LED Grow Lights Depot is proud to announce that we will now be shipping Philips GreenPower LED Grow Lights to Canada and in Europe. Originally, we only shipped lights within the United States. This is the first brand that we will be shipping to, and in, other countries. 


Philips GreenPower lights that are ordered in Canada will be shipped from the United States, while lights that are ordered in Europe will be delivered from the Netherlands. Shipping from LED Grow Lights Depot is free within the United States, however, tax, duty, and shipping charges may apply to LEDs ordered outside of the United States.


At the time of this writing, we do not have the GreenPower LED interlighting module (220v only) listed for sale. Yet, we do offer this product. Just ask! We will be adding this product to our Philips lighting collection soon.


Cheers and happy growing!