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We specialize in LED grow lighting for home growing and commercial applications. We have a huge variety of full-spectrum LED grow lights to replace 400W, 600W, and 1000W MH, HPS, and fluorescent lighting systems. Our top-brands include: Black Dog LED, California lightworks, Amare, Kind LED, Cirrus LED SystemsNextLightHorticultural Lighting GroupAdvanced LED Lights, Mars HydroG8LED, IllumitexApache Tech, Lifted LEDLush LightingLighting Science, Pro MAX Grow, Ursa LED, Unit Farm, ViparspectraPhilips GreenPower LED and more.

Why LED grow lights? LED technology can speed up your plant's vegetative processes and boost yields and resin content and terpenes, while saving you over 50% on your energy bill. LEDs can deliver more PAR per watt than traditional grow lighting.

Why LED Grow Lights Depot? We offer FREE SHIPPING for orders over $100 in the continental U.S. and will match any online competitor's price. We also ship most products worldwide (including Canada, UK, EU, and Australia). We have been in business since 2014 and have served thousands of customers. At LED Grow Lights Depot you can 'Illuminate Your Grow. Efficiently.'

LED Grow Lights