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Rosin Tech Products line of high-end rosin presses. They've built a model for each specific end user in mind, from manual home presses to automatic, commercial grade equipment.

Buy Rosin Tech Presses and Accessories

Rosin Tech Precision Rosin Press™


Rosin Tech Pro Touch™ Pneumatic Heat Press


Rosin Tech Pro™ Pneumatic Heat Press


Rosin Tech All-in-One Touch™


Rosin Tech Smash™ Manual Rosin Heat Press


Rosin Tech BIG Smash™


Rosin Tech Twist™


Rosin Tech Go™ 2


SHO Industries Rosin Roller Commercial Rosin Extraction


Pollen Masters PollenMaster 4500


Pollen Masters PollenMaster 1500


Pollen Masters PollenMaster 500


Pollen Masters PollenMaster 150


SHO Industries Unbleached #35LB Folded Parchment 4.5" x 8"