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Humboldt County's Own Gravitation G10

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  • Humboldt County's Own Gravitation G10


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4x Buyer Protection

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G10 (Gravitation #10) is a must-have product for serious growers.   Nothing on the market will boost your yields like G10.

  • Aggressively swells the size and increases the mass of your flowers.
  • The swelling effect leads to tighter stacking of flowers along the branches-- the look that growers and their fans all love.

We took our proprietary kelp extract used to make Gravity Flower Hardener to a new level with amino acids, plant extracts and hypoxanthine derivatives.  No PGR's.

If you loved our original GRAVITY you need to give G10 a try.  It’s not the same as Gravity but most growers claim the yields are better.

  • For maximum “Gravity Effect” use SONIC BLOOM (Sunshine Powder) and pharmaceutical quality KILLER TEA.
  • For maximum stacking use  DEEP BREATH.

California Michigan, Maine, Arkansas, Texas, Arizona, Washington, Nevada, Colorado

Ohio, Illinois, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Tennessee, Georgia, Oregon,

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