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Horticultural LEDs Shining in the Media


LEDs can triple the efficiency of greenhouse

lighting | Green Tech Media

LEDs can triple the efficiency of greenhouse lighting



The only way is up, as new tech sheds light on the

future of food | The Conversation

New Tech Shines Light on the Future of Food









LED tech being developed to grow food on

Mars | Geek

LED Grow Lights on Mars








LED lighting for horticulture sees growth in Japan

with newly equipped factory | LEDs Magazine

Horticultural LEDs in Japan









How LEDs are set to revolutionize hi-tech

greenhouse farming | MIT Technology Review

LED Greenhouse Lighting     













Philips and Green Sense Farms harness LEDs for

horticulture | LEDs Magazine

Green Sense Farms Harness LEDs for Horticulture



LED horticultural lighting the next big trend

| LEDinside