Worldwide shipping on Kind LED grow lights

LED Grow Lights Depot will now be offering worldwide* shipping on all Kind LED products! As of this writing, we will now be shipping the Kind K3 series L300, L450, and L600, as well as the new K5 series XL750 and XL1000 anywhere in the world. Kind LED horticultural lights offer the following features and benefits:

  • Designed for full-sun fruiting and flowering plants
  • Will grow any plant from from seedling to a delicious harvest
  • K3 series: 300 watt, 450 watt, and 600 watt HID replacement
  • K5 series: 750 watt and 1000 watt HID replacement
  • 12 band spectrum with UV-A, UV-B, and IR
  • Secondary optical lenses to increase PAR
  • Large heatsinks
  • Quiet internal cooling fans
  • Modular build for easy internal parts replacement (K3 series)

Please inquire before purchasing if shipping out of the U.S.

Happy growing!

*Shipping charges will apply if shipped out of the U.S.