A 'Smart' Move for Competitive LED Grow Lighting Prices

Intelligent-Gro, a company specializing in multi-channel, dimmable LED grow lights, has recently announced that they will be offering lower prices on all of their lights. Growers can now save up to $500 depending on the light that they choose to purchase.

Why buy Intelligent-Gro?

Unlike most horticultural LED lights on the market, Intelligent-Gro LEDs can be daisy chained together and operated through a controller and remote set. The daisy chain cords are sold separately from the lighting unit in 18'' and 10' lengths. The controller and remote set can be used on two or more LED panels to easily control the Grow, Bloom, and Veg channels and dim the light intensities as needed. Up to 10 lights can be connected with one controller set.


Intelligent-Gro offers a 90 day return policy and 3 year warranty.


Image Credit: Intelligent-Gro

Intelligent-Gro LED grow lights offer many additional benefits for the grower. For more information about Intelligent-Gro LED grow lights take a minute to read the Intelligent-Gro Intensity Series II description found on our website:

The Intensity Series II grow lights feature independent and customizable LED channels (Grow, Veg, Bloom) that allow you the flexibility to create the right blend of spectrum and intensity for all phases of growth and plant types. Used in conjunction with the Intelligent-Gro Custom Controller, each LED color channel can be independently adjusted for every hour of the day in a 24 hour cycle. The Custom Controller and IR remote allow for quick and effortless programming of your custom lighting schedules and intensities, inside or outside of your growing environment. The pre-programmed light modes include 'Sunrise/Sunset', 'Moon Lighting', and 'Cloudy Days', as well as custom programming modes for full 24 hour automation. Save energy by reducing intensities for young plants, change the growth traits of a plant by increasing the blue or red to reduce or increase internode lengths, or create a color shift similar to the sun. The possibilities go on! Dimmable LED grow light intensities allow you to conserve energy over your growth cycle by minimizing light when it is not needed. 

The Intelligent-Gro Intensity Series II grow lights state-of-the-art frame and housing are constructed with aircraft-grade aluminum alloy and high-strength plastic to ensure a lightweight and durable lighting solution with superior heat dissipation. Every light module includes a large aluminum heatsink to offer superior cooling, which helps pull trapped heat away from your LED chips for longer lasting performance. Each aluminum frame is designed to also act as a heatsink, pulling heat away from your precious electronics and keeping your LED grow light operating for years to come. Efficient aluminum alloy printed circuit boards offer superior heat dissipation when compared to most other LED Grow lights which feature fiberglass circuit boards. Intelligent-Gro LED lights are engineered for maximum vertical growing space, to run as cool as possible, and for performance.

The daisy chain feature allows for up to 10 units to be connected in-line, reducing the amount of power cords and outlets needed in your grow area. The daisy chain feature also offers data transfer of custom program modes to each light from one Custom Controller.

Intelligent-Gro offers the highest quality BIN LED's to ensure your light output is of the best intensity, color, and coverage for your plants. The Intensity Series II grow lights contain all new, 54 watt, high-power, center COB matrix chips, which deliver high-intensity PAR to your plants canopy with high penetration. Each center COB matrix LED chip features high-quality optical lenses, which are engineered at a 105° beam angle to help spread the light into concentrated photon energy, boosting your plants performance. A specially designed lens plate surrounds the 3 watt LEDs (78° beam angle) to focus the energy directly on your plants so they receive maximum light intensity to boost plant performance and yield and allow for even light footprints within your growing area.


See why Intelligent-Gro LED grow lights are the best in their class by clicking the link here: Purchase Intelligent-Gro LED grow lights.