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Emerald Glow LED Bonsai Clone Rack Kit

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  • Emerald Glow LED Bonsai Clone Rack Kit
  • Emerald Glow LED Bonsai Clone Rack Kit


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4x Buyer Protection

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The Emerald Glow LED Bonsai Clone Rack Kit is perfect for clones, starts, or vegging!

The kit includes 6 bars total, organized in 3 sets (2 strips per layer). *The Clone Rack Kit does not include the wire rack.

Emerald Glow LED Grow Strips are the best in class low voltage, super efficient and powerful LED grow lights.  These waterproof LED Grow Strips have a high color rendering index (96.2 CRI), which is a real full spectrum of white light, and a great color temp (5000K), with a specific use in high-grade horticulture. Using Emerald Glow LEDs produces more healthy plants with stronger roots and vibrant leaf coloration. 

The 4 foot Emerald Glow LED Grow Strips run at 24 watts each, are waterproof, come in a very light-weight format and run DC low voltage, with very low amps and a separate driver that converts from 120v AC. LED Grow Strips are prime for extensive inside or greenhouse commercial installs where you need coverage for a bigger space.  

They are IP65, or above, rated, perfect for NEC compliant wet location electrical installation. 


Why Emerald Glow LED Grow Lights are the Best

Emerald Glow LED grow lights are designed specifically to grow the best agriculture possible.  Using these LEDs as a veg grow light has been tested and proven in the field, with amazing results.

Emerald Glow LED grow lights run cool so that you can place them closer to your plants without heat damage or additional cooling apparatus.  Other benefits include no bulb replacement and less energy usage, leading to lowering operating costs.  In addition, with no replacement or toxic waste, Emerald Glow LEDs are significantly more sustainable.  

Furthermore, Emerald Glow LED grow lights have a plethora of awesome benefits when compared to traditional lighting for veg.  Emerald Glow LED Grow Lights are proven to decrease rooting time, increase root/stem strength, promote vibrant leaf color and produce smooth transitions for cuts with little plant shock.  

Ultimately, these grow lights create more healthy plants!


Fixture Features

  • 170 watts
  • 6 Emerald Glow LED Grow Strips (3 sets of 2 strips)
  • Clip on hangers for easy placement and spacing
  • 1 x 185 watt driver, driver board, electrical and wiring

    Click on the link for a printable LED Grow Strip brochure, featuring information and specs on this powerful LED grow light.




    PAR Data





    Model/SKU: Bonsai Rack Kit/egbon

    Power output: 170 watts (24 watts per bar)

            Fluorescent/HID equivalent: ~300 watts

            PPFD: See above

            Lumens (per bar): 2797 

            Luminous efficacy: 120.5 lm/w

            Voltage: 120 VAC 

            Spectrum: 5000K

                Thermal management: Passive cooling

                Daisy chain: No

                Coverage area: 48" x 18" at 20" above 

                Dimensions: 48" long

                Recommended for: 

                • Clones, starts, vegging
                • Light supplementation
                • Home or commercial applications
                • Soil, hydroponic, aeroponic, or aquaponic systems

                Manufacturer's Warranty: 3 years

                Emerald Glow Emerald Glow LED Bonsai Clone Rack Kit Product #: 10215248588 Regular price: $699.00 $$699.00 Available from: Emerald Glow New In stock
                   30 day returns | 3-year warranty

                   Authorized dealer of this product

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