Philips will be releasing the second generation of their Philips GreenPower LED production modules. These units are already being rolled out in the EU, with Philips expecting them to be on the market in the US by the end of the 1st quarter, 2015.

The new production modules will be 25% more efficient than the first generation modules, saving growers up to 75% on their energy bill. That's huge, considering that most LEDs provide about a 50% energy savings over traditional HPS bulbs.

The new units will only draw 23 watts, while still putting out 50umol. Compare this to the previous modules which drew 32 watts.

"The GreenPower LED production module is successfully proven in many full-scale commercial applications, including lettuce plant propagation in the Netherlands, multiple crops in the USA, and leafy vegetables in Japan. All these commercial applications report significant increases in yield and quality.

"The [production module] can be used in a new installation, as a replacement for fluorescent lamps or as an energy-efficient supplement to natural daylight. It can even be used in greenhouses and in conditioned environments which are not suited to conventional lighting, thanks to its significantly lower heat radiation."

See the original article here: New, 25% more efficient GreenPower LED production module introduced by Philips.


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Philips Generation 2 GreenPower LED Production Module