingly quick, and the cost couldn't be beat. Not much more to add.

Robert Casile R.C. Robert C.
Stealth delivery

I'm in the Process of Hanging my Marsll 1600! Using it in a 4x4 smart Jardin. I seen what this light could do!!!! Eric Helped me out a lot! And did something he didn't have too do. Great Customer Service!!!! Would recommend a friend To Ledgrowlightdepot!!!!


I was not happy with the MarsHydro 1600 it was cheap and poorly boxed and was bent on one top corner. I ordered trying to start out with a less costly light so after intense research I found Led Grow Lights Depot. I called a couple of manufactures {Black Dog / Kind } to check if they knew about LGLD and they both said they are a very solid company and they could not match no less beat his price and LGLD was their dealer. I called and reported the damage and wanted to return the light and that is where Mars service came out. Thank goodness Erik at LGLD made the process outstanding and stood by all their promises Mars started to make the process very expensive for me and not sure how much I would have got back but Erik and LGLD came through and dealt with it for me. I am waiting to send extra for the quality and service on the back end you get what you pay for............... I HAVE recommend LED GROW LIGHT DEPOT to a lot of friends Mars Hydro is a light that would have worked for 700 watt but no service. the biggest deal use LGLD so they can deal for you and know you have a great company in your corner. stay American they are doing the research Black Dog LED is your workhorse LED and Kind is your fancy dancy for the Mad Scientist that wants make the sunrise and sunset but both great lights and great companies with proven results.

Rob R. Rob

Ordered the the Marsll 1600. I seen what this like to do on YouTube compared to a 600 W HID at all most half electricity. I have the Mars 600 278 draw in a 36x20x62 of 2 feminized Aurora Indica. This light with my Scrog should Kick Ass. Thanks Eric I received the second package today!!!

Mars Hydro Mars Hydro Mars II 1600 Product #: 2974683395 Regular price: $571.99 $$571.99 Available from: Mars Hydro New In stock
   No returns | 2-year warranty

   Authorized dealer of this product

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