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by robert irwin

Please let me know when your next light giveaway is going to start? i would love the oppertunity to possibley up grade my mars 96 reflector for an optic 1 2 or,3! you guys are awsom! Thanks

by Erik H.

The three winners have been announced in the widget (at the bottom). Thanks for entering everyone! A new contest will be posted soon.

by Scott Custadio

So who won the lights guys, I’ve been trolling around to see if i could find it and I don’t see anywhere. SO WHO WON LOL. ♥️♥️????

by Jessie Cornett

I ended the drawing with 24 entries hopefully I win I’d love to show these off on my youtube channel

by Matthew

I wanna see how awesome this thing is the viperspectra I have now is killing it for me at the moment so idk

by Robert rodriguez

A lot of you here clicked my link and I thank you , best of luck to everyone . I have worked hard posting , sharing and grinding for this giveaway , and doing so I’ve just reached 400 entries . Best of luck to everyone , 3 winners Will be very happy .

by Omar bengahzi

I need one of these lights so bad, lol! I have a 600watt hps that came with a amp that works when wants to.

by Bo Jardine

Id love to stop using high heat hps lights and switch to led!

by TRipz

Good luck Everyone!!!

by reelthing4u

thank you for the chances .good luck everyone .

by Ray

Good luck to everyone! Cant wait to see who wins ?

by Khalil Landers

Big thanks to ledgrowlightsdepot for being so generous with the giveaways. Hopefully a non-tuber will win this round. Good luck to everyone

by Budzillasarus

I would like to compare one of these with my Mars Hydro 300w full specrum (modded) led light. Would be a great addition to my channel!

by Budzillasarus

I would like to compare one of these with my Mars Hydro 300w full specrum (modded) led light. Would be a great addition to my channel!

by John Wilson

I’d luv to win one of these! After having to sell my hps/mh setup because of moving ! Now starting over would be nice to win my first led light !


Boy I sure could use a new veg light

by Penelope Phelan

I’ve in the last six months slowly became mobile again after over 18 months bedridden osteoporosis arthritis and the worst copd that comprises of several things, this would be amazing in aiding me to grow my own medication now I can actually get around enough to do so!

by Jaime Esquivel

Just recently became disabled after being seriously injured almost lost my life . thank God I’m still here but I am constantly in pain and going to a pain management doctor so I would definitely love to have a chance to win one of your lights to grow my own medicine much safer and better than the prescription drugs they’re feeding me crossing my fingers hoping to win . never really won anything in my life sure hope I win one of your LED grow lights thank you for being so generous in offering this contest .

by Chris Garcia

Hi I sure would love to win one of your LED Lights it will be such a great blessing to further educate people on horticulture and I feel by winning one of your LED lights it will help me tremendously on introducing reviewers the technology of LED growing and what it can offer

by Juan Franco

I am 60 years old and working on my first time grow, hope I don’t run out of time lol
Wining the light would make my experience allot easier, and could be a nice late birth date present, I was borne on 4/20/57. gl everyone

by Eric Grubisich

Amazing giveaway!! Good luck to everyone!

by Gus

Looking for a win here, would help out so much!

by Terry Miller

I’m in for the win.

by Co closet grower

52 entries need the upgrade

by Mike Maracle

Awesome that you guys are so generous with the giveaways! Thanks for the shot at it!

by Al Muhammad

It’s Almost Time To Announce The Winner I Can’t Wait!!!!!

by Nathan

MMJ grower and am beyond thrilled at the chance to win one of these lights. Thank you guys for all the great giveaways… keep up the awesome work.

by jus me

Crossing my fingers and toes new grower would love to win one of your lights to start out right….thank u and have a wonderful day

by Jesse

Love these lights, perfect for my small grow area.

by Marijuana Mile

I should have like 6 entries into this giveaway.. wish me luck! (New grower needs new light)

by Biker boy

Killer lights

by Valorie Holmes

We love you and our
Optic 4 , Your Lights Rock :)

by Willam J

You guys are great! keep up the good work.

by John

Please enter me 77 is my number

by Kyle Kelly

Would be great to start my first indoor grow with an led optic cob

by Ashley samuels

Please enter me into the free led light giveaway thanks you and good luck to everybody x

by Brandon Vaughan

I’d love for the chance to win led light.

by gus

looking for love in all the right places! thx 4 the chance, good luck players!

by Duane Kendall

would be nice too change from a 45w & 1000w to a single unit

by Stanley Ciak "eNVyMYclosetGROW"

Love how you guys are always giving back to the community. Much Love!

by Mercury Oandasan

Best luck to everyone. Let the few with the most luck win.

by Ben

Awesome job giving back to the community….im building something…and with them lights #Im_L?D. #Fortune_favors_the_Bold. May the best wins……

by Darrin

Would love to win one to go with my grow right now. One of my ballasts just crapped. I would also like to review your product on my Youtube channel. Thanks for the opportunity. Cheers!

by Vince S.

praying >< so freaking hard.

by Will I am E Free man III

Yeah this time I’m going all the way I’m putting my link everywhere I need to win one of them New LED lights this time need one of them let the best player win

by Thomas Higgins

Truly a sweet little light to have, It looks to have the perfect spectrum and thank you all for this opportunity to win this light! LED DEPOT is a class act operation! Best price’s anywhere! Last but not least Westcoast Cannabis is knocking it outa of the park with all of their Videos and Give Aways! Thanks for Giving Back to the Community!

by Khalil Landers

Shout out to ledgrowlightsdepot for giving back to the community. We greatly appreciate it and good luck to the participants.

by Vaughn Barkdoll, Jr.

