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300 Watt LED Grow Lights

Horticulture Lighting Group 320 Watt XL V2 R-Spec Quantum Board DIY Kit


The Green Sunshine Company Electric Sky ES300 V2


Viparspectra PAR700 Dimmable


Viparspectra TC900S Timer Control 900W


Horticulture Lighting Group Elite 360 Watt DIY Kit


Kind LED K3 XL600 (Pre-order only. In stock in late-March)


TotalGrow High Intensity Top-Light


Grow Light Science Grow 300


Optic LED XL2 COB Array 200w - 320w (UV/IR) 3500k COBs


G8LED 600 Watt Full Spectrum Veg/Flower


Lush Lighting Vegetator 2X


Grow Light Science Grow 220


G8LED 600 Watt Bloom Only Light


Grower's Choice TSL Horti Tech VFS LED: SPECIAL ORDER ONLY


Lush Lighting Vegetator


Optic LED X4 COB Array 216w - 336w (UV/IR) 3500k COBs


Grower's Choice TSL Horti Tech TOP LED: SPECIAL ORDER ONLY