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Lush Lighting Lumenator

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  • Lush Lighting Lumenator
  • Lush Lighting Lumenator
  • Lush Lighting Lumenator
  • Lush Lighting Lumenator
  • Lush Lighting Lumenator
  • Lush Lighting Lumenator
  • Lush Lighting Lumenator
  • Lush Lighting Lumenator
  • Lush Lighting Lumenator


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4x Buyer Protection

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The Lumenator is the sixth most powerful light by Lush Lighting for flowering and vegetation, with an output of 180 watts that will grow plants better than a HPS lamp in a 2x2 sq ft area! This light provides full spectrum coverage, from UV to IR wavelengths, using 90 x 3 watt LEDs and 60 and 90 degree lenses. Built to cover a concentrated footprint of 4 sq ft, or overall footprint of 9 sq ft, the Lumenator can be used in closets, discrete locations, or when limited by ceiling height. This LED grow light puts out a rivaling 190umol PAR at 24'', yet the unit emits 108 BTUs and does not run warmer than 100 degrees F. Use multiple Lumenators in a 5x5 tent to overlap light, while evening out canopy.

Bump up the potency, taste, aroma, quality, overall size and density of indoor crops! The Lumenator increases the plant's natural resin and oil production. Use this LED grow light to improve the quantity and quality of extracts from flowers.

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About Lush Lighting

Before bringing any products to market, Lush Lighting invested in research and development and spent years testing the integrity of their products to make sure they will last at least one decade. By focusing on tests that relate to spectral irradiance responses in plants from the different voltage photons, Lush Lighting has discovered the ratios of light intensity that plants absorb from the sun! Using this research, they will continue to analyze these ratios of light intensity in order to increase the rate of cellular division and growth of plants! Properly fueling photosynthesis, along with always utilizing the most efficient form of creating light, Lush Lighting products plans stay one step ahead of all other grow light manufacturers.

Lush Lights are serviced here in the United States. If you ever have a problem with one of Lush's lights, you can trust it will be fixed for you immediately. We will even ship loaner lights to use while we repair any damaged units so that your garden never has to suffer.

Lush Lighting. Jet Fuel For Plants.


Model/SKU: Lumenator/lushlum

Power output: 180 watts

HPS equivalent: 600 watts

LEDs: 90 High-Intensity 3 watt LEDs; 50,000 hour lifespan (10+ years if LED lights are on 57% of the time)

Spectrum: Multiple; for vegetative growth and flowering; UV to IR; Blues, reds + yellows

Lens angle: 60 and 90 degree lenses

PAR: 600umol at 12'' from unit; 300umol at 18'' from unit; 190umol at 24'' from unit; 130umol at 36'' from unit

Coverage area: Concentrated footprint: 4 sq ft (24'' x 24'') at 12'' from unit; Overall footprint: 9 sq ft (36'' x 36'') at 18''-24'' from unit

Thermal management: Internal cooling fans and large aluminum heat sinks

Daisy chain: Not available

Dimensions: 15.75" x 8.5" x 2.5"

Operating temperature: Avoid extreme ambient heat; Unit operates below an internal temperature of 100 degrees F

Operating/input voltage: 120-240v AC

Product weight: 7.2 lbs

Recommended height above plants: 12''-18''

Additional details: Tampered steel construction; Dry locations only; Contains UV light; Optimal temperature range: 65-90 degrees F; Optimal humidity range 10-60%

Product includes: Power supply (120v or 240v); Mounting hardware; Discrete shipping, if required

Recommended for: Full cycle growing; Small spaces; Indoors only

Manufacturer's Warranty: 3 years

Lush Lighting Lush Lighting Lumenator Product #: 315271043 Regular price: $365.00 $$365.00 Available from: Lush Lighting New In stock
   90 day returns | 3-year warranty

   Authorized dealer of this product

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