We are giving away a FREE Cirrus LED Titan 3 Grow Light valued at $1199.00 USD!

Update: We are also giving away a FREE Cirrus Reflex bar light and FREE Evo grow bulb!

3 different lights...3 different winners!

Enter to win below. Multiple entries allowed.

Entries must be in by Dec 31, 2016 11:59pm.

The winners will be announced on Jan 1, 2017. Good luck!

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Congratulations to our three winners: Tim O, Tom M, and Ryan B!


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Cirrus LED Systems Titan 3 Grow Light Unboxing, Setup, Feature Review  





Power draw: 250 watts

HID replacement: 500 watts

LEDs: 36 proprietary mCOB's; 50,000 hour lifespan 

Coverage area: 3' x 3' (9 sq ft) at 18"-36" above canopy

Weight: 26 lbs

Dimensions: 19.6" (length) x 15.1" (width) x 3.7" (height)



Titan's spectrum contains UV-A, blues, some green, reds, and IR.



Titan features an app used to control lighting schedules, spectrum, and intensities.

Learn more about the Titan 3



by Tom meacham

Thank you so much , I can’t wait to put it to work #Respect?

by gary;kirkbright

happy new year

by gary;kirkbright

hi guys would love a chance to check out your lights please consider me

by Laurie Alain

This would be an awesome gift to win. Liked and Shared Thanks for the chance to win good luck everyone and and Happy New Year! I’ve never had anything like this before it looks great would love to own one.

by Alan rowan

This would be an awesome win a have loads of seeds and no light so this would be awesome to win this comp thanks for the chance peace ✌️?️?️?️

by Alan rowan

Thanks for the chance a would love to win this titan 3 would get me up and running would love to win thanks again peace ✌️✌️

by Gus

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This would be awesome, thanks for the chance!

by Thomas

Thanks you for the chance, it would help me to make plants to better cure my health problems

by Amy Murray

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Lovely Prize

by Al Creighton

A “CIRRUS LED TITAN 3 GROW LIGHT” not only improves the health of your chosen crop, it also improves the health of the consumers of the great crops grown under these economic you highly powerful lamps. You will see things a lot better in the growing world with a “CIRRUS LED TITAN 3 GROW LIGHT” !

by Gus Ferguson

Back to share again. Good luck players!

by Nathanielkennington

Thanks for the chance good look all

by Kelly may

Wanted one forever! To grow Veggies inside & start flowers for the Sprimg.

by Douglas W

Love spell check. Looks like Santa may be busy delivering a bundle of these this year.

by Danny van Oss

Thanks for the uppertunity and the chanche
A T3 would be great awsome to win thats a wish dream that can be come treu
Vingers crossed
Your awsome cirrus

by Danny van Oss

Thanks for the uppertunity and the chanche
A T3 would be great awsome to win thats a wish dream that can be come treu
Vingers crossed
Your awsome cirrus

by Mark Greve

Oh dear lord please, show me the light!

by Martin Cunic

It would be a great addition

by Gus Ferguson

Back to share this awesome contest once again! Good luck players!

by Kyle Wallace

Beautiful light spectrum..I’d love to give this a go!

by adam chapman

one love thanks for the chance to win stay safe one love theherb

by José Perez

Thanks for the awesome opportunity :)

by henry hemp

Sending out a B.O.P.E a Bolt of positive Energy from me to you and hopefully beyond! This B.O.P.E is a Pebble being dropped into the pond of life creating ripples of Positive energy radiating outward to the edges of space! Peace Love Happiness and joy can be found in the darkest places if You bring your spark of light, yes you are the B.O.P.E you are the Bolt of Positive Energy so continue to shine bright and light the way for other’s to the place of Peace Love Happiness and Joy!

by Scott Duddy

Really interested in the led technology Merry Christmas

by Ambs Élodie

Hello, I love the led titan 3 led grow + light + reflex bar light + evo grow bulbfro from cirrus led systems, i love it, it’s my revr to be able to try it dzns my next session, Super contest, I crossed my fingers to have this nice gift under my Christmas tree, thank you again good day

by Anita McMurtrey


by Gus Ferguson

Thanks again for the chance! Love this contest! Would be the best thing ever to win!

by Darrell Durbrow

Awesome opportunity!

by John Beddoes

Cor that sure would be welcome :-) make my BEANZ get to GREENZ

by Jeff Kemerling

Very nice!

by Jeff Kemerling

Very nice!

by Jeff Kemerling

Very nice!

by Jeff Kemerling

Very nice!

by T. J. Flanders

I would be honored to own a light like this

by Andy Delarosa

I would love this light it is well needed in the grow room

by Ray Fenner

WoW , This would make My girl’s Super Happy

by Jane Bogetti

Would love to be able to grow year round!

by Carol Sarboukh

Love my flowers!

by Brian Ballard

Thank you Cirrus LED Systems for this chance!

by Gus Ferguson

would love this light! Thanks!

by David Morrison

Would love this. Be excellent for growing. Thabks

by Marjorie Ann Bottiger

I would like this lighting!

by sundaresan

glow light….grow light….

by Peter Boetzkes

’tis the season of lights, so happy growing!

by Robert Costantini

Thanks for the christmas hope!!
Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays

by Gus Ferguson

So cool! Thanks for the chance!

by Michael Jenkins

Very ?… Thanks for the opportunity…

by Plácido Moreno

Muchas graciaspor esta magnífica oportunidad
Suerte a todos