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Mars Hydro Mars II 1200

  • Mars Hydro Mars II 1200
  • Mars Hydro Mars II 1200
  • Mars Hydro Mars II 1200
  • Mars Hydro Mars II 1200
  • Mars Hydro Mars II 1200
  • Mars Hydro Mars II 1200
  • Mars Hydro Mars II 1200


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4x Buyer Protection

4x Buyer Protection

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The Mars II 1200 is designed to significantly reduce your costs of growing while ensuring maximum growth from your harvests. Perfect for large scale commercial operations or your indoor garden. Grow your favorite plants all year long.

With a record-breaking 4' x 4' coverage, the Mars 1200 can easily replace a 600 watt HPS traditional grow light, produce a superior yield, and higher-quality flowers - all while reducing operational cost by 1/3!


MARS II 1200 Features

Grow and Bloom modes: Two on-board switches to control the mode of growth

Powerful: Next Generation Epistar™ High Intensity LED’s

Optics Technology: 5 watt single chip (TOP-BIN) LED with lens

Plug & Play Device:  No need to purchase additional equipment to operate the unit

Maximum Coverage: Covers a full 4' x 4' to easily replace a 600 watt HPS


Mars Hydro Product Brochure and Specs


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Model/SKU: Mars II 1200/marsII1200

Power output: ~550 watts

HID equivalent: 600 watts

LEDs: 240 x 5 watt single-chip Epistar Hi-Intensity LEDs; 50,000 hour lifespan (10+ years if LED lights are on 57% of the time)

Spectrum: 440nm, 460nm, 630nm, 660nm, 730nm (IR), 2400K-3000K

Lens angle: 90° - 120°

Coverage area: 16 sq ft (48" x 48")

Thermal management: Aluminum heat sinks; Cooling fans

Daisy chain: No

Dimensions: 19" x 19" x 4"

Operating temperature: 85°F -105°F

Operating/input voltage: 85v-265v; Amperage: 4.44 @ 110v | 4.23 @ 220v

Product weight: 26 lbs

Recommended height above plants: 24" - 30"

Additional details: BTUs: 1883; 60 decibels; Plug Type: EU, UK, AU, USA, Japan; Plug-and-Play

Product includes: Power cord, Hangers

Recommended for: Indoor grow operations; Hydroponic, aeroponic, or aquaponic systems

Manufacturer's Warranty: 2 years

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Dennis Birin D.B. Dennis B.
5 star

light works very well. Looking like the yield is down but seem to be covered in trichs. 3-4 weeks to go so yield may improve / Overall I am happy with the switch from 600w HPS to the 1200 II Mars Hydro.

Robert Beck R.B. Robert B.
Quick response and delivery

Erik was great help. Guided through the order process and payment options. Mars 1200 is working well and I am very happy.

Ckookla C. Ckookla
Amazing customer service and fastest shipping of 1 day!!

I ordered the light on a Thursday night past closure time of businesses, and got notice of shipment next day (Friday) and on Monday I recieved the light!!!
I contacted customer service before ordering, and they were very friendly, helpful, and fast to reply.
I'm yet to use the light, but when I get it going for a couple days, I'll be sure to update a review!
P.s the light is a lot bigger and heavier than I expected! Even though I knew the measurements etc, I was stunned when I opened the box to see the giant and beautiful looking light smiling at me, and couldn't get over the size and amount of lights compared to my small 90watt UFO light. This thing makes my UFO look like child's play!!!

Jason J. Jason
Great light!

This light was packed well and shipped discreetly. The box didn't indicate it was a grow light in any way. As a bonus, the dense foam it was packed in works well for putting under my hydro buckets and air pumps to absorb a little noise. I've been very pleased with the solid, high quality feel of it's construction. Every time I crack my head on it, I think I'm only damaging my skull. My head would cave in before damaging the light housing! The coverage seems good for my 4x4 tent. I really like how it has switches on the unit for the growth and bloom cycles. My other light has only two options: plugged or unplugged. If you are considering getting this light or one similar to it, you absolutely need to get yourself some LED-specific grow room glasses! It is far brighter to the human eye than HID lights and capable of causing evil headaches.

Aaron Lieberman A.L. Aaron L.
Great product

The lights seem to be very good. I am using them to over-winter my citrus trees in Western Oregon. The trees were outside until mid-November this year as we didn't have any frost events. When I brought the trees inside and under the lights for about 12 hours per day the Thai lime began to drop fruit and leaves (the limes are ripe) and the Meyer lemon began to drop leaves. However, both trees are growing flower buds now even though the "bloom" lights are off. The leaf drop could be a fertility issue but I'm not sure what to make of the trees trying to bloom at this point.

Mars Hydro Mars Hydro Mars II 1200 Product #: 2974878787 Regular price: $401.99 $$401.99 Available from: Mars Hydro New In stock
   No returns | 2-year warranty

   Authorized dealer of this product

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