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Cirrus T500 LED Grow Light

  • Cirrus T500 LED Grow Light
  • Cirrus T500 LED Grow Light
  • Cirrus T500 LED Grow Light
  • Cirrus T500 LED Grow Light
  • Cirrus T500 LED Grow Light
  • Cirrus T500 LED Grow Light
  • Cirrus T500 LED Grow Light
  • Cirrus T500 LED Grow Light
  • Cirrus T500 LED Grow Light

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4x Buyer Protection

4x Buyer Protection

   90 day returns | 5-year warranty
   Authorized dealer of this product

FREE hangers + FREE BioBizz Starters Pack with your purchase of a Cirrus Titan 5 LED Grow Light.

*Free gifts only available in USA.



Grow like a God with the Titan 5 state-of-the-art 500 watt grow light from the experts at Cirrus LED Systems. Regarded as the most technologically-advanced grow light on the market, it boasts a long list of industry firsts and exclusive features.

Most notable of these features are Cirrus’ MCOB array featuring UV and IR diodes. Designed and engineered to maximize power and efficiency, the MCOB array also gives you full control of your grow lights.

UV light has been shown to increase resin production by up to 28% during the last two weeks of flowering. When combined with red light, IR light has been shown to significantly increase the rate of photosynthesis. This is known as the Emerson Effect.

Titan series LED grow lights also feature the exclusive Cirrus Leaf App, which allows you to wirelessly customize your light schedule, intensities, and spectrum from any iOS or Android device.  



  • 500-watt draw at the wall (1200 watt HID replacement)
  • Fully-Adjustable Spectrum, Lighting, and Dimming Schedule
  • Full-Spectrum Including UV and IR
  • State-of-the-Art Proprietary mCOBs
  • WiFi Enabled (App-Based iOS/Android)
  • UL, ROHS, CE


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    Leaf App


    What is the BioBizz Starters Pack?

    The BioBizz Starters·Pack™ is fully loaded with everything you need to initiate your own growing adventure, which will make you and your plants grow together.

    Let the BioBizz experience show you the magic of nature: rooting-, growing- and blooming phases will be taken care of with the most amazing harvest. You don't need to be an expert - just follow the nutrient program and see the results!


    1000ml Bio·Bloom™
    1000ml Bio·Grow®
    500ml Top·Max™
    250ml Bio·Heaven™
    250ml Root·Juice™
    + literature, magnet, pen & measuring cup

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    Model/SKU: Titan 5/titan5

    Power output: 500 watts

    HID replacement: 1000 watts

    LEDs: 36 proprietary mCOB's; 50,000 hour lifespan 

    Spectrum: Full-spectrum includes UV and IR for seed-to-harvest growth

    Beam angle: 120°

    Thermal management: Heatsinks and advanced cooling fans

    Dimensions: 27.3" (length) x 19.6" (width) x 3.7" (height)

    Operating/input voltage: 110-277 VAC

    Weight: 52 lbs

    Power factor: >95%

    Coverage area: 4' x 4' (16 sq ft) at 18"-36" above canopy

    Additional details: Aluminum housing, tempered glass; UL listed; Built for moisture resistance in damp environments

    Recommended for: Full-cycle seed-to-harvest growing; Grow rooms; Greenhouses; Controlled agriculture, Soil, hydroponic, aeroponic systems

    Manufacturer's Warranty: 5 years


    Cirrus LED Systems Titan 3 Grow Light Unboxing, Setup, Feature Review 


    Meet The Titan LED Grow Light

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Brandon B. Brandon
    Absolutely fantastic Light

    This light is aboulutely amazing just from the unboxing, design and packing. This light seems to be pretty heavy so you maybe me to make sure is sturdy installed in your grow environment. It only uses 500 watts but it puts out a light so bright that sunglasses are a Must! It also throws off a little heat so if you have low Cielings you may still need cooling depending on environment. The app was easy to download and navigate but seem to be a little buggy. First of all I couldn't get it to connect in my iphone but I had a back android phone which connected but seem like the app still crashes after you but in tryout settings for light cycle. The Directions are not specific at all and you make need to play around with the app to get used to it and figure it out to get comfortable. Hopefully new updates will fix all for these issues in the near future. Overall I only been running it a few days but, plants definitely seem to be healthy so I'm hoping for get final results.

    Thanks for the review! We appreciate the feedback and will pass it on to Cirrus LED. Please let us know if you run into any issues. We will get them straightened out ASAP. Keep us updated on your grow and feel free to leave reviews as your grow progresses. We LOVE the updates.
    Daniel Bernard D.B. Daniel B.

    These lights are amazing! The unlimited programming and wireless is so convenient.

    Cirrus Cirrus T500 LED Grow Light Product #: 6657486918 Regular price: $2,199.00 $$2,199.00 Available from: Cirrus New In stock
       90 day returns | 5-year warranty

       Authorized dealer of this product

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