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G8LED 900 Watt Full Spectrum Veg/Flower

  • G8LED 900 Watt Full Spectrum Veg/Flower
  • G8LED 900 Watt Full Spectrum Veg/Flower
  • G8LED 900 Watt Full Spectrum Veg/Flower
  • G8LED 900 Watt Full Spectrum Veg/Flower
  • G8LED 900 Watt Full Spectrum Veg/Flower
  • G8LED 900 Watt Full Spectrum Veg/Flower
  • G8LED 900 Watt Full Spectrum Veg/Flower
  • G8LED 900 Watt Full Spectrum Veg/Flower
  • G8LED 900 Watt Full Spectrum Veg/Flower


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4x Buyer Protection

4x Buyer Protection

   90 day returns | 2-year warranty
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The G8-900 Full Spectrum LED Veg/Flower grow light by G8LED is the flagship growlight for the professional indoor grower. This G8LED has the growing power of 1200-1400 Watts of a high-pressure sodium (HPS) or metal halide (MH) bulb, while only using 540 watts of power. This is a full spectrum grow light for both the vegetative growth and flowering cycles and provides intense coverage for 24 square feet (6 feet x 4 feet) (2.2sq meters -183cm x 122cm) of grow space. This light penetrates 5 feet (152cm) past the plant canopy and saves 50-60% on your electrical consumption. The electrical savings will pay for the light within the first year of usage.

With 8 years of research and improvement, G8LED has formulated the most efficient color ratio with 8 bands of the color spectrum from 380nm to 780nm, including Ultraviolet (UV), Infrared (IR), and 6000K white. This is the perfect spectrum, maximizing plant yield per unit of electrical consumption. There are no wasted diodes in colors that are not needed for photosynthesis and yield. Get higher quality flowers with more trichomes and the highest yields per wattage of electrical consumption. This light is made with 3-watt chips, which are the ideal size for indoor plants up to 5feet (152cm) in length. The 3-watt chip has the perfect balance of penetrating power and low heat signature, which allows the G8 grow lights to be made in with a very dense network of diodes, maximizing light intensity per square inch and maximizing the yield per watt.

To increase flowering even further, add one or two 90 watt red UFO's during flowering for maximum yield. alongside the G8-600 Veg/Flower light as supplemental lights during flowering. The Flower Boosters will increase flowering size and density further within a few days of adding them to your grow room. G8LED is unique in its design in that the Veg/Flower lights do not require a veg/flower switch. The switch design turns a portion of the red diodes off during veg and turns them back on during flowering. The G8LED Veg/Flower design allows the grower to use the light to its full capacity instead of reducing the intensity and growing capability.

The power cord is available in US, UK, EU, AU sizes (please specify at checkout). Hanging wires are also included. Upgrade your grow room and Grow Green with G8LED Technology!


Model/SKU: G8-900/g8led-900

Power output: 540 watts

HPS or MH equivalent: 1200-400 watts

LEDs: 300 x 3 watt BridgeLux, Epistar, Optotech LEDs; 50,000 hour lifespan

Spectrum: Multiple; for vegetative growth and flowering; UV to IR, 6000K

Lens angle: 90 and 120 degrees

PAR: 3600 umol/s at 2 ft and 2500 umol/s at 3 ft

Coverage area: 24 sq ft at 2.5 ft above plants

Thermal management: 8 internal cooling fans

Daisy chain: No

Dimensions: 20.5" x 14.0" x 3.0"

Operating temperature: Avoid extreme temperatures

Operating/input voltage: 110V @ 4.6Amp | 240V @ 2.2Amp

Product weight: 24.8 lbs

Recommended height above plants: 26''-42''

Additional details: CE certified and RoHS compliant

Product includes: Power supply (US, UK, EU, or AU); Hangers

Recommended for: Full cycle, large grows; Indoors only

Manufacturer's Warranty: 2 years

G8LED High Times award winner - BEST LED Grow Light 2016

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
samuel beniston s.b. samuel b.

Great light

Darren D. Darren
10x10 tent

Set up a 10x10 with inline fans, filter, 900s and some flower boosters. First grow 2.7 pounds and I know I can get more. This is the top yielding led I have come across.

Julian J. Julian
Heavy colas

I've tried a few of the heavy hitter leds in the last couple years and this one with the flower booster gave me the heaviest colas and top shelf buds with nearly 2lbs each time. 5 stars all the way.

I like the light

It seems to be doing a pretty good job in my tent. So far so good.

sasa srbljanin s.s. sasa s.
4 star

G8LED - G8-900 - 540 watts

G8LED G8LED 900 Watt Full Spectrum Veg/Flower Product #: 320144563 Regular price: $1,099.99 $$1,099.99 Available from: G8LED New In stock
   90 day returns | 2-year warranty

   Authorized dealer of this product

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