Unit Farm UFO-80

Learn more about the Unit Farm UFO-80 here


by Erik

Winner has been announced in the widget. Congrats Oscar S. From MN!

by stuart nelson

who won ………………?????

by Tony

Winning this would be be great right about now, But I don’t think I could win a Kick In the Nuts if i had every entry!!

by Leonard

I’ve been growing for 2 months now. I was told my lights suck lol. That’s why I’m not getting any growth.. I could really use this light and some help.

by Blake Deal

Waiting anxiously….I’m praying for a positive change in my garden.

by J.D.

About to start growing my own. I’ve been doing a bunch of research and I’m ready. This would certainly be a fantastic start! :) Thank you to everyone involved.

by Blake Deal

Experienced HPS grower looking for improvement in quality. I am disabled as well so this light would be a lot easier to work with.

by Goodj

Do you guys get the 5 extra entries when your buddies do it? For some reason I don’t. And is there a YouTube page where I have to pick a number on this giveaway? I lost out not doing it on another giveaway they done. It doesn’t say anything about it here. HELP I need lights.

by Dwayna Walker

Winning a brand name led like Unit Farm would be a dream come true for my grow. Something that I could document the difference of my unbranded led’s with ;)

by Budsrblazin

10 entries in. I hope I won this for the garden. Great giveaway on behalf of LED GROW LIGHTS DEPOT and WESTCOAST CANNABIS. Goodluck everyone!

by stuart nelson

iv entered plus gave the link 2 a few friends there entry & comment is there but how do i get the points for there entries ??

by Lisa Carr

Great giveaway! This would be an awesome addition to our room. Temps here tend to be high for most of the year, so LEDs would make a huge difference!

by Dean walker

I would love to win this new l.e.d light, as I just set up a new grow medium with a new hydro set up, this would save me buying a new light as I’m needing a new one or I’ll be putting a old light in a new set up so guys n gals you would be helping helping by picking me and you will get great reviews from me on the light in addition…
Look forward to hearing from you…????

by Joseph Suffoletti

Sweet line of Led lights

by Robert

If I only twittered or face booked I’d be a real person.

by Budzilla sarus

Just putting in my daily entry, so I will comment. This looks like an interesting light. Would be great to win! Grow On

by Ashley samuels

Same ere mylight have just gone on me an carnt get parts for it any more so this could save my plants x

by Angel Gonzalez

By birthday just passed .. but I’m still accepting gifts .. this would be awesome

by T Poblete

Hoping that my name is picked to add these to my grow. These look amazing! Will do a unboxing review too.

by angelina

Unit Farm LED grow lights are very powerful lights as a reasonable price. My plants absolutely love these lights. I bought two UFO-80LED grow lights a few month ago. They work well and I have finished my second growing. Now I am going to start a new growing. I want to plants more so im planning to buy another UFO-80LED grow light. Love you, Unit Farm.

by Lance

Beginner grower, would love to have one of these leds in my hands to get to the next level.

by Blake Deal

Hoping and prayin!

by Erick green

I would love to win your light giveaway!!!

by ifarky

Would love this light to get me on my way to not having to line a dealers pocket.Not having to rely on what they say the name/strain it is.I don’t want it to be a lucky dip on the medical relief I need. Good luck everyone. TkEZ»UK.xx

by Drew Grow on YouTube

I have that light in my garden. It can be seen in my last video. Best LED I have owned!

by Tom Chesnut

Hell of a giveaway! Hope I win.. thanks for the Chance

by Gary S.

I see this light on pigeon 420 channel and it seems to work very well… I would love to put it to use, as I’m sure everyone else would?! Good luck everyone..may the luckiest grower win?

by Joe

Never won anything before, this would be amazing to have to starry first indoor grow! Would be awesome to win!! Been trying to find a company to sponsor me for my first ever indoor grow, always done outdoor grows, but never indoor.

by G Malo III

Awesome giveaways! Keep hope alive lol

by Adam Johnston

Love your lights and presses..we don’t have that sort of stuff in Australia yet..surely you can work out a way to make me one of your first Aussie winners..please help …almost makes my wife and I want to move to USA …lol

by greg lambert

i leave in canada like to have this light

by Melvin

Please let me win the light

by TRipz

Led grow light depot has the best lights out of all Led light companies get em!!!

by Borga

I hope to win , you cannot fine dis ligths in Norway.

by Steve Sherrer

Love what the led are doing in the garden

by phillip mendiola

Would love to win this LED ,I can’t afford a bad ass LED on my budget with my medical condition , been using T5 ,


This grow light will be perfect to expand my grow room. I will cover the courier charges to South Africa. We do-not these lights here. Most growers still using old tech.

by Martin Berry

My old ones just blue I need a new one

by Cody B

My garden and I would love this!
Big thank you to LED Grow Light Depot and everyone involved! ❤️❤️❤️

by Owen Brown

I would love these lights


Thanks for giving us the opportunity

by robert casile

Sounds like a Great light Unit Farm! Could I be so lucky lol!

by Jason finallyfree

I wanna win.

by jean claude NAKACHIAN

I have this LED lamp and I can tell you that it is a superb lamp I have the 120 and the plants adore it
very good penetration efficiency and really very pretty as it has a great look too
but I would not say no to win the 80 I will be very happy too

by Rudolf Hol

Yes please!

by Roland Hol

I live in the Netherlands can i play too? Who doesn’t want to winn a crazy nice led grow light?

by VolunteerAgriculture

In honesty I have never in my entire life ever won anything, it would be nice but I am not getting my hopes up.

by Blue bud

All my other lights keep going out. Would be nice to have a dependable one! ?

by denise low

My husband could really use this light.

by Chris Elliott

I have never won anything in my life but I have to try

by Alexander kalambalikis

Oh i would absolutely love one of these ive been having issues being able to get my meds so this light would be a blessing. I would also do a full you tube review on my channel. Good luck yall.

by Blake Deal

Praying for a miracle!

by Mike Bingham

Always looking for a better light and these look awesome

by Jeffrey Luckay

Did I win?

by Mike Tyler

Love these lights,just can never afford

by El Lopez

Cool light

by Ryan Baker

I would loves to have this one amazing leds system for my garden indoor during winter before spring time move garden outdoor more grow out of it fingers cross good luck everyone ;-)

by Mitchell Grizzle


by Raymond brady

I would love to win a new led grow lihjt
Thank you for the give a way..

by Isaiah

Would love a light

by Ginger

I think i got an entry. I did what was asked. This is just in time because i am setting up for first time and havn’t gotten started as of yet. Good luck all. I hope i did it right.

by Fransisco Wright

How do I enter

by Gus

sweet giveaway! I would love this in my grow room! Danks for the chance!


what a great looking unit ,i would love to have 1 of these ….

by Ray Fenner

I have a PERFECT spot for that :)

by Jason Edwards

Need a new light

by Steve Madrid

I need this to complete my life ?

by Gerald

Only in my dreams could i be so lucky!

by Tom Thayer

I would love to win!

by adam chapman

would be so cool to have new tec for my soulmates medical garden one love

by vincent sexton

C’mon baby, papa needs some new lights!