Alpha Series by Hydro Grow


Recently, Hydro Grow, a lead LED grow light company, announced that they will be launching a new line of U.S manufactured, LED lights called Alpha Series. The series features three new intelligent electrical interface systems that allow the user to replace and upgrade all electrical components in half a minute with no tools. These systems will be called iPower, iFan, and iControl. Hydro Grow claims that the lights are the "easiest servicing grow light[s] in existence, and the cheapest to own over the course of one or more decades."



The iPower module allows you to easily change the PCB (printed circuit board) by sliding the latch to unlock the board, removing the PCB, inserting the new one, and locking the latch into place to secure the board. No screws or wires are involved. 



The fan system contains a three fans to keep your light cool if one fan fails. To gain access to the fan system, the user slides the latch and the entire complex can be removed for replacement.



The driver will also be easily replaceable with a slide of a latch. Hydro Grow claims a 0.3% failure rate after 20,000 hours of use on the new drivers. The drivers will be modified in the future to include WiFi, intensity adjustment, and on-board control systems.


Alpha Series will also contain a new reflector, new X-lens, and a new heat sink extrusion.

To fund the project, Hydro Grow will be launching a Kickstarter campaign (search: "Revolutionary New Intelligent LED Grow Lights”) on March 1st to raise $100,000. This money will go to manufacture the light from scratch, including all molds. Alpha Series is expected to be on the market August 2015.

Hydro Grow’s products are used by dozens of universities, two government agencies, and thousands of growers around the world. The Alpha Series are scheduled for release in August 2015.

LED Grow Lights Depot will be offering Alpha Series. Stay tuned for more updates and the release of Alpha Series.

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