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Simulight Intelligent Grow LED Modular Light

  • Simulight Intelligent Grow LED Modular Light


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4x Buyer Protection

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The Intelligent Grow LED Modular Light by Simulight is the perfect customizable LED grow light for a 8 sq ft area. This unit draws 180 watts and replaces up to a 300 watt HID lamp.

Independent LED Channels

The Intelligent Grow series offers four independent LED channels (Veg, Grow, Bloom, All On) that lets you choose the spectrum for the specific phase of plant growth or type. These switches are located directly on the unit.

Pre-programmed and Custom modes

If you would like to get the most out of these Intelligent lights, the Smart Controller and Infrared Remote can be used to control the color channels, lighting schedules, and intensities inside or outside your grow environment. In addition, the pre-programmed modes --- Sunrise/Sunset, Moon Lighting, and Cloudy Days --- can be used or you may even customize your own unique mode to run for a full 24 hours.

Daisy Chain up to 10 units

The daisy chain feature allows up to 10 units to be connected for custom program data transfer from one unit to the other. The daisy chain feature also reduces the need for multiple power cords in your grow area.

Unique lens angles

Each module within the light houses a central 54 watt high-power COB chip at a 105° beam angle to spread the PAR among your plant's canopy for even coverage. A specially designed lens plate surrounds the twenty 3 watt LEDs in each module (78° beam angle) to focus the light directly on your plants for high penetration through the canopy.

Excellent heat dissipation

The Intelligent Grow LED Modular Light series are housed in lightweight aluminum to allow for efficient heat dissipation. In addition, large heatsinks help expel the little amount of heat that the LEDs generate and assist in extending the lifespan of the LED chips.


Model/SKU: Intensity Series II- 180 watt/igro180watt

Power output: 180 watts

HID/HPS equivalent: 300 watts

LEDs: 3 watt BridgeLux, Epistar, and Epiled LEDs; 54 watt high-power COB matrix chip in center; 50,000-100,000 hour lifespan (10-20+ years if LED lights are on 57% of the time)

Spectrum: Multiple; 10 bands w/ UV and IR; for vegetative growth and flowering

Lens angle: 78 (3 watt chips) and 105 degree (center chip) beams

PAR: 1092umol at 12 ''; 482umol at 23 ''; 289umol at 35''; 183umol at 47''; 135umol 59''; 104umol at 70''; See graph below

Coverage area: sq ft (24'' x 36'')

Thermal management: NIDEK internal cooling fans; Large aluminum heatsinks

Daisy chain: Up to 10 units using the programmable controller

Dimensions: 15.0" x 9.0" x 2.75"

Operating temperature: Avoid temperatures above 95 F and humidity above 85%

Operating/input voltage: 100-277 volts AC; Standby power consumption: 8 watts

Product weight: 6.6 lbs

Recommended height above plants: 14''-16'' (minimum during flowering)

Product includes: Power supply; Daisy chain power and data cable set (if option is selected)

Recommended for: Full cycle growing; Greenhouses and commercial operations; Hydroponic, aeroponic, or aquaponic systems; Indoor farming or gardening; Grow Tents

Manufacturer's Warranty: 3 years

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   10 day returns | 3-year warranty

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