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by John G

I won the HLG 65 (apparently James actually didn’t). Quantum boards are amazing. It is very convenient, barely gets warm to the touch, and is way brighter than my 125w CFL.
Thanks guys,
John G

by Nick

Agreed, I entered 205 times which is the max I think. Oh well cheaper to diy anyway if u can get the diodes and can solder.

by Jason Monter

yeah how did james a win again? The mathematical odds of that happening are 1 in 1,000,000..

by John

Seriously how does it get the same person this is twice the same person is one light

by Eric Turner

Wanna explain to everyone how you picked the same guy 2 times in row io smell some serious freaking fraud here, some serious BULLSHIT.

by Bam Bam

How did the name James A last month and James A this month get picked? How is it the random name Generatot picked the same name again the second moth in a row ?

by John l

6 minutes left hope I can win it

by Blake Deal

John I too am a disabled grower and you are correct when you have high bills like myself and can’t walk with limited mobility these lights help eliminate setting up exhausts and ballasts and all kinds of other issues. I wish the best.
@TheDOGtheDisabledOrganicGrower on IG. I hope you the best.

by Jon

Light would be awsome I disabled can not afford lights I use plain led bulbs for my grow yeald are not that great I just take the tops off the lights form having PTSD and sever anxiety pharm meds make me feel worse with no appetite no sleep till I found cannabias thanks for the chance for the lights

by Blake Deal

Hey to all and happy thanksgiving. I wanted to tell Erik and the guys at LEDGLD thanks for always doing these giveaways for us.

by daniel (pixelplus)

i shure hope i win some led lights since i need them dire.. i have 1 400watt hps light for my frow thats 60×60×150cm dimension way too small,, so i am planning to get a grow tent 120×120×200 and 80×80×160, and of course i need the lights!!

by Jesse Thompson

Really need another light so I can start breeding and I really wanna test this light on my channel.

by Julio Nava

Thank You For The Opportunity To Win This Needed One

by michael carlson

Good Luck to everyone ….Happy Thanksgiving! HLG Thank You

by Gus

awesome, danks again for the chances!

by Paul P

Nice little light just in time for the holidays!

by Jack George

Good luck guys

by Mr dab1

Cheers good luck!

by Dean Walker

Good luck to everyone, an thanks again guys for another chance to get a win a good light system to add to some lucky persons arsenal of equipment….

by Jesus M Solis Jr

Awesome lite thanks for the chance to win a awesome Christmas gift ?
That keeps on giving!!
I’ll be able to grow my own meds! And bless your company and channels with never ending luck!??
Good luck to everyone!
Thanks again for the opportunity! ?

by Carl Priest

Good luck us!!

by Russell russ

Very awesome guys.. thank you for the opportunity. ?fingers. GL to everyone. Congrats to @reelthing4u on the optic 2 win. CHEERZ my dude.. ??

by Walter King

Fingers crossed.
Good luck y’all.

by Joshua Irving

Another awesome giveaway! Good luck everyone! ??

by stuart nelson


by Blake Deal

Erik and the guys at LED are great people for LEDs. There knowledge and understanding of LEDs is amazing.

by Remco kleine

Lets hooe we got some luck this time , gl n hf guys

by Shmaptastic

Good Luck to all! Thanks for the giveaway!

by Mike S


by Mike S


by Faustino B.

It’s a nice little light.

by J good

Let’s try this again. Good luck.

by Tim O'Connell

Great job on the video. Did a great job explaining