Kind  LED is Releasing a New Line of Lights For Greenhouses

UPDATE (3/25/16): Kind LED Grow Light Bars are now available! View them here.

Kind LED has recently announced that they will be offering a solution for greenhouse growers - the new Kind LED grow bar system. This system will be their third series of horticultural LED lights after the K3 and K5 series. Though these are are intended for greenhouses, vertical gardens, and growing racks

Though Kind LED has not revealed any specifics about the new lights, we do know several things:

  • There will be three different sizes.
According to the released photo, their will be three different-sized bars, ppossibly up to four feet in length. (We do not know the power draw of each one, yet.)


    • The spectrum will be several bands.
    Similar to the K3 and K5 series, the grow bars will contain a multi-band spectrum . The spectrum will be optimal for growing leafy greens and herbs, and if the wattages are powerful enough, other high-light plants such as tomatoes, peppers, and cannabis.


      • The lights will be water-resistant.
      Since the lights will be intended for greenhouse-use, water-resistance is a must!  


        • The lights will be silent and not have any moving parts.
        Unlike their other models which had cooling fans, the grow bars will not have any moving parts. The lights will be cooled through heat sinks.


          • They will be easy to work with.
          We do not know exactly what this means, but we can assume that they will be operated via a plug-and-play system or contain a mechanism for easy greenhouse wiring. We think the latter. The lights could have a connector piece like the Philips GreenPower Production ModuleThis piece is separate from the connector and facilitates the connection between the module and the wiring system. It would be interesting if the grow bars had the option of connecting a cord into it in order to plug it into a typical home socket. Home hobbyist growers who are interested in growing a few counter top greens would be happy in this case.


            • The grow bar system will be available November 2015.

            Just around the corner!

              What do you think about the new grow bars? Leave your comments below.


              Kind LED grow light bar

              Kind LED Grow Bar System - November 2015


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