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"My wife and I enjoy gardening.  We have always wanted to be able to grow some vegetables and fruit indoors in the winter for our family.  I recently spent considerable time reviewing every led grow light currently available on the market.  After extensive deliberation, I finally decided on the Black Dog 200 LED light.  I chose as they have the most extensive selection of grow lights of any company on the web. 

I am a former Special Agent.  I spent my career working for the U.S. Secret Service and as a result, I am often quite skeptical and cynical when it comes to the allegations of what a given company’s product claims to be able to do.  However, all the research I did indicated that the Black Dog LED lights were some of the best, if not the best lights on the market today.  Therefore, I chose to buy the light from as they carry every high end LED light conceivable and have the absolute best prices and customer service of any company I reviewed.



The light was shipped out the same day I placed my order, which exemplifies this company's diligence to their consumers.  The light arrived quickly and was packaged extremely well.  I decided that a good way to test this light would be to conduct a small experiment.  I put one cucumber seed and one bean seed under the light.  I then planted the same seeds in the garden in an area that receives full-sun throughout the day. 

After one week, I am amazed to report that the cucumber plant under the light has 5 leaves and the bean plant has 7 leaves.  The same seeds that were planted outside were noticeably smaller.  In fact, both the cucumber and bean seeds had only just sprouted and had not produced a single leaf.  These results were absolutely amazing.  It also reinforced the fact that the Black Dog light is capable of growing plants at a much faster and healthier rate than the same plants grown outside under the sun’s rays.

Due to these amazing results, my wife and I decided that the 200 watt light was going to be just a bit too small for the amount of plants we would like to grow under the light.  Therefore, I contacted Erik Hasenkopf, who is the sales manager of and explained that I would like to return the 200 watt light and upgrade to the 400 watt light.  Erik was extremely helpful and immediately emailed me a pre-paid label to send the light back.  The new 400 watt Black Dog light is now on its way to me and I am looking forward to growing some amazing fruits and vegetables.

I highly recommend LED Grow Lights Depot for anyone who would like to grow plants indoors.  Erik will be happy to assist you in any way whatsoever."

- Patrick C.

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