Illumitex Shows Significant Results Over HPS

THC: 24% increase | CBD: 19% increase 

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Illumitex Background

Illumitex is a leading researcher, designer, and manufacturer of LED lights for horticultural growing. They have invested over $45 million is developing and marketing their lights and have been helping growers efficiently increase their yields since 2011. 


Unlike the other LED brands on the market, Illumitex lights provide an even coverage area, ensuring that the presence of 'hot spots' are not affecting your grow. Amazingly, 16 different LEDs are packed into a 1/2'' square, allowing even color blending as light exits the unit.


Illumitex's most popular spectrum is the Suritex™ F3 spectrum, which allows plants to Veg and Bloom under one light. All that is needed to move plants into the bloom phase is a reduction of the DLI (daily light integral). All Illumitex horticultural lights emit very low heat and do not require cooling fans to cool the units. Rated at 60,000 hours, the LEDs will provide quality light to your plants for almost 15 years!


The slim, waterproof and dustproof fixtures are ETL and cETL listed and are 'burned-in' prior to leaving the manufacturing facility.


Now, to the bread and butter...

Illumitex F3 Spectrum vs High Pressure Sodium: Cannabis Grow Test

In an independent grow test comparing the Illumtex F3 spectrum to traditional HPS lighting, cannabis grown under Illumitex lights displayed a 24% increase in THC and 19% increase in CBD!


Pictures of the Illumitex grow using the Green Crack cannabis strain


Young cannabis plants under the Illumitex F3 spectrum

Illumitex Grow Test


Cannabis plants growing under the Illumitex F3 spectrum

Illumitex Grow Test 2


Green Crack strain Cannabis flowers under the Illumitex F3 spectrum

Illumitex Grow Test Cannabis


Spectacular trichome formation under the Illumitex F3 spectrum

Illumitex Grow Test Cannabis Green Crack


Healthy Cannabis flowers grown under the Illumitex F3 spectrum

Illumitex Grow Test Cannabis 2


Grow Test Results: Illumitex vs HPS:

Illumitex F3 Spectrum (THC: 25.33% | CBD: 0.27%)

Illumitex Grow Test Results


GC-HPS-B (THC: 19.21% | CBD: 0.22%)

Illumitex Grow Test Results HPS


View the full white paper report from Illumitex for a more thorough background on the company, their product, and to read testimonials from cannabis and non-cannabis growers alike.


Cannabis images and story credit: Illumitex