Good luck everyone

by Federico Perren

would love to get one

by James dean

This is amazing!! Thank u for the chance to win a wonderful light like the ones u are given away.. it will go perfect in my grow room really hope to get one I’m using cfls right now lol!! They work though..

by Anthony Moore

Love that you do giveaways, you guys really have all your basses coverd, this is a one stop shop for all your LED grow light needs, staff is very knowledgeable and the youtube channel is such a big help!! Thank you guys hope to own one of your products soon.

by Brandon Bankston

i would put this ligh to use in either my 2×3or 2×4 tent and start a seed run for some Pink 2.0 buds ive been saving for a long time. i also would love to compare these lights to my existing ones and see if i might need to upgrade the rest of my LED’s . thanks for the opportunity guys

by Will

What an awesome opportunity for every herb lover. Thanks

by Allen shroyer

Would like to use it in my tent Just to see how much money I would save on electricity and to see how well it really dose

by Gary

Good luck everyone

by Travis

Would love to win and showcase this light on my YouTube channel and forums

by Semaj Nodrog

I lost all my grow equipment due to a flood a few months back, and can’t afford to buy new lights as they are the most expensive piece, and because of medical reasons as well. I would be honored to use this light to grow for a cancer survivor, and a HIV positive person as well. Thanks for this chance to win such an amazing light!

by Paul Cotton

would love to use your led system thanks for the opportunity good luck everyone

by Carson Matthews

Awww man definitely the coolest contest ever lol man I would set up one of those beautiful lights in my 3×3 and just giver, fellow west coaster myself here in VanCity so loving your YouTube channel, actually used info from your videos before I bought a viparspectra 450w, loving that as well,peace out guys and good luck to everyone

by Lars Hering

the light my wet dreams are made of
I can’t wait to get my hands on one of the optic 2.
HPS sucks!


by Ryan Baker

never try any led before only CFL kinda of alright heard rumor led is the best saving my $$$, Stress-free nothing worry about it, and everything is good result at youtube review would love to use your product for green thumb grower like myself give a try fingers cross

by oscar

The Optic 2 would be a perfect way for me to finally switchover from HID to L.E.D for my closet grow.

by James jones

Right next to the HPS Much needed and Mutch love

by Michael Bice

nice love led lights

by joecool

how do i win ? and when will it be delivered please and thank you.

by Martin Berry I want to try one out

I want one

by AmericanOnStrike!!

Does anyone else feel like square dancing Wu-tang clan?!?!!!!
#giveawayninjas #airhumpin #growerslove

by Dontae j

How do I sign up

by Adam Johnston

I am an old school outdoor grower but after watching your YouTube clips I would love to have one of your lights..we don’t have that sort of tech in an old Aussie out matey…love your work …

by Charles Byrge

I’m feeling lucky! And can’t wait to try 1 of those Bad Boys Out!

by Mr Abdulrahman A Ali

I would love to try these in the UK. I will pay for shipping of course.

But we so behind with leds. And I would love to have the chance to test them and show them around, before I start buying leds.

Thanks, and good luck everyone

by John Waltonbaugh

Man i would love these lights in my garden. Just cant afford top end lighting rite now but could sure use them. Well good luck to all…including myself.???

by Phillip mendiola

I would love to win eathe one of these awsome led, can’t aford to buy lights like the nextlight veg 8 or the optic 2 , awsome videos by the way , I have learned a lot watching and taking notes good schooling

by G Malo III

It’s all about dat LED baby!!!

by Perry Fowler

WOW !! The only thing left that I Need is this Light. thank you

by Al Muhammad

I Really Hope I Win One Of These Lights Even The Optic 1 Is A Great Light!!!!!

by Perry Fowler

Hi I am a new starter & building my custom grow-tent & the only thing I don’t have is a grow light, I Hope I am Lucky Thank you for your site & supplies.

by John Sousa

I love everything you carry great website

by Steve Sherrer

Looks like a very nice light for veg or flower like the mix of light that it produces

by Terry Ford

Been following west coast an can’t wait to purchase one of the optics in the future

by Ryan Diefenbach

Trying to register for the drawing optic 1-2

by robert lewis

nice specs, should grow great with one of these. thanks for the chance.

by James jackson

Very nice outfits

by Justin Mcaleer

lol lost out on the last couple giveaways but this one is mine gl everyone

by adam chapman

would love to use your prouduct in our medical grow for cancer