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MKB Energy FlexGrow P-Series

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  • MKB Energy FlexGrow P-Series
  • MKB Energy FlexGrow P-Series
  • MKB Energy FlexGrow P-Series
  • MKB Energy FlexGrow P-Series
  • MKB Energy FlexGrow P-Series
  • MKB Energy FlexGrow P-Series
  • MKB Energy FlexGrow P-Series

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Introducing the FlexGrow P-Series by MKB Energy

The FlexGrow P-Series LED grow light fixture delivers efficient performance, quality and versatility for horticulture applications. Compared to traditional light sources, FlexGrow P-Series LED fixtures offer up to 156 lm/w and increase energy savings by up to 80%. Its extruded aluminium heat sink provides optimal thermal management, decreasing LED junction temperature and maintaining useful light output for years without replacement.

Key Features

  • Seven low-profile models  
  • 2700K, 4000K or 5000K color temperatures
  • 120-degree light distribution
  • 120 - 277 VAC
  • Cable, stem or surface mounting options
  • Side mount option to maximize light penetration
  • Multiple voltage options available
  • L95 at 60,000 hours
  • L70 predicted life is more than 200,000 hours
  • Dry/Damp interior applications (IP30)
  • 8 lbs to 24 lbs (varies by model)
  • 7 year limited warranty

Additional info:

What spectrum is best for me?

  • Veg
    • Color temperature: 5000K
    • Model: ms and msg
  • Veg and Flower
    • Color temperature: 4000K
    • Model: 6mgHO (depending on size of grow)
  • Flower
    • Color temperature: 2700K
    • Model: 6mgHO 

Items are made to order. Please allow a 3-4 week lead time.


Model/SKU: FlexGrow P-Series/fgp-s

Power output: 

  • 2msg: 44 watts
  • 2mg: 88 watts
  • 4msg: 88 watts
  • 4mg: 176 watts
  • 6msg: 130 watts
  • 6mg: 260 watts
  • 6mHO: 630 watts

          HID equivalent: 

          • 2msg: 4-lamp T8, 175W Metal Halide, 2-lamp T5-HO
          • 2mg: 4-Lamp T5HO, 250W Metal Halide
          • 4msg: 6-Lamp T5HO or 8-lamp T8, 320W, 400W, or 450W Metal Halide
          • 4mg: 4-Lamp T5HO, 250W Metal Halide
          • 6msg: 6-Lamp T5HO, 400W Metal Halide
          • 6mg: 8-Lamp T5HO, 750W Metal Halide
          • 6mHO: 1000W HID

                LEDs: L95 at 60,000 hours, L70 life is predicted at 200,000 hours

                Beam angle: 120 degrees

                Voltage: 120-277 VAC available at this time, please inquire for 347V, or 480V options

                Spectrum: Available in 2700K, 4000K, or 5000K

                    Thermal management: Aluminum heatsinks

                    Daisy chain: No

                    Recommended height above canopy: 24"; but may be as close as 12" without damaging the plants

                        Product weight: 8 - 24 lbs (depends on model)

                        Recommended for: Home or commercial grows; Soil, hydroponic, aeroponic, or aquaponic systems

                        Manufacturer's Warranty: 7 years limited

                        FlexGrow 4mgs 88 watt 5000K Full Spectrum LED grow light 

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